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Constantly asking others to speak up or adjusting TV volume? Our OTC hearing aids offer an affordable fix. Try them now!

6 Reasons to Trust Nano Hearing Aids

Our OTC hearing aids are FDA Registered, Class I, which means they are real hearing aids, are considered a medical device, and are generally safe to use when compared to higher-classified hearing aid devices.

FDA Registered

We eliminate the middleman, so you pay lower prices.

Extremely Affordable

Adjusting to new hearing aids isn’t easy. Our helpful customer service team is ready to assist you at all times.

FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support

Ask about our 1, 2 or 3-year comprehensive protection against loss, theft, or accidental damage as well as our Trade-up program.

Elite Protection Plan

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, contact us within 45 days for a full refund.

Money Back Guarantee

Talk with our agents to learn more about our payment plan options to fit your budget.

Payment Plans Available

NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2)


1790 reviews

Save $100 when you purchase today!

New Lower Price! NANO CIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids are fully rechargeable, saving you TONS of money on battery costs! Get up to 12 hours of quality sound on a single charge.

Hear What Customers Have to Say

Bonnie H.

“Enjoying my CIC hearing aids!”

love them!! They are very comfortable in the ear! People don't even notice that I am wearing them.

Verified Buyer / Nano CIC Recharge

Jonny M.

“Love the NANO hearing buds!”

The BEST POSSIBLE solution for me. The ringing is only a fraction of what it is without it in.

Verified Buyer / Nano CIC Recharge



I like how they fit in the ear and are barely visible. There's no interference with my glasses.

Verified Buyer / Nano CIC Recharge

Experience the Latest in OTC Hearing Aid Technology

Nearly Invisible

Nano Hearing Aids are far less noticeable than traditional hearing aid styles with a smaller, more discreet design.

Background Noise Reduction Technology

Background noise reduction technology is a key component of Nano Hearing Aids, reducing background noise and therefore, making it possible for individuals to hear more clearly.

Adjustable Volume

Nano Hearing Aids has multiple settings to adjust the volume to the best volume for your needs.


Nano Hearing Aids are rechargeable and come with a portable charging base (rather than batteries) making them extremely convenient. At the end of each day, you can place the hearing aids on their charging dock and leave them to charge overnight. This eliminates the hassle of needing to purchase and replace disposable batteries, saving you time and money.

Easy to Use

Nano Hearing Aids are intuitive and straightforward for every user. Turn them on with a simple push of a button, then place them in your ears and adjust the volume as needed. It might feel strange for your ears and brain when first wearing hearing aids, but this feeling typically subsides after several days. 

Customizable Ear Tips

Nano Hearing Aids has multiple dome sizes to choose from, making it more likely to find a fit that is comfortable for your ears.

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