Track My Order

Track your order to see the status of your delivery. See the shipping status and the expected arrival date. You can also confirm that your address and order details are correct so that it's smooth sailing and your package arrives on time and at the right place. Thank you for ordering from Nano Hearing Aids. We are happy to help you with your battle against hearing loss, and we are confident that our hearing aids will have you hearing clearly again!


How can I check the status of my returned items?

At the time your request was processed, we provided a prepaid return label. The tracking number can be used to monitor your package progress. To track your package go to entering your tracking number here, will give you up to date information on your package’s progress to our warehouse.

Once we receive your returned items, we will begin processing your refund/exchange/replacement, in a timely fashion.

During this process, our customer service team can act as your point of contact. Email us at or Phone us at 1-877-654-9071.

Please wait approximately 14 business days before checking on your return as our agents will not have the up to date information on your return until our warehouse has cleaned, inspected, and processed your return.

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