Got Tinnitus? 5 Ways Reasons
Why You Need Hearing Aids

Manage tinnitus with affordable OTC hearing aids so you can hear better AND hear better sounds.


Hearing loss and tinnitus go hand-in-hand.

Roughly 90% of tinnitus sufferers also have hearing loss. What’s more, the annoying, unwanted sounds from tinnitus can worsen existing hearing loss, as they make it difficult to hear over the hissing, buzzing and ringing.


Hearing aids can be effective maskers for tinnitus sounds.

The sound masking feature masks tinnitus noises to some degree and leaves the rest unmasked. Apart from providing relief, tinnitus masking helps a person get habituated with the tinnitus noise and not pay attention to that anymore.


Hearing aids offer sound therapy to distract wearers from tinnitus sounds.

With sound therapy, external sounds–such as low-level music, special ear masking noise, white noise, etc.– can mask tinnitus sounds. You can even get your theme customized for the therapy. Sound therapy makes it easier to shift the attention from the tinnitus noises to the noises you want to hear.


Some hearing aids can improve communication for Tinnitus sufferers.

People who have lost their ability to communicate because of loud tinnitus find that hearing aids augment external volume helping them better follow conversations, speak on the phone, watch television, and listen to music.


Nano Hearing Aids are both advanced and affordable, so it's easier than ever to manage hearing and tinnitus.

Our cutting-edge hearing devices feature hearing assistance algorithms that enable them to automatically adjust the sounds according to the hearing levels of the user. The more advanced the hearing device, the more it will help mask tinnitus's humming and buzz noises.

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