Oticon Vs. Resound Hearing Aids - Who's the Clear Winner

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Oticon Vs. Resound Hearing Aids - Who's the Clear Winner

Resound and Oticon hearing aids are considered to be some of the best hearing devices on the hearing device market. 

Both of these hearing aids serve high-quality speech and music sounds even in situations with loud background noises. Oticon and Resound have advanced technologies that can enhance your hearing. 

Now, if you are wondering which hearing devices you should choose to aid your hearing impairment, then this blog should come in handy.

Oticon Vs. Resound Hearing Aids

Here is a detailed comparison of Oticon vs. Resound hearing devices so that if you purchase any of these devices, you have a clear idea of which one to choose.

Oticon vs. Resound: The Comparison Table

This comparison table will add some valuable information to help you choose the best kind of hearing device brand according to your needs. However, the pricing of these devices has not been included as you can get the actual price from the respective hearing aid providers




Country Manufacture:




ReSound Linx Quattro

Velox platform

Phone Streaming:



Background Noise:









A.I (artificial intelligence):



Tinnitus Programs:









Manual Controls:



Smartphone Apps:



ReSound Vs. Oticon: The Detailed Comparison

The Oticon vs. ReSound hearing aids comparison is worthwhile since both brands offer great technology that is beneficial to anyone with hearing issues. 

The Bluetooth protocols used by ReSound and Oticon hearing aids are different, with ReSound utilizing the newest 6th generation Bluetooth technology, while Oticon uses Bluetooth with low energy technology. 

This means ReSound hearing devices equipped with the 6th generation Bluetooth compatibility will have a more detailed, enhanced sound and a more stable connection; while Oticon devices will consume less power while streaming audio. 

However, both manufacturers of these hearing devices offer seamless streaming to both Android and iPhone devices. 

The Bluetooth feature is especially great for ReSound's LiNX Quattro hearing aid's Music Mode, which is considered to be one of the most loved music systems for many music lovers. 

ReSound produces superb sound quality, capturing all the details of the musical notes and allowing you to enjoy the best quality sounds. 

When comparing the user experience with ReSound vs. Oticon hearing aids in background noise, experts noticed a wide usage of technology, with Oticon having the unmatched Opn S technology. 

Oticon's OpenSound Navigator makes use of the cutting-edge Velox platform to ensure that the wearer has access to the whole hearing spectrum. Amazingly, this software uses a 360° radius, which creates a more open experience and is capable of analyzing different voice and noise sources with precise detailing.  

Moreover, the Open S enables the brain to make rapid decisions about which sound you should actually listen to and respond to. This results in improved speech and communication, especially in noisy environments. Furthermore, with its increased bandwidth, the LiNX Quattro of ReSound performs perfectly. 

It even features a much quicker sound sample rate than previous models, letting you experience distortion-free and natural hearing.

Both of these devices offer telehealth functionality; however, the ReSound hearing devices are widely rated as one of the best on the market today. Only iPhone users have access to Oticon's telehealth capabilities. 

The Opn S includes IFTTT (If This Then That) capability. This web-based feature enables customers to connect and communicate with other devices via an Apple device.

ReSound and Oticon hearing aids offer rechargeable hearing models, with both of these hearing brands using Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for their devices. Both of these brands include tinnitus programs and telecoil capabilities.

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Oticon vs. ReSound: Comparison Summary

companies have a track record of producing high-quality hearing devices that have been rated as the best hearing devices for decades.

When selecting a ReSound hearing aid, you can choose invisible-in-canal, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, or even behind-the-ear depending on the choice of your hearing device. 

Oticon's many models include the same options. Moreover, it's also known as the first hearing device in the world to support internet connectivity. Through the Oticon On app, you can easily stream TV audio that is received directly by your hearing devices. Get to know in detail, read our complete Oticon hearing aid review.

ReSound utilizes Surround Sound by ReSound, which enables you to hear sound in 360 degrees, eliminating the need to tilt your head to hear someone. Additionally, there is Spatial Sense Technology, which helps in providing a clear and natural perception of the noises around you. To learn more, we’ve a detailed review of ReSound hearing aids.

None of the brands advertise their prices on the Internet. However, a hearing aid expert can provide you with pricing, and may also assist you in determining which model is best for you. It's always recommended to consult with a hearing device professional or an audiologist before choosing any of these devices.

Therefore, it's always recommended to consult with a hearing device professional or an audiologist before choosing any of these devices by yourself. 

We also encourage you to have a look at the products from Nano Hearing Aids. All the products from Nano come with advanced hearing technology for a wide range of customers. With over 1000+ positive reviews, Nano is a great alternative to Oticon and ReSound at an affordable price. 

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