Unitron Hearing Aids Reviews: Prices & Best Alternatives

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Reviewed for Accuracy by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

Lindsay Roberts
Unitron Hearing Aids Reviews: Prices & Best Alternatives

Unitron was founded in 1964 and is based in Waterloo Region, Canada. The company forms part of Sonova Holdings and has offices in 28 locations around the world as well as a network of distribution partners which serve clients in more than 80 countries.  

Unitron Products: the Styles They Offer

There are three different unitron hearing aid models & style to choose from:



This Unitron BTE hearing aids style rests behind your ear and it has a curved piece which hooks over the ear in order for it to stay put. This style is often the biggest. 



The ITE style fits inside the ear and is customized to each unique wearer. Some may be pretty big and permeate the whole ear whereas others are more discreet, but most people do still see quite a bit of it. 



The RIC style fits behind the ear similar to a BTE device, but it also has a thin wire which goes over the ear and then into the ear canal. This style’s speakers are in the canal. 

These are the company’s most popular technologies:

Unitron have many tech features which most models come with and they include:

Antishock 2

This stops the jolting and possibly harmful effects caused by loud and unanticipated noises. 

Automatic Adaptation Manager: This helps people who haven't used a hearing aid ever before to come to grips with the device through a slow incrementation of the hearing aid which takes place over time. The settings of the hearing aid, or the sounds which it increases, is thus steadily adjusted so that the wearer can come to terms with hearing the complete range of sounds after not having the ability to hear them for years. 

Binaural Phone

This allows the user to have telephone sounds sent to both ears wirelessly and hands free. 

Frequency Compression: This gives wearer a better chance of comprehension through the conversion of inaudible sounds to audible frequencies. 

Log It All Remote Plus App: This uses a smartphone app to make recordings of all of the hearing aid sounds so that you, or your hearing professional,  have the option of taking account of your hearing experiences and focusing on areas which require more help.

Rechargeable Batteries: This avoids your having to change batteries the whole time through a rechargeable battery. 


This keeps track of ambient sounds so that it can adapt to changes in the environment. For example, if you’re in a restaurant and a band starts playing, SoundCore will adjust your hearing aid using these technologies:


This isolates speech sounds through the use of “Speech Locator” technology which limits ambient sounds and increases speech sounds so that you have the ability to actually hear what people are saying even when you’re in a loud place. 

Spatial Awareness: This helps you to keep the natural sense of the origin of sound so that you can ascertain who is speaking and what they’re speaking about when you’re in a group and numerous other complex sound environments. 

SoundNav: By taking account of the sound environment 689 times per second, this can help you boost indistinct sounds. 

Sound Conductor: This helps to maintain a natural listening experience through helping you understand speech more thoroughly.

These are the costs of Unitron products:

The Unitron hearing aid prices start from $1,400 and go up to $4,000 for upper-end models with more pronounced technological features. 

The hearing test offered by the company is free of cost, but unitron hearing aid repair and reselling is not free and it may cost anything from $95 to $190 per hearing aid. 

How do you buy a Unitron hearing aid?

On the website, you take a free three-minute hearing test so that your hearing loss level can be ascertained. Then, you’ll have to make an appointment to speak to a Unitron hearing aid customer service representative. Seeing as you are unable to buy Unitron products online, you’ll have to get to a Unitron hearing specialist close to you. After a couple of tests, you’ll get a custom hearing solution. 

These are the positive and negative reviews of Unitron: 

Although there are no definitive negative or positive reviews of Unitron, many consumers did feel more satisfaction with other brands. However, this is what some of them had to say:

Predominantly Positive 

“These hearing aids are wonderful. I have been able to work out and ski in them with no issues. They are so small that my ears don’t ache after wearing them all day and they are virtually invisible. As a 30 year old this was very important to me. I love that my hair doesn’t create any feedback on these as well. Using the uDirect with them is seamless. I stream music all day at work as well as answer my phone calls on these. The only downside was that I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to change settings easily because they don’t have a button on them but this hasn’t really been an issue. They adapt well enough on their own that I haven’t needed to turn them up or down.”

Predominantly Negative

“I am on my third set of unitrons. Frankly the best performance for me was my previous Moxi hearing aid 20s which had no Bluetooth features. Seems the more features added above and beyond hearing processing abilities are of limited value for most users and add to cost and potential malfunctions. Dito with the rechargeable battery feature which falls into that category. When my current unions start giving trouble I am seriously considering repairing my old aids and keeping the newest aids as spares. Do not misinterpret what I am saying as a negative review of Unitron far from it; these have been overall a fine product and I recommend the brand with little reservations.”

Overall Perception:

It’s clear that there is a mixed public perception of Unitron, and many people have found more satisfaction with other brands. One issue that many people find fault with, as with many other well-known brands, is the price.

Other hearing aids to be found on the market:

Nano Hearing Aids

nano hearing aids

Nano hearing aids are crowd-favorites because they provide numerous types, models, and styles. They take the products straight from the manufacturer to the client - this cuts costs as the middleman is left out. They have products which cater to people with different levels of hearing loss and they have on offer BTE and ITE models, both of which have rechargeable options. 


Hearing Assist

hearing assist

Hearing Assist has on offer two BTE models and one ITE model. One of the BTE models supports Bluetooth and is able to conduct hearing checks so that amendments can be made as necessary. All models are rechargeable. 

Signia Hearing Aids

signia hearing aids

There are many models available through Signia hearing aids, however, the Pure 312 is a popular option. It’s quite a small BTE device which allows wearer’s to manage their hearing aid on their smartphone, or through the use of a discrete remote-controlled device. 

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

By using Widex hearing aids, the wearer is able to take control of their environment through adjustable settings. They have many models to be sold, however, the Evoke is the one which really utilizes smart technology. The rechargeable models being sold are used with zinc-air batteries. 

Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo hearing aids are made for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss in mind. They provide BTE models, but the NEO is their most advanced model. 

Why are Nano hearing aids popular compared to Unitron? 

As with many other brands, Unitron’s hearing aids come at a steep price and cannot be purchased online. Although many people cannot afford what many brands are asking, they’d still like unique technological features which would improve their lifestyle considerably. Nano offers this at a price that most people can afford, and as they can be bought online, they are accessible to more people. 

What do Nano hearing aids cost? 

The price of Nano hearing aids range from $347 at its most inexpensive to $997 for the priciest version which is discreet, filled to the brim with features, and easy to use. However, the cheapest model still has exceptional value for money and is robust, easy to use, and rechargeable. 

How Nano hearing aids compare to others:

Nano hearing aids, in comparison to many others, are much more financially accessible to most people. They can be easily and safely bought online without jeopardising the higher sound quality that they offer. Especially when thinking of the Nano Sigma, it’s great for its price because it features noise reduction and sound amendments as required. 

They also provide a money-back guarantee for 45 days post purchase, as well as a yearly protection plan which accompanies the hearing aids should there be unexpected damage. 

Look out for this when choosing a hearing aid:

Customized hearing aids aren't cheap, and as such, they are often inaccessible to those who need it. However, there are alternatives available, some of which are high quality and affordable. 

So that you make the right decision when deciding on one, think about the following when looking at your options: 


Digital hearing aids provide more features seeing as they make use of innovative technology. There is no doubt that every wearer has to make sure that their unique requirements are met and that sound can be adjusted according to the environment and the specific specifications of the user. The user’s comfort is paramount so that the best sound experience is ensured. 


Although low-priced hearing aids are intriguing, it’s essential that you aren't trading quality for cost-effectiveness. Bad-quality products can be harmful to your hearing and worsen the state of your hearing loss. Quite often, low-priced hearing aids are more like personal sound amplifiers, rather than hearing aids. 

Consumer Safeguarding

It’s vital that you get at least thirty days to check if the hearing aid works for you. Most reputable sellers recognize the need for this so if they don’t have a warranty, then it’s probably not a good idea to purchase them. 

What about hearing aid scams? 

There are many imported hearing aids being sold without having had their quality checked so they end up being fake and inefficient. However, because custom hearing aids are so expensive, many people end up buying them without really understanding the negative implications thereof. 

Hearing aids don’t come in one size fits all and every user has unique requirements. As such, mail-order hearing aids can have truly detrimental effects on a wearer’s already fragile hearing. Most well-established brands will require consultation with a hearing professional so that they are assured that the product will work with the individual’s hearing level. 

As you’ll have seen from the above information, using the latest technology can have a significant effect on ameliorating hearing in all environments. If a company doesn't do that then you might find that your hearing aid doesn't work everywhere you go. In accordance with this, you should be able to test out your hearing aid for at least 30 days. Reputable companies are aware of this and understand that it is needed. 

Final Thoughts

All those with hearing loss want a way to better fit into their environment and be a part of their surroundings. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost and too many people feel that they have to sacrifice tehri comfort for their financial capabilities.

Unitron offers an incredible amount of models and styles which can really improve the lives of those wearing the hearing aids, but it doesn’t come cheap. Although not as expensive as many others, there are many who can't afford it. Seeing as Unitron cannot be bought online, some individuals may not have ready access to the products. 

On the other hand, Nano can be purchased exclusively at NanoHearingAids.com and they have on offer many products which vary in cost so that you are sure to find one that you can afford. Every hearing aid comes with numerous earbud sizes so that you can find one that fits.


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