Century Hearing Aids Reviews: Pricing & Best Alternatives

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Century Hearing Aids Reviews: Pricing & Best Alternatives 2021

Century Hearing Aids is a small family-owned business, founded by CEO John Stoddard who formerly served in the United States Air Force and was also a US Air Force airplane mechanic. Passionate about doing business and serving his community, John started Century hearing aids as a way to provide better quality hearing aids with the primary goal of making them easily affordable. 

The Century Hearing Aids Mission

Century’s mission is to provide affordable hearing aids to the majority of people suffering from hearing loss, especially the older generation who are retired. Most hearing aids cost in the thousands of dollars and come with additional fees for services from audiologists or hearing specialists, and most people can’t afford the high costs associated with these. 

Century Hearing Aids strive to do business and provide services they would want if they were a client. Their mission is to be transparent about their hearing aids and give honest advice according to everyone’s personal hearing loss needs.  

Century Hearing Aids Available Products

Century Hearing Aids are manufactured in the US and registered with the FDA. They offer their products in two categories, namely by the type of hearing aid, which is In-the-Ear (ITE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE). Below is a summary of their products in each category, including their prominent Best model range, and the main features included for each.  

Rosebud Premium 

Rosebud Premium

The Rosebud Premium comes as an In-the-Ear (ITE) model and is ready to wear and discreet in appearance for the user. It is for mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss. There is a manual volume button and 4 different pre-programmed memories to choose from:  Standard Response, Mild Noise Response, Moderate Noise Response, and Enhanced Noise Response. These memories facilitate quiet and noisy settings, listening to music / audio, and talking on the telephone. Although this model does not come with rechargeable batteries, the lifespan of the size 10 battery reaches up to 80 hours. Additional functions include noise reduction, feedback cancellation, a 12-band processor that increases certain frequencies where more volume is needed, 2 channel processing and omni-directional microphones.   

Best Ear Pro 

Best Ear Pro

The Best Ear Pro is a small Behind-the-Ear (BTE) model for mild to severe hearing loss. With a choice between beige or silver colors and its small size it is barely noticeable when worn. The volume button is manually adjustable, which makes it user-friendly and there are 4 different settings / memories to choose from, namely, quiet, noisy, music, and telephone. This model comes with a size 312 battery with a lifespan of up to 160 hours (double the lifespan of the Rosebud Premium). Additional functions include Auto Adaptive directional microphones, a 12-band processor, and 2 channel processing.     

Best Seller Premium

The Best Seller Premium is another Behind-the-Ear model for mild to severe hearing loss. Due to it being an Open-fit ear model it does not come with ear molds to place inside the ear.  Users can choose between the color beige or silver. It is ready to wear and programmable with 4 settings / memories, namely, a quiet setting, a noisy setting, listening to music, or using the telephone. This model also comes with a size 312 battery (with a lifespan of up to 160 hours). Additional functions include an omni microphone, feedback cancellation, noise reduction, a 12-band processor and 2 channels.  

What additional accessories come with Century Hearing Aids?

Century Hearing Aids offer the following accessories to go with a purchase of one of their hearing aid models.   

Batteries and Battery Tester: Users can buy additional batteries (mercury free) in different sizes, namely, size 10, 312, and 13. With the digital battery tester users can also see how much battery life is left by sliding the battery on a LCD screen. It’s pocket-sized, which makes it easy to carry around.  

Tubes and Sleeves: Users can purchase various replacement pieces for their hearing aids, these include, tubes, different hearing aid tips, cleaning wires, and tubing for ear molds.

Dry Aid and Dry and Store: With the Dry Aid users can keep their hearing aids dry and preserve them from getting moisture damage from ear wax. The Dry and Store is an electrical appliance that keeps hearing aids dry by heat and dry air to absorb moisture.

Hearing Aid Wax Guards: The wax guards come as 8 in a pack for the Rosebud hearing aids. 

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit: There are 5 cleaning tools available in the kit: Battery Replacement Magnet, Battery Door Opener, Wax Removal Brush, Wax Removal Pick, and Tube and Vent Cleaner. 

EminiTec USB Programming Box: Users can program their hearing aids and adjust sound settings to their specific needs.  

What is the Century Hearing Aids Audiogram?

Century Hearing Aids only provides online hearing aid services through their ecommerce website. With this they offer an Audiogram test where users can send them their Audiogram, which is a graph indicating how a person hears at various frequencies. To send an image of the Audiogram users can follow a few steps indicated on the Century Hearing Aids website. These include texting to a number provided, faxing the image and user’s name and phone number, emailing a scanned copy to an email address provided, or phoning Century Hearing Aids, who will assist and teach users how to read their Audiogram. 

Who is Century Hearing Aids for?

Century Hearing Aids are best suited to people who are on a budget (who can afford under $2000 for hearing aids) and still value good quality, with mild to severe hearing loss, and who can interact with an online company without the need to consult in-person.   

Century Hearing Aids Reviews

Many consumers offer good ratings for Century’s hearing aids, often emphasizing their affordability and good customer support. Although, there are other brands on the market that may offer more options for consumers in terms of wireless technology like Bluetooth and Smartphone Apps, and a wider variety of models to choose from to assist with varying levels of hearing loss. 

There's a catch to that compliment. Let's hear it from a real-time consumer:

Century hearing aids customer reviews

Are Century Hearing Aids any good?

Century Hearing Aids provide consumers with a full service that reaches beyond just hearing devices, they offer a personalized customer support system. Many customers report that they are satisfied with their hearing aid device, however limitations to the quality of hearing should also be noted in terms of indoor and outdoor sound environments. 

How much does the Century Hearing Aids cost?

Century Hearing Aids provide full disclosure on their website about their prices and other savings options. As part of the company’s goal their hearing aids will be priced economically and will vary between $399 to $700. Below is an overview of the prices for each product mentioned, as well as other offerings that include guarantees and warranties. Here's the prices of the mentioned models:
Models Prices
Rosebud Premium $798
Best Ear Pro $599
 Best Seller Premium $399

How can I purchase a Century Hearing Aid?

The best place to purchase a Century Hearing Aid will be via their website. Users will need to create an account and log in beforehand, and from there they can choose the hearing aid they want. There are safe checkout options and a page dedicated for customers to track their order history. 

Is there a warranty period for Century Hearing Aids?

There is a one to two year manufacturer’s warranty available, which will cover any defects or malfunctions during that time. In the event of damage or malfunction, and depending on the circumstance presented, Century Hearing Aids will either repair the product free of charge, exchange the product for a new one, or offer a refund at the purchase price. 

Is there insurance for Century Hearing Aids?

Most healthcare providers in the US do not fully cover the purchase of hearing aid devices. Users will need to refer to their medical insurance providers if they have an allowance or are partly covered when purchasing a hearing device. Century Hearing Aids offer alternative insurance options, namely, the One Year Warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. It’s priced at $150 with options to extend it at additional costs. 

Can I get a refund from Century Hearing Aids?

Century Hearing Aids offer full refunds within 90 days and when customers return them they will be reimbursed for all the charges associated with the purchase, including shipping charges. 

How can I return a Century hearing aid?

Century Hearing Aids advise customers to try their hearing aids for a 15-day trial period, which gives the brain enough time to adjust to the new device. In the event of returning a hearing aid, customers can either call or email Century Hearing Aids requesting a return, and they will be given a USPS return label to mail back the hearing device. Customers will receive their return payments within 7 to 15 business days. 

Century Hearing Aid Repair and Replacement Offer

In a recent study, the Optical Medical Alliance found that high cost is the top reason people delay getting hearing aids. In an effort to eliminate the cost barriers, most of the hearing aids sold at century hearing aid offer repair and replacement options, which is often more convenient and less costly than finding an audiologist.

Are there any guarantees?

Customers receive a 100% Money Back Guarantee if they are not satisfied with their hearing aid devices in a period of 30 days. 

Hearing Aid Alternatives 

Below are other mentionable hearing aid brands on the market today that not only offer economical and easy-to-use devices, but are fast becoming popular choices among consumers.   

What are some of the best hearing aids on the market?

Nano Hearing Aids 

Nano Hearing Aids

Nano Hearing Aids offer a variety of different hearing aid styles that suit a variety of hearing loss needs, from mild to severe. They offer BTE (Behind-the-Ear) and ITE (In-the-Ear) models. Nano’s hearing aids are not limited to conventional hearing aids, they include wireless connectivity via Bluetooth enabling and Smartphone remote control apps, evident in their newer Sigma Wireless model. Additionally, users can choose between rechargeable options and are often given free packs of batteries with purchases, including earbuds for a better fit. What makes Nano stand out among other brands is their transparency during the entire purchasing process. They offer warranties, money back guarantees and an Elite Protection Plan for $79. The prices range between $300 to $1,500 with various free deals offered. Nano’s products come directly from the manufacturer and are sold on the online website with safe checkout points and the option to track orders. 

Signia Hearing Aids 

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia offers a wide variety of hearing aid types and models suited to different levels of hearing loss. They have an online product website, however, customers are able to locate a store in their area for in-person consultations. There are rechargeable hearing aids available, as well as devices that offer wireless connections via Bluetooth and Smartphone Apps. The popular Pure 312, a BTE (Behind-the Ear) model, includes most connectivity and functional features for all levels of hearing loss. 

Hearing Aid Scams

Scams are prevalent among hearing aid users, specifically the retired generation as they are viewed as vulnerable targets. Before purchasing any hearing aid, consumers can safeguard themselves by knowing what to look out for, due there being so many hearing aid retailers on the market - online and in-store. Some companies will offer low-priced and low-quality hearing aids that are imported and act only as sound amplifiers without the necessary support to enhance hearing loss. It’s important to follow-up about who the manufacturer is and where they are based. Some companies will disclaim that their manufacturers are US based. 

The Bottom Lines

One’s hearing loss needs will be different and unique, and there will never be just one hearing aid device to fulfill these needs. Additionally, the hearing aid market can be costly, especially in-person consultations with Audiologists and hearing professionals. Century Hearing Aids definitely provides alternative means to make the process of purchasing a hearing aid easier for those who are on a budget and already have some knowledge about their hearing aid and what they need.

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