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Buy Nano They are great with a great warranty

I ordered these for my husband An they are great hearing aids An they stand by their word An warranty Something happen to David in about 5 days he had a new pair. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

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Joyce Adams
I can hear again from my right ear

Wonderful, great, I can hear again from my right ear. My daughter has been telling me how loud people in the grocery store are. Did not believe it until this past weekend when we shopped. She was right, I had to turn down the volume. I never wore a hearing aid before. I no longer say please repeat that..
Nano I am very pleased. Thank you.

Hearing Happy

I was happy with my new hearing aids. The sound quality is very good.

Thanks, Mary.

Customer service

After first trying over the ear set, found did not help my hearing at all, plus being in Florida, the sweat cuts them out. One phone call and I was sent a set of ITC which are perfect!! Sounds are much improved and think these are going to do fine. Just waiting for RMA to send rechargeable back.

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Lisa Williams
Nano is the greatest invention since sliced bread!

Normally, I dont leave reviews, but Im really excited but Nano. It worked right out of the box, and now my life is so much better. Everything is more fun - church, hanging out with my grandkids, spending time with my husband. Have you heard the phrase You dont really know how much you appreciate something until you lose it? Well with hearing loss its the opposite - you dont realize how much youre missing until you get your hearing back! And now with Nano, I can hear everything - my pastor, my grandkids - everything! Now my grandkids call me Super-Grandma because I can hear their whispers across the room! But the biggest reason for my review is that I dont want anyone to get ripped off by big greedy hearing aid companies. My friends all spent $6,000+ on expensive hearing aids that they end up losing or putting on the shelf. I decided to try Nano, and its better than anything on the market in my opinion and its amazing because I actually use it and look forward to wearing them. Nano is guaranteed to work on over 98% of all people with hearing loss and comes with 5 different earbud sizes so its guaranteed to fit your ears. Plus, batteries included, and Nano has a 100% ironclad money back guarantee, so theres no risk. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

SALE! Buy 1 Nano X Digital Hearing Aid & Get the Second Ear FREE! Get The Entire Pair for Only $497! Plus Get a FREE 6-Month Supply of Batteries Worth $50!
Audrey Warren
Getting my hearing back is just as life-changing as the first day I got glasses when I was 12!

I received my Nano order yesterday morning. I am already trying it out already, and only wish I had gotten it sooner! Hard to believe how well I can hear now. If youre still thinking and on the fence, dont wait, youll just keep waiting forever until you eventually cant even hear the train coming like my husband! Stop reading reviews and click the buy now button. Thats what I did. Its well worth it and Nano has a 100% money back guarantee. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order! Thanks again Nano! Getting my hearing back is just as life-changing as the first day I got glasses when I was 12!

Lowest Price and Longest lasting Hearing Aid Batteries I have ever prrchased

These batteries usually last me five days before I need to replace them. All other brands I have tried only gave me three days before needing replaced. A better bargain anyway you look at it. I will definitely be buying these again. This box will last me about five months. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

Wonderful Hearing

I wore the other hearing aides for over 20 years. They weren't as clear as the Nano is! With The other ones you never knew when the battery would die. With the Nano, no batteries! What a blessing!!
I had my Nanos for about 2 weeks. I LOVE them!! They are best, money can buy!!!

Thanks, Ms. Miller!

A great hearing aid!

I have used hearing aids for years using top of the line from Beltone. My Nano aids middle of the road aids far surpass my old $5,000 aids. my cost $500.00. Congratulations Nano you hit a homerun!!!

Thanks for your time sharing your experience, Mr. Montgomery.

Great amplifier

This helps me a lot when watching tv!! I think it gets slightly uncomfortable at times but otherwise a good aide!

Thank you, Ms. Caliel!

I like them, you forget you are wearing them.

Thanks, Ms. Heffley!

Worth every penny

My hearing is extremely bad. I have had other hearing aids that cost a lot more money. When I lost one I decided to give Nano a try. They are just as good as the expensive hearing aids I purchased.

Thanks, Ms. Mattei!

Great gift

I bought these for my husband and he loves them! The tv doesn't have to be turned up so loud. He says they work great!

Thanks, Ms. Shonhart.

Good for the price

The sound seems to be very clear and they are well hidden in the ear when you are wearing them.

Thank you so much!

An adventure

This is my first time wearing hearing aids. The manual was an excellent aid! It was easy to follow and understand. I haven't had any problems. I just need to get the volume right but I have only had them for a few days. They are helping my hearing! Very pleased!

Thanks so much, Ms. Bialowas!

Happy to hear again.

The first time wearing the Hearing Aids the sounds were so clear it was like a new world.
I was able to join in conversions. Lower the volume on the TV.
I I Finished the 3 weeks. All sounds and volume are now normal.

Thank you, Don!

Nano cic

Just received my hearing aids yesterday. First full day wherein
Hearing aids very overwhelming
to hear everything around you
I'm very happy with the Nano hearing aids will review again after a week

Thanks, Mr. Bennett.

Hearing great and looking better!

Just ordered my in the ear style and have had the over the ear that are 4 years old and were great but wearing my hair shorter and my vanity kicked in! Happy Happy Happy!!! I will write another review in 60 days about the in the ear model after I have tried them! Here's to all of us hearing what going on around us.

Thank you!

great service

I ordered a 2nd pair of aids for my wife. We experienced some charging problems and contacted Nono. They got right back with me and e-mailed a solution which I couldn't get to work so I contacted them again. They quickly replied and told me to return the aids which I did, and they mailed me a new pair. The service on both pairs has been outstanding and the hearing aids are working and are a real bargain.

Thanks, Mr. Yeager!

Hearing aides

Very comfortable. Great value

Thanks, Ms. Stevens.


The rechargeable hearing aides great don’t have to buy batteries working great so far

Thanks, Mr. Boone.

Better Hearing

It takes a little bit of time to get used to them and adjust wear you feel right.It nice to be able to turn the volume down on everything.Didn't realize just how loud I had it.

Thanks, Mr. Whitehill.

Get the best to hear the best!

I bought these to combat major hearing loss in my left ear due to accidental ear drum injury. They have restored hearing abilities in both ears to perfect levels. I do not have to fear the DOT physical hearing exam anymore. Definitely worth the investment early in life!

Thanks, Mr. Cain.

Replacement kit

I’ve been wearing Nano for three years now. Less than $500, these aids are as good as the ONE hearing aid I had for $2;000! I notice for several months now, I couldn’t hear as well, and discovered Nano had part replacement kits for $20. I purchased one and now I hear so well, I have to turn the sound DOWN! I’m going to order a few more kits for the future. Thank you Nano, for a great affordable product!

Thanks, Carol.

Very satisfied.

My wife said "You need a urine aid!". I said "Why, I can pee just fine." She said louder "I said a HEARING AID!" I had heard stories from my dad and others that after spending thousands on various brands of hearing aids, they were never satisfied and the hearing aide ended up in a dresser drawer or a jewelry box. They were uncomfortable, the batteries were costly and didn't last long, they whistled, they amplified background noise more than speech, etc. I saw Nano hearing aids advertised on TV. The price was reasonable, they were small and they were rechargeable. I ordered them and they arrived in a couple of days. I am very happy and satisfied with them. They are comfortable and adjustable to suit the degree of amplification needed. Now I have to remind my wife that she doesn't need to yell any more!

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Dobry.


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