Buy 3 Packs Get 3 FREE! Buy 3 Packs Get 3 FREE! Nano 312 Premium Batteries

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Nano 312 Premium Batteries

Enjoy uninterrupted performance from any hearing device that requires size 312 hearing aid batteries by purchasing Nano hearing aid batteries in size 312! Nano 312 Premium Batteries power Nano's X2 Model X and SX2000 hearing devices.

Nano 312 hearing aid batteries are a great investment in powering your hearing aid. Hearing aid batteries 312 reviews rate a variety of size 312 hearing aid batteries on performance with mixed leaders, but a Nano 312 battery can outlast all of the competition by up to 18%. Couple that with our low price of $49 for a box of 36 size 312 hearing aid batteries ($100 value), and you’re looking at the best deal on hearing aid batteries 312 available.

Hearing aid batteries in size 312 last an average of 3-10 days depending on the device they are used with and the length of time they are used each day. When it comes to battery size, the hearing aid battery 312 is one of the smallest on the market; each 312 battery measures 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high.

Don’t spend more than you need to for superior performance from size 312 hearing aid batteries. Nano 312 Premium Batteries have you and your devices covered — so stock up today!

    Customer Reviews

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    Ross H.
    Nano 312 Battries

    I am pleased with the Nano 312 batteries, they last longer than the more expensive Duracell and have a convient container to carry them

    Thanks, Ross!


    Battery's are priced reasonably. Long lasting.
    Service is great. Wouldn't deal with anyone else.

    Thanks, Joanne!

    Jean B.
    The best call I made for my hearing aids.

    I have been wearing hearing aids since 1981. One of my aids stopped working, so I saw your add and I knew that I would not be able to afford new ones. But then I saw what your price was, and I said what have I got to lose. It was the best call that I have ever made. They are fantastic. I can hear better than I did with my more expensive ones. I just love them. The service was great and I couldn’t be happier. Thank-you for such great service and I hear better than I did with my old aids. Jean Bertwell

    Doris K.
    Great batteries

    Great quality. I only have to change them every 5-7 days. What a money saver.

    Doris W.

    Hearing Aides and Batteries are great. I can hear so much better now and don't have to ask everyone what did you say. Highly recommend NNANO Hearing Aides, and great customer service!