ReSound Hearing Aids Reviews: Prices And Alternatives

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Lindsay Roberts
ReSound Hearing Aids Reviews: Prices And Alternatives

ReSound hearing aids are worldwide distributors of high-quality hearing aids programmed by audiologists or any other hearing healthcare professional. ReSound’s hearing aids are independently designed to cater to varying degrees of hearing loss, and are specifically designed for users with iPhone technologies, however ReSound’s hearing aids also offer digital features and accessories suited for Android users.

Review of ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound offers various types of hearing aids and each hearing aid series is equipped with various digital and structural features, most noticeably digital and wireless accessories. 

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE

The ReSound One is one of ReSound’s latest models specifically designed to process sound the way it was meant to be heard. The Resound One is a Microphone and Receiver-In-Ear model that produces natural sound quality, improving hearing and speech clarity, in noisy or even windy environments. ReSound One has all access to directional microphones. It is fully rechargeable with bluetooth connectivity and other digital features to connect to iOS and Android devices to monitor battery status and tweak hearing aid settings. 

ReSound ENZO Q

ReSound ENZO Q

The ReSound ENZO Q is stylish yet durable design specifically for consumers with profound-to-severe hearing loss. The ReSound ENZO Q comes in discrete colors and improves hearing by 60% in noisy environments. It has digital and bluetooth connectivity for full hearing aid personalization and customization from the ReSound hearing aids apps for mobile. The ReSound ENZO Q also has wireless accessories, like the ReSound Multi Mic, the ReSound Micro Mic and the ReSound TV Streamer 2, which connects and streams sound from any iOS and Android device to hearing aids. 

ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro

The ReSound LiNX Quattro is perfect for improving sound quality and clarity, sound streaming functionalities to both iOS and Android devices, and reliable and long-lasting rechargeable capabilities. The ReSound LiNX Quattro digital app allows for immediate personalization of sound settings and functions. The ReSound LiNX Quattro is small and comfortable, and comes in various modest colors for better invisibility. 

ReSound LiNX 3D

ReSound LiNX 3D

The ReSound LiNX 3D is a digitally advanced rechargeable model. The ReSound LiNX 3D provides high quality 360° directional sound and the ReSound Smart 3D app’s noise reduction and volume setting dramatically diminishes background noise. The ReSound Smart 3D app also features streaming options to stream voice calls from iPhones or FaceTime to the hearing aids. Its wireless accessories transform hearing aids into wireless headphones and can also stream TV dialogues to the hearing aids.   

ReSound ENZO 3D

ReSound ENZO 3D

The ReSound ENZO 3D is ReSound’s smallest model designed for porfone-to-severe hearing loss. It is equipped with ReSound’s Binaural Directionality III and Spatial Sense technology to improve sound and speech clarity in noisy environments by 60%, and works on long-lasting replaceable batteries. The ReSound ENZO 3D makes use of bluetooth connectivity to allow users to change settings such as volume, noise reduction, treble and bass, and wireless accessories that can transform hearing aids into wireless headphones. Besides resound hearing aids bluetooth performance is noticeably impressive. 

ReSound also has Receiver-In-Ear hearing aid models, including the Resound LiNX 2 and the ReSound ENYA. ReSound’s Behind-The-Ear hearing aid models are more extensive and include the entire ReSound LiNX series and ReSound ENZO series. 

In addition, ReSound offers consumers the option of constructing custom-made hearing aids to suit user specifications. ReSound’s range is the Tinnitus adapted hearing aids models (the ReSound ONE, ReSound LiNX Quattro, ReSound ENZO Q, and the ReSound ENZO 3D), with built-in tinnitus therapy features to alleviate symptoms of tinnitus and reduce the likelihood of future tinnitus occurrences. Learn more about how hearing aids help tinnitus.

Resound Hearing Aids Reviews From Consumers

Most ReSound consumers are introduced to ReSound hearing aids by their audiologist or hearing healthcare professional. Consumers, from longtime users to new users, are greatly satisfied with ReSound hearing aids’ effective treatment of hearing loss and related symptoms, ReSound hearing aids’ comfortability, ease of use, and the convenience and benefits of ReSound’s mobile apps. 

Customer reviews of other notable brands have however given us the impression that the public review other reputable brands on the market with noticeably more favour with regards overall product satisfaction, cost and value for money. 

How Much Do Resound Hearing Aids Cost?

The cost of ReSound hearing aids depends on the model, type, and incorporated features and accessories. Have a look at the chart below. Here we listed our mentioned ReSound model prices:

How Much Do ReSound Hearing Aids Cost..?

Are There Other Reliable Brands of Hearing Aids?

Costco hearing aids is one of the most successful brands of hearing aids in the U.S. They are committed to providing value for customers by producing high-quality hearing aids in relation to the price they are sold at. 

Eargo hearing aids are also some of the best hearing aids on the market, with consumers raving about the comfortability and durability of Eargo hearing aids and its cheaper price in relation to traditional brands and models.  

Signia hearing aids are high-end hearing aids designs, they produce the most tech-forward and fashion-conscious hearing aids currently on the market. Signia hearing aids are high quality devices and are accompanied by various customizable and digitally programmable features.

Nano hearing aids is also a top brand in the U.S. hearing aid market. Nano hearing aids cut out the middleman, reduce the cost of hearing aids and easy online purchases. This is why Nano hearing aids are a popular hearing aid with the U.S. public. 

Are ReSound Hearing Aids Any Good?

ReSound hearing aids advanced structural, digital and wireless features make it a very attractive choice for people suffering from all types of hearing loss. With numerous models, each with their own features, users have no problem finding the hearing aid best suited to their hearing needs. However, considering the high cost of ReSound hearing aids, in relation to other brands of similar quality, ReSound’s hearing aids are not exactly considered an affordable option.  

Are ReSound Hearing Aids Amplifiers?

Not only are ReSound hearing aids equipped with the latest technology and state of the art designs, ReSound hearing aids are exceptionally strong amplifiers that improve sound and are programmed to suit users’ individual hearing needs. 

How to Purchase ReSound Hearing Aids?

ReSound hearing aids are worldwide distributors, with offices located all across the U.S., Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Locating and contacting the closest branch is done on ReSound’s website. The next step is contacting one of their hearing care professionals and scheduling a consultation. After the consultation, the treatability of the hearing loss is determined and recommendations as to which model is most appropriate is also provided. ReSound hearing aids are then purchasable through users’ chosen healthcare professionals.

How Can I Get a Refund from ReSound Hearing Aids?

ReSound is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. ReSound hearing aid users who are dissatisfied with their hearing aids may return and refund their hearing aids (provided that the hearing aids are in their original condition, less reasonable wear) to the ReSound hearing care center where they were originally purchased. 

How Long to ReSound Hearing Aids Last?

The average lifespan of ReSound hearing aids is roughly five years, given that hearing aids are cared for correctly, regularly cleaned and maintained, and provided that no physical damage or trauma is done to the hearing aids. After five years, hearing aids may become faulty, unreliable and even stop functioning entirely. 

Are there Problems with ReSound Hearing Aids?

There is the chance that ReSound hearing aids may work ineffectively if batteries are depleted, if wax filters become blocked, or microphone and microphone tube break. ReSound’s hearing aids can also produce unclear or distorted sounds because of weak batteries, a poorly fitted microphone tube and damage to hearing instruments. ReSound’s hearing aids can also produce excessive whistling sounds when hearing aids aren’t inserted properly or microphones are not properly seated. 

How Common is Hearing Loss in the U.S?

30 million of Americans over the ages of 12 have reported hearing loss in both ears. Among young adults, age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss and occupational noise exposure being the most common cause of hearing loss in that same age group. Nearly 25% of Americans between the age 64 to 75, and 50% of those 75 and older experience acute or chronic hearing loss. 

What are the Best Hearing Aids on the Market? 

Currently on the market, there are several brands of hearing aids that have grown in popularity in the U.S. in recent years, including EarGo hearing aids, the best for inner ear comfort, MDHearingAid for their low-cost digital hearing aids, Audacious hearing aids’ low-cost bluetooth hearing aids, and Embrace hearing aids’ users support on the market. 

Are More Expensive Hearing Aids Better?

Expensive hearing aids do not necessarily mean users are buying the better quality hearing aids. With newer brands on the market selling directly to consumers, and cutting out the middleman, hearing aids are becoming significantly cheaper without compromising on quality, durability or the variety of advanced digital and technological features. Check out Nano's blog on affordable hearing aids.

What to be Aware of when Purchasing Hearing Aids?

When purchasing hearing aids it's important to look out for the features you want. Important features include directional microphones, background noise reduction capabilities, digital programmability and wireless connectivity. 

How do you know if you need one or two Hearing Aids?

The need for one or two hearing aids is dependent on the degree of hearing loss experienced. Hearing loss in one ear naturally dictates that you require one hearing aid only, and the same goes for hearing loss in both ears. However research has shown, regardless of the degree of healing loss, wearing hearing aids in both ears significantly improves speech clarity and the reduction of background noise. 


How accurate are online hearing tests?

Online hearing tests only provide users with a general indication of whether they have hearing loss or not. However, for a more in depth analysis of the type and severity of hearing loss, consulting a hearing healthcare professional is your best bet to get an accurate result and understanding of your hearing test.  

Will hearing aids restore your hearing to normal?

While hearing aids are designed to treat hearing loss, and with 95% of people suffering from hearing loss resorting to hearing aids as a solution; a hearing aid cannot restore your hearing to normal. But over time and with practice, hearing aids allow people to become more conscious of noise, and their sources around them. 

How to manage adjusting to new hearing aids?

People adjust differently to having to wear hearing aids for the first time or switching to a different brand or model. Wearing new hearing aids for a couple of hours a day, to a couple of days a week, until users are comfortable is a start. Then going outside wearing the hearing aids will allow individuals to adjust to outside noises and sounds of new environments. It may be better to avoid loud environments and crowds and instead gradually wear hearing aids in different situations until users are entirely comfortable.  

How should you care for your hearing aids?

Hearing aids should always be stored in a dry safe place, away from children and pets. Hearing aids should be turned off and battery compartments lefted open when they are not being used. Regularly cleaning battery components and wax filters of dust and invisible ear wax also increases their longevity and durability. 

Beware of hearing aid scams

Hearing aid scams are usually the result of fraudulent marketing tactics or fraudulent merchandise. The most common hearing aid scam is selling fake, ineffective and cheap hearing aids that are marketed as authentic and reputable brands. Avoid hearing aid deals that offer short free trial periods, a couple of hours, a day or a month, as most reputable hearing aid providers offer a 45-90 day trial period. Also be weary of “one-size-fits-all” hearing aid models, as one size never really does fit everyone. 

When purchasing hearing aids it is better to depend on reputable, reliable and verified hearing aid providers, which is especially important if you are purchasing hearing aids online.

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