Nano Hearing Aids For $297

What's in the Box

• Two hearing aid devices (left & right ear)
• Charging case, plug & USB cord
• Additional ear domes
• Cleaning accessories
• Instruction manual

What's in the Box

• Two hearing aid devices (left & right ear)
• Charging case, plug & USB cord
• Additional ear domes
• Cleaning accessories
• Instruction manual

Based on 6262 reviews
The nano hearing aid is as good as it said.

This hearing aids really helped me improve my hearing a lot. And they are convenient to wear. Not like those with two pieces, one big piece bonging on the back of the ears which interferes wearing glasses. Also they are inexpensive they saved me $2000.

Thank you!


These perform just as advertised, Great value!

Thanks, Mr. Wade B.

CIC Digital Recharge

I've had them for almost 2 weeks. I am used to the controls and how they work. For me, hearing loss is minor but I have tinnitus pretty bad. I'm still getting used to them and trying different things to see what works best for me. Currently I have found just wearing one side helps me best it seems. When wearing both it is kind of annoying because I can hear myself talking loud. With just wearing one side (doesn't matter which) it is better watching TV or talking with my wife and seems more natural. Also just wearing one at work is an improvement and I get less feedback and pops, crackles with just one.
The build quality seems great, no problem there. I think I'm still getting used to them and may try using both again sometime. Charge time is fine and lasts many hours. I would recommend the CIC Digital Recharge for anyone hearing challenged to try them. They were very affordable and my interaction with their customer support was top notch. Try them!

Thanks so much, Mr. Steve T.

I’m very happy with them

Happy to know that as well, Mr. David D.

Best Hearing Aides!

These work GREAT! I spent $1500 on other hearing aides and could still not hear things. I heard my doorbell and had to lower my TV the first time I used these Nano!! Don't waste your money on other more expensive ones.

Thanks so much, Ms. Norma S.

Best purchase

This was the best purchase I made! It's been only 30 days . They're working out great! I can hear!! Lol go ahead and make that buy It's soo worth it. And really works!

Thank you, Ms. Shanika.

Great News

I received my CIC aids from Nano and now I not only can see the birds but I can hear them. I can also understand my wife and listen to the Grandchildren as they play. What a blessing. Took about two weeks to adjust to them. Very satisfied.

Thanks so much, Mr. Phillip T.

NANO hearing aid experence

I chose these aids based on price and with no experience with hearing aids. They do help while listening to TV or normal conversation, but they fail to filter out much of the ambient noise and in fact any abrupt noise is excessively amplified.
The method of controlling the volume or having any idea of the volume setting is disconcerting. My recommendation would be to have your hearing tested by an audiologist, review his recommendations and if these are in the top five give them a try!


It didn't take weeks, just a few days and my brain became accustomed to the new sounds. Needless to say, but I will, "I am thrilled". What a big change they have made in my life, especially when conversing with people. Once I knew that they worked well, I ordered another pair. I will probably order the rechargeable behind the ear Bluetooth set that works with my smart phone. I recommend this affordable hearing aide to all that need help hearing again. I put off purchasing hearing aids for years because I didn't have the thousands of dollars the other companies wanted. I can afford hearing aids now thanks to NANO.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Mr. Charles Y.


My Dad likes it and we are enjoying him speaking lower and not having to repeat ourselves. It does have feedback that we can hear from time to time. Not sure why. Otherwise, we highly recommend it.

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Debra P.

Feedback like screeching or squealing are usually heard when it's not the right fit earbud used. You would need to lower the volume settings of your hearing aids and use a tight seal earbud that would sit comfortably in your ears.

If you need further assistance, please reach out.

great lil hearing aids

sound is crisp doe what i paid,,,,,its acceptable

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Marion W.

Nano hearing aids

I love these hearing aids. The sound is so normal sounding. I wear them all day ,every day. Only take them out to charge them.

Thanks, Ms. Linda R.

great value

Nano has a great little product that lives up to the hype. The recharge as promised in very short time.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Ross l.

Excellent support 😎

Chai is excellent customer support. Her professional and thorough assistance is why I am a satisfied customer, Many thanks for her help getting my hearing aids.

Thanks, Mr. Stephen R.

Excellent hearing aid

I would like to let my brother in the Philippines use the Nano I bought
The nano hearing aid sent yo my brother and the right hearing is working
Well but the left hearing aid is defective . I called the service support
they give instructions to do Memory Battery Reset . My brother did it
Per instruction but it failed still not functioning . My sister who is visiting
Philippines is coming back home to Las Vegas on the end of March
She will bring the Nano Hearing aid to return back per service person I spoke .
Hopefully I will get the a new Nano hearing aid that is functioning well with
No defects. Thank you for your great support to your customer .

Thanks so much, Ms. Eleanor G.

Good Product

Taking time to get the hearing aid adjusted to my ears and to the level of hearing. Installing the aids in the ears takes a bit of practice also. Keeping them tight in the ear so they don't squeal a bit of a problem that I have had.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Gary D.

I can hear now.

Due to a motorcycle accident in 2020 which hospitalized me for a month and a half,one of the many injuries sustained was 2 busted eardrums.I couldn't hear anything till the doctors repaired them.But was told I would have only 50% hearing in each ear.I priced hearing aids,$5000+,and was advised by 1 of doctors to try NANO HEARING AIDS,all I can say is wow,I can hear.My audiologist done a hearing exam,and I have 100% hearing back.The noise cancelling really cuts background noise in crowded areas.So folks before you waste $1000's on hearing aids.Please take it from someone who knows that hearing aids don't need to cost a fortune.NANO has given me my hearing back.Thank you NANO

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Brian T.

Nano digital hearing aids.

These nano in the air digital hearing aids are just what I needed at the even stop background noise. These are fantastic I can’t thank you enough I’m a veteran and I have tendinitis and it really clears things up so I can hear better once again from a veteran thank you very much!

Thanks so much, Mr. John R.


These would be wonderful if my husband would leave them in his ears for more than an hour. He is 82 yrs. old and takes them out all the time. However I think they will help him.

Thanks so much, Ms. Paula S.


Great product and their customer service is super.

Thank you, Lucien D.

Hearing better

Still have some adjusting but can hear better

Not for Music

These hearing aids are great for conversation, but in a music setting, it's very distorted....even the music "program" (4 beeps) is ineffective at changing the distortion. I love them for watching television and using them for conversation. Please let me know when you're offering music-compatible and I promise to be first in line to them!

Thanks for sharing your experience, Ms. Poore. Nano is always evolving and we will be forwarding this request to our development team, and look forward to offering you the ability to stream or listen music through our hearing aids.


Everything the advertising says is very true.

Thanks, Jack H.

Nano Sigma Plus Hearing Aids

Excellent hearing aids and service. The hearing aids were shipped within a day of being ordered. I already had a battery powered pair of the Sigma hearing aids so I was familiar with the phone app and setup process. You can of course use them right out of the box if you want to hold off setting them up through the app. Essentially what the app does is set different volumes levels for different frequencies based on the result of the hearing test instead of having one or default levels for all frequencies. On, off, environment and volume can all be done through a rocker switch on the back of the hearing aid until you set them up through the app. Once they are setup you do not have to leave them connected to your phone. They will retain the settings across power off/on as long as you don't manually change the settings with the rocker switch. So I connect them to the app at the start of the day to check that I haven't inadvertently changed a setting and then close the app.
These are the clearest sounding hearing aids I have used but they are not magic hearing aids (there are no magic hearing aids.) Background noise is significantly reduced but I still have issues at times in noisy environments where multiple people are talking at once. (Of course I had that problem before I ever needed hearing aids.)
A couple of comments on battery life.
If leave your hearing aids connected to the phone app it reduces the battery life. Also the noisier the environment you are in the faster your batteries will drain (the sound processor has more to do). I live in the country and for the most part I am in quiet environments so I get about 34 hours before I have to recharge. Also my hearing is slightly worse in one ear so I have the volume increased 10% over the other ear which means that one hearing aid drains faster then the other.
Two suggestions I have is to make the hearing aids water repellent (I live in the south and humidity, sweat and rainstorms are problems in the summer.) And to increase the max volume level (I am in the upper moderate hearing loss zone.)
One other comment you always want to make sure that whatever hearing aid you buy you are able to get replacements tubes/domes for, otherwise they are essentially throw away after 6 months. Nano includes you 3 or 4 sets of domes with the hearing aids and you are able to order additional domes and tubes from them.
Bottom line, I have been wearing hearing aids for over ten years and these are as good as anything on the market. They really are as good or better than hearing aids that cost $4,000-$5,000. I have worn glasses all my life and behind the ear hearing aids still work best for me. The style might look old but it works for me.

We appreciate your time sending us your feedback, Mr. Scott. Thank you for this, it really helps.

Hearing Aids

These are wonderful. I was skeptical at first, but after wearing them for a few weeks, they are great. I can hear very well out of them and am very happy. The best part, I can hear with all of the background noise.

Thanks, Ms. Ida P.