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Best phone support

I talked to a rep on the phone, and they were absolutely amazing! He stayed on the line with me for 25 minutes and answered ALL of my questions, and he even took my order over the phone super easily! Thank you nano hearing aids!

Buy Nano They are great with a great warranty

I ordered these for my husband An they are great hearing aids An they stand by their word An warranty Something happen to David in about 5 days he had a new pair. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

I can hear again from my right ear

Wonderful, great, I can hear again from my right ear. My daughter has been telling me how loud people in the grocery store are. Did not believe it until this past weekend when we shopped. She was right, I had to turn down the volume. I never wore a hearing aid before. I no longer say please repeat that..
Nano I am very pleased. Thank you.

Customer service

After first trying over the ear set, found did not help my hearing at all, plus being in Florida, the sweat cuts them out. One phone call and I was sent a set of ITC which are perfect!! Sounds are much improved and think these are going to do fine. Just waiting for RMA to send rechargeable back.

Amazing sound quality for such a low price - Im shocked!

Im so happy to leave a review for Nano! Nano is different than anything Ive tried - and Ive tried $2,000-$5,000 hearing aids from Costco, Miracle Ear, and other big companies. And guess what? I prefer Nano to any of the traditional expensive hearing aids Ive tried! Nano is simple, easy to use out of the box. Anyone can work it -- even if youre not tech savvy. Just put the batteries in and turn it on, and adjust the volume if need be. The benefits far outway the cost by 100 to 1. In fact, Nano isnt a cost, its an investment into your hearing and your health. I read a news article about the 7 hearing loss dangers like getting early alzheimer's disease, memory loss, brain damage etc, and its shocking how fast your brain deteriorates without hearing sounds it should be. Its like not using your muscles - they get weaker over time. In reality, Nano is saving you lots of money on a potential future hospital bill! And for 1/20 the price of traditional hearing aids, if you havent purchased yet, youll miss ut on the biggest sale of the year and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take action now, just do it! Its worth it, and theres NO risk, since Nano has a 100% money back guarantee for 45+ days - so even in the rare case youre not completely satisfied Nano will help you!

SALE! Buy 1 Nano X Digital Hearing Aid & Get the Second Ear FREE! Get The Entire Pair for Only $497! Plus Get a FREE 6-Month Supply of Batteries Worth $50!
Lisa Williams
Nano is the greatest invention since sliced bread!

Normally, I dont leave reviews, but Im really excited but Nano. It worked right out of the box, and now my life is so much better. Everything is more fun - church, hanging out with my grandkids, spending time with my husband. Have you heard the phrase You dont really know how much you appreciate something until you lose it? Well with hearing loss its the opposite - you dont realize how much youre missing until you get your hearing back! And now with Nano, I can hear everything - my pastor, my grandkids - everything! Now my grandkids call me Super-Grandma because I can hear their whispers across the room! But the biggest reason for my review is that I dont want anyone to get ripped off by big greedy hearing aid companies. My friends all spent $6,000+ on expensive hearing aids that they end up losing or putting on the shelf. I decided to try Nano, and its better than anything on the market in my opinion and its amazing because I actually use it and look forward to wearing them. Nano is guaranteed to work on over 98% of all people with hearing loss and comes with 5 different earbud sizes so its guaranteed to fit your ears. Plus, batteries included, and Nano has a 100% ironclad money back guarantee, so theres no risk. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

SALE! Buy 1 Nano X Digital Hearing Aid & Get the Second Ear FREE! Get The Entire Pair for Only $497! Plus Get a FREE 6-Month Supply of Batteries Worth $50!
Audrey Warren
Getting my hearing back is just as life-changing as the first day I got glasses when I was 12!

I received my Nano order yesterday morning. I am already trying it out already, and only wish I had gotten it sooner! Hard to believe how well I can hear now. If youre still thinking and on the fence, dont wait, youll just keep waiting forever until you eventually cant even hear the train coming like my husband! Stop reading reviews and click the buy now button. Thats what I did. Its well worth it and Nano has a 100% money back guarantee. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order! Thanks again Nano! Getting my hearing back is just as life-changing as the first day I got glasses when I was 12!

Lowest Price and Longest lasting Hearing Aid Batteries I have ever prrchased

These batteries usually last me five days before I need to replace them. All other brands I have tried only gave me three days before needing replaced. A better bargain anyway you look at it. I will definitely be buying these again. This box will last me about five months. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

Good Company

My hearing aids seemed to work well. Then I had some technical problems with their operation. Nano was very responsive to my issues. They are going to replace my hearing aids with new ones. This is extremely important when spending this much money on a product. I would not have any hesitancy in buying this product again.

Thank you, Albert. We are happy to help :)


These are life changing. Very easy to use canceled back ground noise and tinnitus.

Thanks, Kay!

I can hear again after many years

After many years of family loving abuse I no longer have to say "WHAT" over and over again. No longer have to have the TV volume up so high as to be heard in the next room. I can talk on the phone without annoying everyone by raising my voice to hear myself. Don't know why I haven't done this long ago. The quality of my NANO's is beyond my expectations. I would recommend these to anyone with a hearing disability. Had a charging port problem they replaced everything within a week. I just love them

Thank you, Harold.


so far so good they feal good and i can hear good again

Thank you, Gary!

Nano Life Saver

Now I could hear my friend when she was in car with me. Her voice is very soft. So , I could hear her better.
Thank you for the Nano hearing aids help…..

Thanks, Te :)

Wonderful hearing aids

I love my hearing aids. Easy to adjust the hearing levels. Comfortable to wear, you can turn them off at night by just opening the battery door. The batteries last a long time. Great hearing aids!

Thank you, Diane!

Nano Hearing Aids

I am happy with my hearing aids and how quickly i received them.

Thanks, Deborah.

Great product and great service

When I purchased my new hearing aids one broke, no questions they were replaced at once. They provide me a degree of hearing that my old hearing aids could not obtain. Once I got used to them I forgot that I was even wearing them they are so comfortable. The sound is better then my old hearing aids at about 1/3 rd. the price. Thanks Nano.

Thank you, Graham.

Great little product

At first I purchased in ear aids, but they filled up my ear too much. Then I spoke with customer service and they helped me pick the right hearing devices for me.

Thank you, Charlene!

I love my new hearing aids!

I have needed hearing aids for years, but never got them because they were so expensive. In addition, most of the people I know who have them don’t wear them. When I learned of Nano for $500 I decided to give them a try. They work fantastic and I hear things now that I haven’t been able to hear for years. I became used to them in one day... very comfortable; they don’t show if you have vanity questions and I just love them! I would highly recommend them. Thank you Nano!

Thanks, Robert!

Very good hearing aids

The hearing aids work well, as advertised are nearly invisible, and the company representatives have been superb to work with. This is my 4th set of hearing aids over the years...the best yet.

Thank you, E!

good product

It is easy to put on and use which is important because this is my first hearing aid. The people at the company have been very helpful when I have had problems. I would recommend this aid to anyone, especially first time users.

Thanks, Paul!

Great Hearing

I have these and I am really happy with therm. I've had other hearing aids and these are just as good if not better. Don't hesitate to get them - you will l be pleased with your hearing.

Thanks, Kathryn!

I didn’t know how bad my hearing was!

I thought I only had mild hearing loss until I put the nano’s in my ears and could hear water running and the distant noise of traffic in the street.Now I can quit trying to read lips and enjoy a good conversation. Don’t wait and miss out on all the things that are going on around you.

Thank you, Clifton!

The best call I made for my hearing aids.

I have been wearing hearing aids since 1981. One of my aids stopped working, so I saw your add and I knew that I would not be able to afford new ones. But then I saw what your price was, and I said what have I got to lose. It was the best call that I have ever made. They are fantastic. I can hear better than I did with my more expensive ones. I just love them. The service was great and I couldn’t be happier. Thank-you for such great service and I hear better than I did with my old aids. Jean Bertwell

Thank you, Jean!

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