Why Bluetooth Hearing Aids 2023 Review

Written by the Nano Hearing Aids Team
Reviewed for Accuracy by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

Lindsay Roberts
Why Bluetooth Hearing Aids 2023 Review

Gone are the days of hearing aid wearers removing their hearing aids when they want to listen to personal electronic devices. Replacing hearing aids with earbuds and vice versa is a hassle and makes it easy to misplace one or both hearing aids in the shuffle. Now you no longer have to decide what to hear or when to hear it. With the availability of Bluetooth hearing aids, today's technology allows for hearing aids to be connected directly to smartphones and other favorite devices for a listening experience that offers superior sound quality that you might expect from an expensive wireless headset or luxury brand earbuds.

Why Choose Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

There is a wide range of benefits to using bluetooth hearing aids. Consider the following advantages that bluetooth-enabled hearing aids offer over other hearing aids on the market:

Hear Music and Podcasts Better

The improved sound quality of Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to hear full spectrum audio and every component of your music or podcast for a more complete listening experience. You don’t just get crisp, clear audio, you get vibrant, layered, full-bodied sound.

They also make hearing the television a better experience as you can pair them directly with the device and hear everything that is being said on your favorite shows and sporting events. No more turning up the volume on the TV or on your hearing aids, and no more bothering others in your home with sound that is too loud

Clearer Phone Calls

Calling people on the phone can be a challenge for individuals with poor hearing.. This often makes hard-of-hearing individuals reluctant to communicate with family and friends. Even attaching a set of earbuds or a wireless headset to the telephone may not provide sufficient sound clarity and these accessories can be cumbersome.

OTC hearing aids compatible with Android and iPhone devices allow you to hear on the phone as if the other person were sitting right next to you. Many iphone devices offer additional benefits for OTC Bluetooth hearing aid wearers, like microphone compatibility. You can pair your OTC hearing aids with the iPhone and the device's built-in microphone acts as an input to help you hear those around you with increased clarity.

Smartphone Remote Capabilities

Pairing your OTC hearing aids with your smartphone can also give you more control over them. There are mobile phone apps for just about everything these days, including your OTC hearing aids. Simply download one of the apps available on your operating system and you can change the volume, access third-party compatible Bluetooth connection equipment, and even change songs, podcasts, and programming of your selected streaming sources.

These OTC hearing aid remote control apps come in very handy for individuals who have trouble seeing or touching the extremely small controls on some hearing aid devices.

Bluetooth Technology is Consistent

Bluetooth OTC hearing aids work with any Bluetooth capable device. This is a technology that has been standardized among all devices that offer this form of wireless compatibility. So there is no need to worry whether or not the Bluetooth OTC Wireless Hearing Aids will work properly with the electronic devices you own. Bluetooth wireless technology is not exclusive to one brand or another so you can be sure your hearing aids will pair easily with your devices.

This technology has been in use for decades and your connection will always be secure when paired with the device of your choice.

Affordable Bluetooth Hearing Aids

You may think enjoying these benefits of listening to music, media, and the world around you will cost a lot of money. The reality is, you don't need to spend a lot to get a whole lot from your hearing aids. Bluetooth OTC Wireless Hearing Aids are available at affordable prices that can fit any budget, with features and accessories that will make you wonder why it took so long to make the switch.  

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