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Widex Hearing Aid Reviews: Models, Pricing & Alternatives

Widex hearing aids are a popular and well known brand and their products are distributed globally, including the United States. Their main motive is to help people of all ages with their hearing problems by giving them advice and distributing their products to clinics. 

According to official stats, over 35 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, but only 28.5% use hearing aids. It is estimated that by 2025 the numbers will increase to 40 million and by 2050 it’ll be 53 million. Hearing loss is common for all ages, especially for children. It’s concluded that many who are not treated with hearing equipment are not able to afford it, since they’re expensive products to buy.

Widex hearing aids: More about the company

Widex hearing aids are known to be one of the biggest manufacturers in this industry and have been around since 1956. Their products are available in over 100 countries and are known to sell products that have evolved in technology for hearing aids. The company strongly identifies the different types of sound frequencies that are needed for all levels of hearing. 

This Danish company specialises in different kinds of hearing loss such as sensorineural loss which is when there’s damage in the inner ear or when the nerves from the brain has trouble sending signals to the ear and conductive hearing loss, which is when there’s trouble with the sound levels for the outer ear that needs to sends signals to the eardrum.

Widex Hearing Aid Models: What products do they sell?

Widex sells both in the ear and behind the ear products. They have a line of different models with a variety of features to choose from. 


Style Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Yes
Bluetooth / Wireless Yes
Direct Sound Streaming iPhone
 Warranty 4-year manufacturer warranty


This specific hearing aid that they sell has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is their smallest in ear hearing aid that they sell. It has a slim design, along with advanced features such as being able to listen to any music that you want to stream as well as the sounds that come from your television and all conversations that you wish to participate in.


Style  Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
Aid Placement Behind The Ear
No. Of Channels 6
Hearing Aid Coating IP68 dust and water resistant certified
Material Plastic 


This in ear hearing aid is built to analyze the external sound surroundings, in order to naturally adjust the hearing aids for you. It also has a slim design that is barely noticeable when you wear it.


Style   Behind-the-ear (BTE)
Channels 6
Battery Type Size 312 Battery
Warranty 3 years
Programs Automatic & Manual options


This behind the ear hearing is supposed to give you the ultimate comfort and stylish look when wearing it. One of its features is optimal sounds in all kinds of environments and the fact that it’s compact.


Style  Behind-the-ear (BTE)
Hearing Aid Coating Protection class IP68
Battery Type Size 312 Battery
Warranty   3 years 


This behind the ear hearing aid is meant to provide you crystal clear sounds to your ear, great comfort and long battery life. It’s suitable for someone who suffers from great hearing loss.

Since they do not sell their hearing aids directly on the website, customers have to track down clinics that sell them and the prices can vary between $1,000 to $3,700 per ear.

Even though this company has been operating successfully for over 60 years, customers still find faults in their products such as having trouble hearing in busy environments, the length of their warranties, the high price range and that it’s difficult to purchase directly from their website.

After testing all kinds of hearing aid products, customers have found great alternatives from other hearing aids companies that also deliver results and they sell their products for reasonable prices.

Besides hearing aids devices, you will find various "Widex hearing aids accessories" on their site.

Here are alternative brands to choose from:

Nano Hearing Aids

Nano Hearing aids originally launched as a company in 2017, with the motive to help all American citizens who have hearing problems, by offering them high quality products for a low price. They rapidly became popular as a brand, as customers were interested in testing their products with a promising 45 day money back guarantee. Customers also highly rate their hearing aids, including the Nano X2R which has features such as background noise-cancelling technology, rechargeability and a discreet fit.

Another popular hearing aid of theirs is the Nano X2.0 which features the highest performing noise reduction in their hearing aids, as well as other features such as being able to hear in loud environments. The price range varies for their hearing aids, starting from $397 and the highest you’d pay is $2,997.

Nano Hearing Aids Collections

EarGo Hearing Aids

Eargo Hearing aids This company specializes in providing hearing support to individuals who suffer from mild hearing loss. They also offer hearing aids with a discreet yet comfortable design and to adjust to natural sounds. Eargo offers financial plans to customers, but their general prices can start from $1,850 and go up to $2,950.

Their popular product is the Hear Life Again, which are hearing aids that are rechargeable and have advanced sound quality control.  

Hearing Assist

Hearing assist this brand is popular for their Bluetooth technology and rechargeable hearing aids. Their hearing aids include features such as the self hearing check which you can use with their app as well as discreet designs.Their prices can start from $399 and above.

What are the best hearing aids on the market?

So far, the most favorite and popular hearing aids that customers praise are the Nano SIGMA from Nano hearing aids. They cost $797 as a pair and include advanced features such as digital sound processing, sound environment settings, background noise reduction and adaptive technology.

Why do Nano hearing aids remain popular with consumers?

Since the founder of the company had his own personal experience with his grandma, he made a promise to himself to help all citizens who suffer the same hearing loss problems. With the motivation that he had, he devoted his time by building a strong team of experts to create the most affordable yet high quality hearing aids out there. 

He also understood that hearing aids are not like a pair of jeans that you can easily buy and then refund, which is why the company offers a 45 day money back guarantee which customers have taken advantage of. This then resulted in building a strong relationship with customers who had a positive attitude towards the products and have received a professional yet personalised customer support from the company. The product line features hearing aids with the most advanced technology, stylish designs and comfortability.

Are Widex hearing aids any good? 

Since the company has been around for over 60 years, they have been able to develop good hearing aids that are easy to navigate, water resistant and are manageable from smart devices. However, there’s still criticism for not being able to adjust to loud environments, limited warranty on their products and the lack of availability to purchase their products.

Are Widex hearing aids amplifiers?

They do have amplifiers in their hearing aids, since they highly focus on providing the best natural sounds for customers who suffer from all kinds of hearing. The structure of their hearing aids are built in microphones that pick up sounds that are converted into electrical impulses and then they’re sent to the amplifier.

How much do Widex hearing aids cost?

Widex is known to be one of the most expensive brands out there, which can be an issue to individuals who financially struggle and are in need of support. They charge per ear for their products. Here's the Widex hearing aid price list:

Cost of Widex Hearing Aids
Widex Price List

How can I return Widex hearing aids?

It’s unclear as to whether you can return Widex hearing aids since they are only sold from third-party suppliers which are clinics. However, support for Widex hearing aids repair and maintenance issues is provided by the company.

Who can benefit from hearing aids?

Whether the consumer suffers from mild or severe hearing loss, almost all companies sell products that are adaptable for different types of sound frequencies and hearing. It’s important to invest in a good pair of hearing aids that are both affordable and high quality. 

Do I have to buy a pair of hearing aids or just one?

It’s all down to the consumer and whether they suffer from hearing loss in both ears or just single-sided deafness. For the best results, it’s highly beneficial to purchase a pair of hearing aids, rather than one.

The conclusion for Widex hearing aids

Even though this company has produced a great line of hearing aids, customers are still not completely satisfied with their results. They have both pros and cons as a company, but it is down to the consumer and whether these hearing aids are the right fit for them. 

How to avoid hearing aid scams

Nobody wants to be ripped off, buy hearing aids that are not legit, or face an online scam when buying hearing aids for themselves or loved ones. Even though there are reputable brands out there that customers praise highly, it’s also important to be aware that it’s common to come across hearing aid scams. The first red flag to avoid is when the company mainly focuses on selling you the products, rather than giving you the correct advice needed in order to select the most suitable hearing aids for you. Even though hearing aids are available to purchase online, it’s important for the representative of the company to provide you crucial information or at least have information listed on their website.

The second red flag to avoid is when the sales representative tries to rush you into making the purchase, by offering the shortest trial period possible. For example, 3 days is not enough to test hearing aids, whereas 45 days is. It’s important to not fall for the trap of a short trial period, because consumers can be tricked into buying cheap products.

The third red flag is when the price and deals sound too good to be true. This is a clever marketing scheme that scammers use, in order to lure customers into purchasing the products. Scammers know how expensive hearing aids can be, which is why they always sell it for the cheapest price possible. This sadly can attract customers who do not have enough information about this. 

The good news is that Widex hearing aids have not yet been implicated in poor quality products or hearing aid scams and that they have reasonable reviews from consumers. 

However, it’s important to understand that legitimate websites do put on offers and sales for their products, just like any other sector of the business, but customers should read the terms and conditions and do more extensive research on the brand before they buy anything.

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