What is ReSound Hearing Aids?

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What is ReSound Hearing Aids?

With so many different hearing aid brands on the market, it can become somewhat challenging to find the right one that works for you. Chances are that many people have tried various amounts of hearing aids and still end up disappointed. A big factor which can influence a person’s choice is the price by which new modern hearing aids are being sold for. Price and quality together will deliver a widely popular product.

 ReSound Hearing Aids exclaims that they’re a global leader in hearing aids. The company has been around from the 1940s and have global expansion in almost 80 countries. Although the company is controlled from Denmark, American citizens will easily find these products in specialized hearing aid dealer and online. The benefits of ReSound are in their achievements, as a company with a wide variety of hearing aid models, and also a company that first created 2.45GHz technology in hearing aids and also Apple Supported tech; their dedication has made them quite popular among Americans.

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 Their models have been developed with many key functions and features. ReSound has also made it clear that their hearing aids can be personalized by the user for different environments.

Are ReSound Hearing Aids a trusted brand?

The company may be charging their users a higher price for their hearing aids, but they are a well-equipped company, with many years of experience. Their hearing aid models are fitted with some of the newest hearing aid technology. The company is a globally trusted brand by some, and online reviews have shown that although the company is owned and operated by GN Hearing, Denmark, their presence in the United States has given them a reputable reputation.

 Many of their customer reviews on their website, Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce sites have shown that their models are trusted and functional. The higher price might put some off in the beginning, but their expertise is transcended in their products. Their customer services and engagement helps them ensure a prominent position, as they offer online services via their website that can help users find a ReSound dealer, and also take an online hearing test.


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Is ReSound Hearing Aids Digital?

Although the popularity for analog hearing aids is still alive among hearing aid users, ReSound has planted them firmly in providing digital hearing aids at more affordable pricing. Previous hearing aids that used analog hearing technology were struggling to cancel out background noise and are seen to be missing layers of sound quality. ReSound offers clear crisp sounding digital hearing aids that can also be customized for a more personal experience.

How does ReSound Hearing Aids work?

Because ReSound mainly uses digital hearing pieces, their aids are fitted with a variety of technology. The digital amplifier in their models is the core behind their digital functionality. The whole earpiece works as a small brain, as the microphone picks up audio and speech it gets processed and is sent to the receiver where it is amplified in your ear.

Their digital models not only brings the sound to your ear, but it gives more depth to the meaning of certain sounds and listening to your environment. They ensure that the user has the capable technology to customize their hearing experience for each setting.

What are the ReSound Hearing Aids?

There are 4 different hearing aid models available; ranging from receiver-in-ear to behind-the-ear models.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

This rechargeable model has a variety of easy to use functions. The receiver-in-ear can assist people with various levels of hearing loss. The Quattro is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and carries a small amount of effort to control. The standard features in this model have seen popularity for those who work in the music industry, as it offers clear and fine-tuned sound quality.

ReSound LiNX 3D

The LiNX 3D is their most advanced model, as it offers Surround Sound and Spatial Sense Technology. This model works well in complex listening situations, and the Binaural Directionality III technology offers to hear without interruptions. Easy to use on Apple devices, this model does require Android users to purchase an additional Phone Clip+ to operate wireless phone calls. This might not be a rechargeable device, but its small design makes use of size 13 batteries.

ReSound ENZO Q

ReSound puts a lot of focus on the ENZO Q being the most powerful and easy-to-use hearing aid. This behind-the-ear model is compatible with cochlear implants and uses size 13 batteries. The small device can be personalized for each user and offers better connectivity and streaming to the devices.

ReSound ENZO 3D

As their latest model, the ENZO 3D offers people with severe-to-profound hearing loss the opportunity to use its four customizable programs and 17 different channels. This helps the person to hear more clear and crisp, with the added benefit of this model being small and made from a clear material, making it hard for the eye to see.

How much do ReSound Hearing Aids cost?

These hearing aids are easy to come by if you do a simple online search. Although ReSound is not directly sold from the company, they do come at a hefty price, seeing that you would have to purchase them via a dealer. Prices for their models would range from $1100,00 to around $4000,00.

Their most affordable model, the ENZO 3D is sold for anything from $1200,00 to $2,200,00. Other models such as the LiNX 3D and the LiNX Quattro are sold for around anything between $1500,00 - $4200,00. Their technology does come with a price, and depending on your hearing loss severity, you’ll be required to purchase a certain model with different functions.

There are also the added costs involved in the ReSound accessories that are needed for your smartphone and TV.

Where can you buy ReSound Hearing Aids?

Their devices are mostly sold through ReSound hearing aid dealers. Before you can purchase one of their models, you will be required to take a hearing test with an audiologist or ENT doctor. You can simply find a ReSound dealer by contacting them via their website. Their website helps you find both a hearing professional and also take an online hearing test.  

What are the reviews of ReSound Hearing Aids?

Some positive and negative reviews about the hearing aids have shown that some of their models still lack functionality and also the need to purchase additional accessories at a high price.

What are some positive reviews?

Popularity – ReSound has been widely popular among those with severe-to-profound hearing. Users of their models have reviewed that it works very well with their hearing loss severity and that it can easily be adjusted. 

Accessories – ReSound does require the user to purchase additional accessories for their TV, Android smartphone, home computer or laptop. Although it might come at additional costs, Amazon reviews on their accessories were very positive and showed that people found their technology easy to use, without struggling to program it.  

Smartphone compatibility – they have launched their own ReSound Smart App which can be digitally connected to your hearing aids. The app allows people to adjust certain environment settings for their hearing aids. Online reviews have shown that people are finding it easy to connect their device and adjust the sound quality.

What are some negative reviews?

Low-resale value – If you thought of maybe selling your used pair, you might be surprised to see that ReSound has a low resale value online. Because ReSound ensures the latest technology, their older devices aren’t always equipped with new and modern technology. Hearing aids which cost almost $2500 are now only sold for a mere $250 on eBay.

Expensive – although their devices might be highly regarded and reviewed online, the ReSound models will cost you anything between $1100,00 and $4900,00. This is quite steep compared to the more affordable MD Hearing Aids, which are around $399,99 per pair.

Additional Accessories – the ReSound accessories does make it possible for the user to adjust their hearing aid in different environments and also has the added benefit of using additional accessories for their smartphones or TV. But reviews on platforms such as Amazon have shown that these accessories are extremely overpriced, especially if it’s being purchased via a local dealer. Amazon does stock a limited amount of their accessories and the 312 batteries needed for some of their models.

How do I know if ReSound is for me?

Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, ReSound offers a variety of models that can suit the severe-to-profound hearing loss user. Their models are all digitally programmed and come with easy to use Android and iOS compatibility. They offer receiver-in-ear, behind-the-ear, invisible-in-canal, completely-in-canal, in-the-ear and mic-in-helix models, that come in a small compact sizes for extra comfortability. Depending on your requirements, you’ll find that ReSound can accommodate your hearing needs.

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