Accessories Kit for model Sigma

Model Sigma accessories kit contains:

1 set of thin tubes, left and right, 2b.
1 cleaning brush  clean line.
9 ear tips, 3 different sizes (S/M/L)

▪️  Made of latex free, medical grade silicon.

$19.97 / pair $45.00
You Save: $25.03(56%)
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Customer Reviews

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Replacement kit

I’ve been wearing Nano for three years now. Less than $500, these aids are as good as the ONE hearing aid I had for $2;000! I notice for several months now, I couldn’t hear as well, and discovered Nano had part replacement kits for $20. I purchased one and now I hear so well, I have to turn the sound DOWN! I’m going to order a few more kits for the future. Thank you Nano, for a great affordable product!

Thanks, Carol.

The Best

I love these hearing aids they have helped me so much with being able to hear things I have not heard in a long time I work in a restaurant and they are great

You look amazing! Thank you so much for your feedback :)

The Best

These are the best hearing aids my 1st and only and hopefully I will wear these for life They work great wherever I go

Thanks so much :)

Earl b.
it was very good

everything works great

Jerry B.
Excellent product

Didn't know what I was missing, Even hear the cat scratching at the door letting himself out.

Thanks, Mr. Bilberry.

Hearing aids

First I would like to say I've used nano for year's. With their regular hearing aids I've never been disappointed.

Thanks, Mr. Winham.

Carol F.

Everything I wanted at a reasonable price. Easy to adjust with my phone or without. Like the batteries better than charagable.

Thanks, Carol.

Earl b.

they worked verry well

Thanks so much! :)

Nita D.
I can hear you now!

For the first time in years, I can hear. Or at least much better than I have in the past. Although I have had aids for quite some time, I have not heard or have misunderstood so much that talking with people or watching TV has become extremely frustrating. My Nano Sigmas have changed that. Since the moment I put them in my ears, my life has been better. I needed no adjustment time since they are the same style as my old ones, and I love playing in different modes to check them out in different situations. I couldn't believe how loud the car was until I tapped the outdoor mode and the world went quiet! What a blessing to hear my husband again on the interstate!

I am so glad I found you, Nano! I have already given your web address to two friends and will happily share it with others. But I must say, I will miss the funny things I think people have said.

new nano

i recently got the sigma-bt hearing aids and am extremely happy with them. once i learned how the app functions they were great. things were a little tricky learning how to reconnect the aids by touching each aid on the i-phone things were great. i have a pair of rechargeable nanos and as far as amplifiers they work well but the frequency adjustable hearing is far superior. i have a pair of $5000 aids that work far less satisfactory and i had to run back to the audiologist to have them adjusted all the time. and i would walk into a bar and i could not adjust them making them worthless. not so with the i-phone adjustable aids.iam very happy

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