Nano Hearing Aids
For $297!


It's True!

NANO has developed a variety of affordably priced, advanced hearing aid solutions which address a wide range of hearing related issues and levels of severity - so you can save thousands of dollars on hearing aids* and get your hearing back.

NANO CIC "Completely In Canal" Recharge Hearing Aids

NANO CIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids are fully rechargeable, saving you TONS of money on battery costs! Get 16+ hours of quality sound on a single charge. Plus, when you order today, receive a FREE charging base!

Just $297 per pair

You Save: $1,653.00(83%)*

Get Your Nano Hearing Aids for just $297


Your Nano Hearing Aids will arrive with everything you need to recover your hearing the second you open the box

  • Two fully functional devices (left and right ear)
  • One charging base
  • Charging plug and USB chords
  • Extra Ear Domes and tubes
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Directions manual

Get Your Nano Hearing Aids for just $297


Based on 5795 reviews

Finally my wife can stop hollering again. But I have to tell her to talk lower!

Comparable in quality at 80% off the price of my prescription pair.

Pros - cost, ease of use, easy to "fit" to your own hearing profile, rechargeable batteries, handy volume/mode rocker switch, powerful volume when you need it.
Cons - must buy separate power shut-off ($12) to automatically limit recharging time to <4 hours, larger receivers take some getting used to, no Android phonecall reception or iPad music connection except for the BT setup app.


My husband loves his! It has surprised him how much he was missing. Actually I've not heard one "what or huh" since they have arrived!

That's great news! Thank you for sharing! :-)

- The Nano Hearing Aids Team

I love them they r great hearing sounds I had

I love them they r great. I participating in life

30 Day Progress Report

Thirty days into use of these hearing aids. I am still delighted but spend a lot of time getting the volume set right when I first put them in. Have recommended them to several friends. My wife is still delighted.

We are glad to hear they are working for you. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

- The Nano Hearing Aids Team


Not only can I hear sounds better I can hear conversation much more clearly
Well worth the investment

Nano Behind the Ear Hearing Aids - Elite Package

These are the best hearing aids I have ever owned. My $5,000 pair isn't work nearly as good as these Nano Behind the Ear ones work. The sound is clear, you have volume control. They are wonderful. I would highly recommend these to people who need hearing aids.


I could not be more pleased with the my Nano purchase. I wanted to hear my 90 year old dad for my next visit. These work!

Love them!!

These hearing aids work wonderfully!! I couldn’t be happier! I did take the cushions out to stop the loud ringing but it worked! I can hear so much better!!

Best Hearing Aids

These are the best. Once you get used to wearing them, they are the best. I am now hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in a long time. I am using Nano CIC. I recommend them to everyone that needs hearing aid at a price you can afford.

Thank you so much, Ms. Carter!


I have to say I'm very pleased with these. I had the expensive ones and these by far blow them out of the water. It's amazing what I can hear now, to the point where my co worker's even noticed and said that I'm not talking as loud as before. The only downfall on these is they don't last for 60 hours as claimed but I charge everyday to make sure they don't die on me and trust me when I say that's a whole lot better than buying batteries. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE... You won't be disappointed 😁

I appreciate the quick mailing of the hearing aids.
I also appreciate the professional response when I informed customer service that the hearing aids just were not for me.

Nano nano

works well and custermer service was very helpful!

great buy

great buy not much money...they work great.

Works great

Clear, sharp hearing assist. It really works great!


I needed new silicone domes and these replacements are very comfortable. I am happy with my purchase :)

Delighted customer

After trying far more expensive hearing aids, I was delighted to find these. In ears and rechargeable, simple controls not going through my phone, one button. Two weeks into use I am getting the volume just where I want it and the comfort is fine. Most important, my wife is delighted. I may buy a second set.

Have already recommended them to several friends.

Excellent product

Work great out of the box. Easy to use are better than the high dollar behind the ear type. Excellent value for the money.

the usage of nano hearing aids

nano hearing aids are very easy to use once you get use to them you will not use any other kind

Works great!

Thank you. Enjoy wearing them. I can hear!

new nanos

I have just used them a short time, but they have been great.



5 star. Have recommended them to brother and several friends.

Great hearing aids

I have had much more expensive hearing aids. Theses are far the better of the two pair. I paid10 times the amount of these and the was not half as good. So much for paying more and thinking it is better.

Nano Sigma Plus

This is the best BIT hearing aid that I have used for more than 20 years. Fine tuned using the cellphone and the Nano app. So much easier than have to go back to the store and have someone else do the much more complicated tune-up. An NO batteries. Cost is about 1/4 of what I used to pay.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

- The Nano Hearing Aids Team

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