Nano CIC Digital Recharge Hearing Aids

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FDA Registered Hearing Aids.
• Fits completely in the ear canal, nearly invisible.
• Rechargeable. No batteries needed, ever.
• Customizable ear-tips for maximum comfort.
• Simple push button control for easy adjustments.
• Small, portable charging case provides up to 60 hours battery life.

Customer Reviews

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The nano hearing aid is as good as it said.

This hearing aids really helped me improve my hearing a lot. And they are convenient to wear. Not like those with two pieces, one big piece bonging on the back of the ears which interferes wearing glasses. Also they are inexpensive they saved me $2000.

Thank you!

Steve T.
CIC Digital Recharge

I've had them for almost 2 weeks. I am used to the controls and how they work. For me, hearing loss is minor but I have tinnitus pretty bad. I'm still getting used to them and trying different things to see what works best for me. Currently I have found just wearing one side helps me best it seems. When wearing both it is kind of annoying because I can hear myself talking loud. With just wearing one side (doesn't matter which) it is better watching TV or talking with my wife and seems more natural. Also just wearing one at work is an improvement and I get less feedback and pops, crackles with just one.
The build quality seems great, no problem there. I think I'm still getting used to them and may try using both again sometime. Charge time is fine and lasts many hours. I would recommend the CIC Digital Recharge for anyone hearing challenged to try them. They were very affordable and my interaction with their customer support was top notch. Try them!

Thanks so much, Mr. Steve T.

David D.

I’m very happy with them

Happy to know that as well, Mr. David D.

Norma S.
Best Hearing Aides!

These work GREAT! I spent $1500 on other hearing aides and could still not hear things. I heard my doorbell and had to lower my TV the first time I used these Nano!! Don't waste your money on other more expensive ones.

Thanks so much, Ms. Norma S.

Charles Y.

It didn't take weeks, just a few days and my brain became accustomed to the new sounds. Needless to say, but I will, "I am thrilled". What a big change they have made in my life, especially when conversing with people. Once I knew that they worked well, I ordered another pair. I will probably order the rechargeable behind the ear Bluetooth set that works with my smart phone. I recommend this affordable hearing aide to all that need help hearing again. I put off purchasing hearing aids for years because I didn't have the thousands of dollars the other companies wanted. I can afford hearing aids now thanks to NANO.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Mr. Charles Y.


My Dad likes it and we are enjoying him speaking lower and not having to repeat ourselves. It does have feedback that we can hear from time to time. Not sure why. Otherwise, we highly recommend it.

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Debra P.

Feedback like screeching or squealing are usually heard when it's not the right fit earbud used. You would need to lower the volume settings of your hearing aids and use a tight seal earbud that would sit comfortably in your ears.

If you need further assistance, please reach out.

marion w.
great lil hearing aids

sound is crisp doe what i paid,,,,,its acceptable

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Marion W.

ross l.
great value

Nano has a great little product that lives up to the hype. The recharge as promised in very short time.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Ross l.

Brian T.
I can hear now.

Due to a motorcycle accident in 2020 which hospitalized me for a month and a half,one of the many injuries sustained was 2 busted eardrums.I couldn't hear anything till the doctors repaired them.But was told I would have only 50% hearing in each ear.I priced hearing aids,$5000+,and was advised by 1 of doctors to try NANO HEARING AIDS,all I can say is wow,I can hear.My audiologist done a hearing exam,and I have 100% hearing back.The noise cancelling really cuts background noise in crowded areas.So folks before you waste $1000's on hearing aids.Please take it from someone who knows that hearing aids don't need to cost a fortune.NANO has given me my hearing back.Thank you NANO

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Brian T.

Paula S.

These would be wonderful if my husband would leave them in his ears for more than an hour. He is 82 yrs. old and takes them out all the time. However I think they will help him.

Thanks so much, Ms. Paula S.

Why Choose CIC Digital Hearing Aids

Easy to Use

Simply put them in your ears, turn on & adjust volume with a single button. Place back in the case to charge.

Nearly Invisible

No one will know you're wearing them. Our Hearing Aids rest discreetly & comfortably in your ears.

Up to 60 Hours

The portable charging case recharges the aids up to 5 times, for up to 60 hours of hearing time.

What's in the Box

• Two hearing aid devices (left & right ear)
• Charging case, plug & USB cord
• Additional ear domes
• Cleaning accessories
• Instruction manual

What's in the Box

• Two hearing aid devices (left & right ear)
• Charging case, plug & USB cord
• Additional ear domes
• Cleaning accessories
• Instruction manual

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