Unitron Vs. Phonak Hearing Aids - Complete Comparison

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Unitron Vs. Phonak Hearing Aids - Complete Comparison

Shopping for hearing aids can be overwhelming  as there are several brands each with several different hearing aid styles. It can be confusing to decide which one to purchase. 

While buying hearing aids, one needs to consider multiple factors like best-suited hearing aid design, available features, additional supports, pricing, customer support aid, warranty, etc.

Unitron Vs. Phonak Hearing Aids

Here we are going to discuss two prominent hearing aid brands, Unitron and Phonak. We will discuss the similarities and differences between the products these two companies offer and the unique features you may get from each company. It will help you to make informed decisions while purchasing a hearing aid.

Brand Introduction: Unitron

Unitron, a Canadian hearing aid company founded in 1964, operates worldwide to deliver hearing aids to those who are in need. They have been operating for over 50 years and deliver outstanding product performance, design, and customer satisfaction.

Unitron is owned by Sonova Holding AG and is focused on developing hearing aids for kids and teenagers. Unitron hearing aids offer upgradability in several of their models. You can get a hearing aid from Unitron and gradually upgrade it to fit you properly as you age.

Unlike their competitors, Unitron focuses on innovation and addressing hearing loss at an early age.

Unitron's technology has made it a major player in the hearing aid industry. Get to know more, We've gone over the entire Unitron hearing aids review as well as the best alternatives.

Brand Introduction: Phonak

Phonak is another hearing aid company owned by Sonova Holding AG, founded in 1947. Besides manufacturing hearing aids, Phonak produces cochlear implants and other accessories designed to work with hearing-enhancing products.

The most notable feature of Phonak is its Audéo functionality that allows hearing aids to stream sound directly from smartphones. Also, the users can add accessories to Phonak hearing aids for a better hearing experience.

As one of the most popular brands for hearing aids, Phonak offers high-quality devices and additional accessories to listen to sounds and take part in conversations properly.

Undoubtedly Phonak has a huge line of hearing products for adults & children. Let's have a closer look at the Phonak available hearing aid models, prices & best alternatives.

Side to Side Comparison between Unitron and Phonak




Bluetooth Capability

Capable of connecting with phone and TV

Capable of connecting via BlueTooth 

Tinnitus Support Help



Customer Service

Online FAQ, online form, phone

Phone, product videos on the website, online FAQ

Accompanying App




1-year international warranty (valid from the purchase date)

3-year manufacturer’s warranty (from the date of the original invoice)

Free Trial

30 days free trial

30 days free trial

Design Comparison

There are several hearing aid designs available for both Unitron and Phonak brands. One can choose from BTE, RIC, ITE, ITC, and IIC designs. 

Unitron introduced the first hearing aids using a  ‘wear and trial’ system. Here, the user can buy a lower-level technology and gradually upgrade their device. Therefore, they don’t have to change their hearing aid to have access to better hearing aid technology.

Phonak introduced Audéo M hearing aids that allow sound to directly stream from your phone or television to your hearing aids.

If you are interested in an alternative hearing aid brand, Nano Hearing aids can be your best bet. Nano offers you BTE and CIC hearing aid styles. 

Hearing Aids

Features Compared

Both Unitron and Phonak hearing aids contain background noise reduction and tinnitus support. 

Phonak offers hearing aids designed for severe to profound hearing loss. This brand has amazing technology to enable its users to listen to sounds more clearly. The ultimate goal for Unitron is to address a hearing disability at a younger age and upgrade and fit the devices gradually.

Another feature desired by many hearing aid users are telehealth capabilities. Both Unitron and Phonak have great telehealth functionality.

Battery Comparison

Rechargeable battery options bring out a huge difference between Unitron and Phonak. In Unitron, Z-power charger batteries are used in the hearing aids, while Phonak uses Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

When compared, Lithium-ion batteries are preferable due to long-lasting charging backup.

Nano hearing aids are another rechargeable hearing aid option for you. Almost all the hearing aids from Nano come with a recharging option and come with a great portable charging case.

Pricing Compared

The pricing of hearing aids can vary a lot due to several factors like complex relations between manufacturers, insurances, and distributors. However, neither Phonak nor Unitron list their product prices on their website. 

To have a hearing aid of any of these brands, you will need to contact your audiologist and schedule an appointment. After evaluating your hearing and fitting, the audiologist may suggest the best hearing aid for your condition.

Phonak hearing aids may cost $1600 - $4200 USD while Unitron can cost $1400 - $3900 USD. 

The pricing for both these is relatively high. If you are looking for an alternative that comes with all the advanced features, but for a fraction of the cost, you should check out Nano Hearing Aids

Nano Hearing Aids


Both Unitron and Phonak offer you great hearing aid options. While Phonak develops hearing aids to address profound hearing loss, Unitron focuses on addressing the disability at a young age and gradually upgrading the device.

Despite being associated with the same Sonova company, their approach is very different. However, being in the same company allows both these brands to share resources and technology. 

While Unitron offers you a less expensive option than Phonak, Phonak offers you the best product for the money. If you like to use a device for a longer time, Unitron is the best device you can get. On the other hand, Phonak offers you the best sound and allows you to associate additional accessories with your hearing aid.

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