MDHearingAid Air Review, Features, Price, & Best Alternative

Choosing the right hearing aid can seem like a challenging task with so many brands, types, and models out there. You may have heard about the brand MDHearingAid and are looking for MDHearingAid reviews.

MDHearingAid Air is the brand’s most affordable, most basic, and best-selling hearing aid. As the brand sells only behind-the-ear (BTE) type hearing aids, the MDHearingAid Air is also a BTE aid that comes with four environmental settings. This hearing aid has a feedback cancellation and background noise cancelation system, producing excellent quality sound. However, these hearing aids do not offer Bluetooth connection, are not water-resistant, and do not have a rechargeable option.

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MDHearingAid Air: The Brand Overview

The brand MDHearingAid aims to minimize the price of hearing aids and make them accessible to anyone who needs them. It’s an entirely online-based company, so they can cut down the pricing by limiting their costs of mediators. Founded in 2008, the company only sells four types of hearing aids, and all their hearing aids are behind-the-ear (BTE) types. Besides the hearing aids, they also sell hearing aid accessories and host online hearing tests.

The MDHearingAid Air was introduced in 2014. It is the most affordable and most basic BTE hearing aid the company sells. Even to this day, sales are staggering, making MDHearingAid Air the company’s best selling product.

MDHearingAid Air

MDHearingAid Air Key Features

The company claims this hearing aid as the best-selling value hearing aid. The hearing aids come with some excellent features for an astonishingly low price.

  • Light-weight, small (1” long), and discreet behind-the-ear (BTE) style.
  • Advanced background noise reduction technology with three settings (quiet, social, noisy).
  • Excellent feedback cancellation, so you don’t have to hear whistles.
  • Quality sound amplification for better hearing.
  • Four environmental audio settings (quiet, social, noisy, restaurant) to help choose and adjust your comfort.
  • Replaceable (non-rechargeable) batteries in size 13.
  • Has volume dial button and (environmental) program button. 

MDHearingAid Air Price, Payment Options, and Return Policy

You can buy the MDHearingAid Air as a single (one-ear) hearing aid or as a pair. For single or one ear, the MDHearingAid Air costs $399.99. For a pair, it costs $799.99. But, MDHearingAid usually has an offer going on, and you can get a pair at $399.99. So, you can get a pair for the price of one!

The company also provides free shipping and great monthly payment options. You can pay as low as $33.33 per month. After the product is delivered, you have a 45-day trial period. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 45 days and get a full refund. MDHearingAid suggests that you should use the product for at least three weeks (21 days) before making any decision.

However, all return/refund products must include a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. If your return product doesn’t have one, you will need to pay a 20% no-RMA fee. Contact their customer service to get an RMA number. The company has a 90-day warranty. If you face any problem, they will repair or replace your aids within these 90 days.

MDHearingAid Reviews & Complaints

The most impressive thing about MDHearingAid Air is the quality of sound at such a low price. 

The MDHearingAid Air is a BTE type hearing aid. The main body of the device sits behind your hair discreetly. At 1inch long, the MDHearingAid Air is one of the smallest BTE-style hearing aids in the world. It’s a comfortable, easy-to-use, discreet hearing aid. It won’t interfere with your glasses, hats, or other accessories. However, frequent users advise you to be careful because they’re easy to lose. 

For such a small device and low price, the MDHearingAid Air provides excellent sound quality. Excellent feedback cancellation ensures you hear no whistle. Advanced background noise cancellation with four settings gives you control over hearing per your comfort. The device also has volume dials, so you can comfortably adjust to your surroundings. 

However, the MDHearingAid Air has no off/on switch. So, you can’t turn it off and put it away for a brief time. If you want to shut down your device, you need to take the batteries out entirely manually. The disposable batteries are also inconvenient to many. Some users have complained the battery compartment is too flimsy. 

The approximate battery life is inefficient. The product itself has a 90-day warranty only. The MDHearingAid Air is not waterproof or moisture-resistant. There is no Bluetooth connectivity, no two/omnidirectional microphones. 

You need to manually adjust to your surroundings as the device does not automatically adjust. So, users often complain about the manual settings not being efficient enough or not adjusting to their surroundings properly. 

MDHearingAid Air Pros & Cons

Now that we have learned about the features, reviews, and complaints about the MDHearingAid Air, let’s list its pros & cons.

Pros of MDHearingAid Air

Some pros or benefits of the product are:

  • Affordable, inexpensive, low price.
  • Great sound amplification and sound quality for such a low price.
  • Small, discreet behind-the-ear style.
  • It has environmental audio settings that you can adjust per your need.
  • Feedback cancellation technology ensures no whistles.
  • Has advanced background noise cancellation technology that you can adjust per your need.

Cons of MDHearingAid Air

Some cons of the product are:

  • Flimsy built, especially the battery chamber.
  • No rechargeable option, only disposable option for batteries.
  • Available in BTE style only, not for those who want different styles in this affordable price range.
  • No automatic adjustment, everything is manual.
  • No off/on button and no Bluetooth activated.
  • Not waterproof or moisture resistant.
  • Has only 90 days of warranty.
  • No dual-directional or omnidirectional microphone.

Best Alternatives of MDHearingAid Air

NANO Hearing Aids

Not many brands can provide quality hearing aids in an affordable price range. One we recommend is NANO Hearing Aids. Established in 2017, NANO offers seven models of hearing aids. Six of these models are behind-the-ear (BTE) type, and the other is CIC (Completely-in-Canal).

If you’re looking for a non-BTE style hearing aid at a very affordable price, NANO CIC hearing aid is perfect for you. These low priced rechargeable hearing aids are an excellent match for your needs.

If you are unsatisfied with disposable or non-rechargeable batteries for your BTE hearing aid, you can opt for the NANO X2R hearing aid. The X2R is $497 for a pair on sale, and gives essential additional features such as a directional microphone, digital sound processing, adaptive technology, etc., on top of the same MDHearingAid Air features. 

If you’re okay with using disposable batteries but want a few more features to enhance your hearing experience, NANO Sigma is the perfect fit for you. Like the NANO X2R, the NANO Sigma also costs $697 a pair. This hearing aid needs A13 batteries to operate. 

The NANO Sigma has advanced background noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and four environmental sound settings. But the best part? It also has wireless app control options and has directional microphones, digital sound processing, and adaptive technology. 

The Bottom Lines

Finding the right hearing aid within your budget can be challenging. You need enough information, and you need to know your alternate options. We hope this article has helped you by providing MDHearingAid Air reviews and information on features, price range, and alternate options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long do MDHearingAid batteries last?
Ans: MDHearingAid batteries can last anywhere between 6 to 40 days. How long these batteries last will depend heavily on how frequently you use them and how well you take care of them. 

Q: Is the MDHearingAid VOLT+ a good hearing aid?
Ans: The MDHearingAid VOLT+ is an affordable hearing aid that offers excellent sound quality. It has all the great features of the brand’s best-selling MDHearingAid Air, with added features of water-resistance rechargeability.

Q: Where is MDHearingAid located?
Ans: The MDHearingAid brand is based in Chicago, USA. Unfortunately, you can only buy them online. They do not have a store.

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