5 Best CIC Hearing Aids: What to Consider Before Buying

CIC or Completely-in-Canal hearing aids are the smallest of all types of hearing aids. They are different from other types, as they are custom-fitted for the ear canal of the user. They are so small in size that they are well-known for being practically invisible. CIC hearing aids work great for people that are suffering from mild to moderately severe hearing loss problems. 

 Best CIC Hearing Aids

If you are looking for hearing aids that won’t be noticed by others while you are wearing them, you can go for CIC hearing aids. You might want to know what are the best CIC hearing aids in the market. After thorough market research, we have put down a list of the best CIC hearing aids available in the market. 

Quick Look of Best CIC Hearing Aids

Here goes the list of Best CIC hearing aids in the market:

  • Nano CIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Audicus Aura
  • Starkey Picasso Invisible
  • Eargo Neo Hifi
  • Phonak Lyric

Let’s have a deeper look at the CIC hearing aids from the abovementioned list:

1. Nano CIC Rechargeable

Nano CIC Rechargeable

The Nano CIC Rechargeable hearing aid is one of the very best that you can find in the market. This hearing aid is fully rechargeable, so it will save you a lot of money on battery costs. It comes with a charging base, charging plug, and USB chords. This hearing aid is virtually invisible. It’s designed to fit the ear canal of the user perfectly. No one will notice that you are wearing this hearing aid. 

Also, these hearing aids are really easy to use. They are highly straightforward and intuitive and come with all the essential features you need. They provide a natural sound experience and are susceptible to less feedback and noise interference. They also come with active noise reductions. Like an ideal CIC hearing aid, they work great for mild to moderately severe hearing loss problems.

Key Features:
  • Really Small in Size
  • Virtually Invisible Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Custom-Fit
  • Natural Sound Experience
  • Active Noise Reduction

2. Audicus Aura

Audicus Aura

The Audicus Aura hearing aid is shaped ergonomically for providing a comfortable fit. They work great for people that are suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. They provide a natural sound experience. They are really small in size, and very easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically Shaped
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Natural Sound
  • Easy to Use
  • Small in Size

3. Starkey Picasso Invisible

Starkey Picasso Invisible

This CIC hearing aid fits comfortably in the ear canal’s second bend, as it’s customized to fit the anatomy of the ear properly. It is almost invisible to most people. 

This hearing aid’s feedback cancellation system is one of the best out there, as it provides distortion-free hearing and zero feedback. They come with tiny batteries that require charging quite often.

Key Features:

  • Almost Invisible
  • Zero Feedback
  • Distortion-Free Sound
  • Custom-Fit
  • Provides Tinnitus Relief

4. Eargo Neo HiFi

Eargo Neo HiFi

You can get these CIC hearing aids only in pairs. They work great for people that are suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. They come with rechargeable batteries. 

Rather than sitting in the ear canal, they are designed to float in that area. It helps these hearing aids to resist the build-up of the wax in the hearing aid. It also makes them really comfortable to wear. The Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aids come with four different sound profiles.

Key Features:

  • Floating Design
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Four Different Sound Profiles
  • Resists Wax Build-Up
  • Rechargeable Batteries

5. Phonak Lyric


The Phonak Lyric hearing aids are best-known for their tinnitus relief features. This CIC hearing aid comes with a very clear and natural sound experience. You will also experience little to no feedback. They work great for mild to moderate hearing loss problems. They are very small in size and fit in the ear canal comfortably.

Key Features:

  • Small in Size
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Clear and Natural Sound
  • Little to No Feedback
  • Provides Tinnitus Relief

Things to Look for While Getting CIC Hearing Aids

When you are trying to get the best CIC hearing aids in the market, there are a few things that you will need to look for. These factors will help you choose the best CIC hearing aid for yourself. Make sure the CIC hearing aid you are getting comes with these perks-

Natural Sound Experience

The best CIC hearing aids in the market provide their users with a natural sound experience. As nothing obstructs the outer ear of the users, sounds get collected in the outer ear before going towards the receiver of the hearing aids and interact with the eardrum somewhat naturally. That’s why CIC hearing aids are known to be really effective as hearing aids. Make sure that the hearing aid you are getting provides proper natural sound.

Also, the user will be able to understand where the sound is coming from. The outer ear remains unhindered in its functioning, as these hearing aids sit far down the ear canal. While using the best CIC hearing aids, you won’t likely face any issues regarding detecting the directionality of the sound. 

Almost Invisible

CIC hearing aids are almost invisible in nature, as they are really small. If you are looking for hearing aids that won’t be noticed by anyone while you are wearing them, CIC hearing aids can be the perfect option for you. The best CIC hearing aids will be highly discreet in design and will be practically invisible. You will be able to wear them without having to worry about your hearing aids being seen by the people around you.


CIC hearing aids are custom-made. They sit in the ear very naturally, as they are customized specifically for the ear canal of the wearer. As a result, they provide an excellent level of comfort to the wearer, and don't feel burdensome at all. Make sure that your CIC hearing aids come with these benefits.

Less Feedback and Noise Interference

The best CIC hearing aids are less susceptible to feedback and other noise interference, like wind noise.

Easy to Use with Other Devices

As the CIC hearing aids are small in size, you will find that you can easily use other devices such as your phone while wearing them. As any bulky device won’t block the use of your mobile phone, you won’t have to maneuver around your hearing aids to use the phone comfortably. You will also be able to wear various headgears like headphones easily. You won’t have to compromise at all with the comfort of using other devices while using the best CIC hearing aids. 

Nano Hearing Aids

Final Words

If you are suffering from hearing loss problems, and your audiologist has prescribed you hearing aids, you can consider getting CIC hearing aids if they match your needs and preferences. CIC hearing aids work very effectively, as they provide a natural and clear sound experience. Also, if you are worried about being seen with hearing aids by the people around you, you can go for CIC hearing aids without a second thought. They will provide your needed invisibility, and they are also very comfortable to wear. 

If you decide to get CIC hearing aids, you can easily choose one from the list mentioned above. Each of these hearing aids is among the very bests currently available in the market, and they will provide you with proper features and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does a CIC hearing aid cost?

Ans: Hearing aids that fit completely in the canal (CIC) are the smallest on the market. They are completely contained within the ear canal and range in price from $150 to more than $5,000.

Q: How long do CIC hearing aids last?

Ans: Most hearing aids have a five to seven-year lifespan. Because it is constantly exposed to a hostile environment, the life expectancy of a completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid is slightly lower than that of other styles.


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