5 Best In-Ear-Canal Hearing Aids - Expert's Choice

Are you looking for hearing aids that will help with your mild to moderate hearing loss, but that nearly invisible to the people around you?

In-Ear-Canal hearing aids have been a popular choice ever since launching to market. People with hearing loss have been enjoying these hard-to-notice styles not only for their discreet appearance, but because they are effective at helping those with mild to moderate hearing loss, too.

Read on to learn about some of the best in-ear-canal hearing aids on the market, and where you can find them. 

1. Nano Hearing Aids

One of the best-selling in-ear-canal hearing aids in America is the Nano CIC Digital, an FDA-approved hearing aid that comes with expert engineering and technology, and world-class customer service. 

The Nano CIC hearing aids are easy to use. Simply take them out of their charging case and pop them in your ears. A push of a button adjusts the volume to your liking. And with three domes to choose from, they fit discreetly in your ears with comfort.


2. Eargo

Eargo hearing aid s might be new to the market, but they're already significantly impacting the industry. Despite being a new company, they offer affordable, high-quality devices. 
Eargo in-ear-canal hearing aids


Their sleek and attractive designs are appealing to many users, and they are effective at boosting natural sound, noise reduction, and adjusting volume. 

However, always work with your audiologist before purchasing a hearing aid.

3. Lively Hearing Aids

This hearing aid is one of the trending andbest in-ear-canal hearing aids on the market

You can find this device in seven different colors and designs -- you can even choose a shade that will match your hair color!

These devices come with both battery-powered and rechargeable batteries and also have Bluetooth connectivity and come with a 100-day money-back guarantee.   

4. Widex Hearing Aids

This is a tiny hearing aid! The best part about this device is that it can be put very deep inside your ear canal, so when you're wearing them, they aren't visible at all to others. 

Widex in-ear-canal Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids have one of the best sound amplification, and the technology used in this device is state of the art. 

Widex hearing aids are also very durable, and as there are no hard edges, there’s no chance of discomfort. Furthermore, you can also wear them in any situation and the customized design make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

That said, some users have noted that this hearing device does not fit with all the ear canal dimensions, and it is not necessarily suitable for those who have perforated eardrums. 

5. Phonak Hearing Aids

If you want a hearing aid that’ll be completely invisible, then this is the product for you!

Phonak hearing aids have been designed in such a way that the device can fit entirely in your ear canal, with no sign of visibility.  

Phonak in-the-ear-canal Hearing AidsMoreover, the device provides an entirely natural sound, so even in very crowded and noisy environments, you can easily hear what's going on around you.

These hearing aids come with a long-lasting battery is very long-lasting, with users reporting they've worn them for months before recharging the battery. 


Before choosing a hearing aid, make sure to consult with your audiologist before making a purchase so they can help advise which choice would be best for you. 



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