Hearing Aid Stuck in Ear: How to Deal With It

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Hearing Aid Stuck in Ear: How to Deal With It

Among a handful of hearing aid related issues, getting ear domes stuck in the ear is a common one. Let’s discuss what to do when hearing aids get stuck in the ear.

Hearing Aid Stuck in Ear

The ideal approach is to go to a doctor or an audiologist to professionally remove the hearing aid ear-dome. The hearing aid users can also find suitable hearing aids to avoid this situation altogether. 

Measures to Take When Hearing Aids get Stuck in the Ear

Most hearing aids that utilize ear domes can get stuck in the ear. Whenever this happens, the natural response for most hearing aid users is to panic, and they want to insert their finger to fish out the ear dome.

Although it is crucial to remove the ear dome, users must not give in to their instinct and try to fish out the ear dome themselves. In most cases, when ear domes are stuck in the ear, it is not damaging the ear canal or eardrum immediately. However, when it’s left for too long, it can cause damage.

Moreover, if users try to fish or poke to bring the component out, it can lead to severe consequences and further damage. So, here are the steps to take when hearing aids get stuck in the ear:

  • Calm yourself. Resist the urge to remove the device by yourself or have others around you try who are not qualified.
  • Give your audiologist or ENT doctor a call. Inform them about your situation and book an appointment immediately.
  • Go to the professional you made an appointment with, and they will remove the ear dome stuck in the ear with an accurate tool designed for removing hearing aids from the ear.
  • If you are unable to get an appointment with your chosen professional, going to a walk-in clinic or emergency room is another option. 

If the hearing aid user notices pain or blood after the hearing aid is stuck, it is recommended to go to an emergency room. An ENT specialist can remove the component without hurting any organs residing in the ear.

Consequences of Hearing Aids Getting Stuck in the Ear

As mentioned earlier, getting an ear dome stuck temporarily may not be a severe medical condition other than causing minor inconveniences. However, if the component is left in the ear for too long, the ear canal and eardrum can get damaged.

With a stuck ear dome, the ear canal may develop an infection. Also, if the dome is in contact with the eardrum, the user may see blood coming out of their ears.

If the ear canal develops inflammation, called acute otitis, one can suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain
  • A warm, swollen, and red ear canal
  • Feeling clotted in the ear
  • Scabs and loop ear
  • Hearing impairment
  • Itching

If the inflammation is not treated properly, the ear canal or eardrum can be damaged permanently. If any pain in or to the ear persists, consult a doctor or ENT specialist immediately.

Reasons for Hearing Aids Getting Stuck in The Ear

Hearing aids get stuck in the ear for three main reasons. They are:

  • Hearing aid design
  • Wrong size of domes
  • Not replacing the ear dome as needed

Once you know the reasons, one can take proper steps to avoid them, and avoid having the hearing aids stuck in their ear. 

Let’s discuss the reasons in detail:

Hearing Aid Design

Hearing aid design contributes a lot to the hearing aid getting stuck in the ear. Generally, smaller hearing aids or hearing aids that utilize ear domes are the ones to get stuck in the ear the most. In some cases, open-fit hearing aids can get stuck as well. 

Getting bigger size hearing aids or hearing aids without any loose components can help in avoiding hearing aids getting stuck.

Wrong Size Domes

Using wrong size domes is one of the prominent reasons for hearing aids getting stuck. Many users prefer to use a slightly bigger dome to use with their hearing aid. It helps them hear better, avoid wind noise, and the hearing aid feels more secure.

However, wrong size ear domes are more likely to get stuck inside the ear since these ear domes have a bigger radius than the ear canal. Also, bigger domes generate more earwax production, which keeps the component stuck in the ear.

By using the right size ear dome, this problem can be avoided as well.

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Using the Same Ear Dome Longer

Using the same ear dome over and over increases the possibility of the hearing aid getting stuck in the ear. Older ear domes often have compromised grip. Therefore, when removing the hearing aids, the domes may get stuck in the ear and get detached from the hearing aid speaker.

To avoid ear domes getting stuck, users should change ear domes after every 3 months.

Also, make sure to press the dome properly on the speaker. If the dome is not put on properly, it can come off easily and get stuck in the ear. 

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Wrap Up

Getting a hearing aid stuck in the ear can be scary but is not necessarily harmful in the short term. Once ear domes get stuck in the ear, users should consult a professional to remove them as soon as possible. Rather than panicking, one should first focus on calming themselves and then take the necessary actions as outlined in this article.

Taking necessary precautions can reduce the possibility of hearing aids getting stuck in the ear. While getting hearing aids, users should get the devices with multiple ear domes. This way, they can choose the right dome size and change it within the recommended time frames.

Many hearing aids companies like Nano Hearing Aids are now marketing hearing aids that come with multiple ear domes of different sizes. Therefore, the users can choose the best fit for their ear and use hearing aids without worrying that the device will get stuck in the ear.

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