Tune into TV Ears

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Lindsay Roberts
Tune into TV Ears

Everyone at some time or another has probably experienced the frustration of disagreeing about the volume of music or shows with someone they love. You might battle over the volume of music you play in the car, or how loud to play the speaker at your backyard picnic.

And, if you or someone you love has trouble with their hearing, then you can certainly understand the frustrations of trying to watch television with a person who is able to hear things at a regular volume. Whether it is “Game of Thrones” or football Sundays, when the volume is increased so someone who struggles with hearing can hear, it can cause unrest for the rest of the family. Don’t let the difficulties of hearing loss get in the way of your fun family time. With TV Ears, everyone can be happy together when it comes to television viewing. 

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TV Ears to the Rescue

If you are familiar with the battle of the television volume, then TV Ears might be for you. Although there are many listening devices that help those who struggle with hearing, these tried and true products have stood the test of time and can help you immensely on your personal hearing journey. TV Ears amplify the sound, which is then transmitted directly into your ear canal to strengthen voice clarity and augment the sound for the listener, without the distortion that often occurs when you simply turn up the volume on the television. This personalized system is wireless, and you can control your personal headphone without worrying about or affecting others in the room.

How Do TV Ears Work?

TV Ears are not classified as hearing aids, and certainly look and operate differently than traditional hearing aids do. This wireless system has two earbuds, like regular headphones, and the earbuds are connected by a lightweight headset hanging below the chin. This set up would remind you of a stethoscope hanging down. There is a transmitter that is plugged into the television itself, which sends the television audio directly to the headset. This means that the user gets amplified audio delivered right to their ears. And in addition to that, there is also a microchip in the device that details and amplifies the speech frequencies, making the dialogue on television shows much easier to understand. 

The system uses wireless 2.3MHz infrared technology, has a coverage of 600 square feet, and also dictates that the user must be in the line of sight of the television in order to use it. The TV Ears have a knob on them so that users can adjust the volume independently of other users. There is a rechargeable battery that will last between 4-6 hours with each charge. And depending on the amount of use, the battery itself will last one to two years. 

Product Highlights 

If you choose TV Ears, you will be getting the following perks with your purchase:

  • This product has been recommended by doctors since 1998.
  • To date, TV Ears has over 2 million satisfied customers.
  • They feature powerful, voice clarifying audio. 
  • TV Ears offers a free 30 day trial.
  • TV Ears offers a free 5 year limited warranty. 
  • There is free unlimited US technical support.

Pros to Propping Up Your Hearing With TV Ears:

  1. One thing users love about this system is that you can control your own volume entirely on your own. This means that you can watch television with your loved ones and each person can have the volume that works best for them.
  2. Two or more headsets can use the same television receiver, so everyone will be able to amplify television shows as needed.
  3. TV Ears will work with any type of television and they are compatible with cable, satellites, DVDs and more.
  4. The TV Ears are comfortable for daily use, and can even be used while reclining or laying, so you can be totally comfortable for television time!
  5. TV Ears are extremely simple to use, and improve one’s quality of life dramatically, without having a difficult learning curve. 

Cons to Connecting With TV Ears

  1. One negative about TV Ears is that you must be in a direct line of sight to the transmitter in order to use these, and they only cover 600 square feet. Depending on the layout of your home, this could cause difficulties for certain users. 
  2. The other drawback to TV Ears is that you can only use these in your home environment. If you are having trouble hearing in other environments, TV Ears are not portable and will not help you.
Nano Hearing Aids

Types of Products

  • Original: This version is used with analog televisions, and is a great place to start if you have an older model television.
  • Digital: For digital televisions like plasma and LCD, the digital set up offers 5 LED lights and is a strong product that will enhance your hearing. Choose this if you have an SRS or PCM television. 
  • Dual Digital: The dual digital model has 13 light emitting diodes which offer twice the power of the original digital version. The charging station is also upgraded with a snap fit station. 
  • Simple Speaker Controls: The wireless speakers are simple in terms of setup and use. A large dial turns the power on and off, as well as the volume. One special feature is the giant mute button, that is perfect for muting commercials. This also includes USB ports for charging your devices, which is always a help. 

At the end of the day, odds are that you want to kick back and relax and watch some television with the people you love. Now it is possible! Instead of fighting over the volume or being uncomfortable with the clarity of the audio you can hear, try TV Ears to bring crystal clear hearing to light.

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