operating instruction manual

I. [the main structure, product performance]

1. the main characteristics

  • Wear comfatable, sound clear and natural, and the design is fashion, streamlined.
  • Small size.
  • Use Zinc-air batteries.
  • Suitable for the person who suffer from medium and high frequency hearing loss.

2. Technical characteristics table of ZDC-901a model

  • Power: 1.4V, with the relative error between +5% and -10%.
  • Environmental temperature: 5 ℃ -40 ℃, relative humidity: ≦ 80%, Atmospheric pressure: 86 Kpa-106 Kpa.
  • MAX.SSPL (OSPL90): ≦ 118 + 3 dB
  • High Frequency Average (OSPL90): 110 ± 4 dB
  • Full-on acoustic gain (1600 Hz): 30 ± 5 dB
  • Equivalent Input Noise Level: ≦ 28 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: ≦ 10%
  • Frequency Response Range: 200-4000 Hz

3. Schematic diagram of function

II. [Applicable scope]

Used for hearing compensation of air-conduction hearing loss sufferers.

III. [using method]

1. see the position as shown in the figure

2. Volume Adjustment

Volume knob: Turn up when it rotated clockwise, and turn down when anticlockwise. The factory settings is suitable for the most people, if you think the volume is large or low, please adjust the volume knob according your need.

Adjusting Method: Micro-Sized Screwdiver provided by us point at the slot of volumeknob, rotate sotfly an slowly.


3. choose the proper earplug

Use larger size earplug if your ear canal is enough large, otherwise, use smaller size earplug. This hearing aid supply 4 different size earplugs. Ensure that your ear canal and earplug fit snugly, or it would cause Sound Feedback that lead to howling.

3. choose the proper earplug

It also called Sound Feedback, which is a normal phenomenon accuring in the working hearing adi. It is more easier to accur if the hearing aid with larger power and higher frequency. In the event of it, the following ways shall make it better:

  1. Turn down the volume.
  2. Choose a larger earplug to make closer between earplug and ear canal, reduce the soundleak.
  3. Turn up the volume, then put your hand away from your ear (resuce Sound Feedbcak). Meanwhile, the howling get controled and better.

IV. [general examination hearing aid in silence]

  1. Check whether the battery is low, change the battery to try it:
  2. Chech whether the battery is in right place;
  3. Whether the sound hole of the headphones is plugged, use native equipment cleaning brush, to clean the soun hole of the ear plugs the micropone hole.

V. [method of use accessories]

VI. [the maintenance of the hearing aid]

  1. The hearing aid should be shut off the power when not in use;
  2. The hearing aid should be stored dry place, when showering, hearing aid should be remove in order to avoid immerse int o the water;
  3. Handle with care, avoiding being thrown, pressed and bumped
  4. Avoid placing it at the high-intensity magnetic field, or the sensitivity of the hearing-aid will be affected.
  5. The hearing-aid shall be placed at the place where it can't be found by children easily, avoiding the children playing with it.
  6. Use the dry cloth or spray the special detergent of hearing-aid on the dry cloth to clean the enclosure of the hearing-aid. Please clean the earplug regularly.
  7. Cleaning of Hearing-aid use the brush to clean the dust and dirt on the hearing-aid.

V. [contraindictions,notes,cautions and instructions]

1. Contraindications

  1. Those suffering from acute otitis externa, eardrum inflimmation, chromic suppurative otitis media (at the period of suppuration and infection, acute suppurative otitis media) and allergic to the materials of this product are fobidden to use this product.
  2. It's not suitable to non-air conducatance hearing patients and those suffering from severe hearing impairment.

2. notices

  1. Too large volume will impair the hearing of suffer. Suggest that perform the self-training at the quite environment in first wearing. You may reset the volume after 2-3 months.
  2. In case of hearing the whistler, plase select the earplug with appropriate size and plug it tightly No air leakage is allowed.
  3. The battery will cause overheat, fire and explosion if in abnormal operation environment (High temparature, High humidity).
  4. Protect against heat, humidity and shockproof. Keep the cleaness of the host, don't clean it by cleanser, industrial alcohol and gasoline.

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