Audicus Hearing Aid Review & Best Alternatives

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Audicus Hearing Aid Review: Price & Alternatives

Audicus is a well-respected hearing aid provider that offers competitively priced German and U.S. manufactured hearing aids. Audicus deals directly with hearing aid manufactures and sells hearing aids directly to consumers. Audicus is an award winning hearing aid provider of three different models with a host of digital features including bluetooth connectivity and the Audicus mobile app. All Audicus hearing aid models come with ongoing expert support and free shipping in the U.S. 

Audicus hearing Aid Devices

The Audicus Wave 

The Audicus Wave

Of Audicus’ three hearing aid models, the Audicus Wave is their most advanced model suited for mild to severe hearing loss. The Wave is rechargeable and has direct dual bluetooth connectivity to connect and stream audio sounds and dialogues directly from Apple or Android devices. Users can also customize their healing aid performance settings directly from their smartphone with wave app for iphone or android handheld devices to suit their unique specifications and different environments. 

The Audicus Clara

The Audicus Clara

The Audicus Clara is Audicus’ smallest yet most powerful hearing aid for mild to severe hearing loss. The Clara is technologically advanced and highly customizable to user preference, and different settings and environments. The Clara produces clear and quality sound by focusing on speech clarity and removing background noises. The Clara has 10 different volume settings, a few environment programmes, and rechargeable batteries that last up to a week of use. 

The Audicus Dia II

The Audicus Dia II

The Audicus Dia II is Audicus’ most affordable hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss. The Dia II is a Behind-The-Ear model with settings that adapt to different environments, reduce background noise and allow users to focus on individual and group conversations. The Dia II also comes with the Audicus Care Subscription for an extra $12 per month, and the Audicus Protect Subscription also for $12 per month. 

How do Audicus consumers feel about their hearing aids?

Consumers of Audicus hearing aids believe that Audicus offers great value for money, their hearing aids are user-friendly and are easily adapted to different environments. Also, audicus hearing aid complaints are rare and reported in a small number.

However, due to the limited scope of Audicus’ three hearing aid models, many consumers view other popular hearing aid brands, with a wider range of hearing aid models, with more satisfaction. Other brands also have slightly more digitally advanced technologies and a few more with wireless connection capabilities and accessories.

What is the cost of Audicus hearing aids?

Firstly, Audicus hearing aids are sold individually, and not in pairs or per set. The Wave is sold for $899 per ear, The Clara at $699 per ear, and The Dia II at $499 per ear. Audicus does however have monthly payment plans. Audicus’ monthly membership plans give users the option to pay their hearing aids off on a monthly basis. Aside from their monthly membership fee of $39, for The Wave users pay $59 per device, per month, for The Clara users pay $49 per device, per month, and for The Dia II users pay $39 per device, per month. 

Are the other affordable yet reliable healing aids on the market?

Audicus hearing aids are not the only reliable and affordable hearing aids on the market today. Several more hearing aid brands do in fact make the list. 



EarGo hearing aids is one of the least expensive brands of hearing aids sold in the U.S. EarGo hearing aids are sold in pairs, and are equipped with the latest digital hearing aid technology which adds to their popularity within the hearing aid market. 



Phonak hearing aids is also a very good brand of hearing aids for group and classroom conversations for which background noise reduction and high-quality speech sound is essential. Phonak hearing aids are made to treat mild to profound hearing loss. With bluetooth capabilities and rechargeable batteries, Phonak hearing aids are of the more affordable high hearing aid brands.  

Nano hearing aids is also a popular brand because Nano hearing aids sell directly to consumers, they cut out the middleman and are therefore able to sell hearing aids at a fraction of traditional hearing aids. Nano hearing aids’ extensive range of Behind-The-Ear and In-The-Ear hearing aid models are sold in pairs and come with digitally advanced features, such as bluetooth, and rechargeable batteries. Nano hearing aids are cost-effective hearing aids that also do not compromise on the quality of their hearing aids and the clarity sound that Nano hearing aids produce. 

Are Audicus hearing aids any good? 

Audicus hearing aids are of the top good quality hearing aid on the market. Their affordable, digitally advanced and easy-to-use models have amassed great consumer support and loyalty over the years. 

All Audicus hearing aids sold come with a one-year warranty, which means Audicus hearing aids can be sent to the manufacturer for cleaning if problems arise within the warranty period. Audicus hearing aids offer affordable hearing aids that are also durable and reliable. 

Are Audicus hearing aids amplifiers? 

Audicus hearing aids are not amplifiers if we look at the definition of amplifiers. Amplifiers are devices that increase the volume of sounds, they are not exactly intended to be used by people with hearing loss or impairments. That's what hearing aids are for. Unlike amplifiers, Auidcus hearing aids can be programmed to suit users' needs. For example, turning up the volume of an amplifier simply increases the volume of all sounds. But turning up the volume of Audicus hearing aids focus the amplification on specific sounds, like conversational or movie dialogues, and reduces background noises for better sound quality and clarity.  

How much does the Audicus hearing aids cost?

Audicus’s three hearing aid models are relatively affordable. The Audicus Wave, their most expensive model, costs $899 for a single hearing aid, the Audicus Clara, their mid-level model, costs $699 per device, and the Audicus Dia II, their least expensive model costs $499 per device. Audicus hearing aids also have monthly payment plans if users cannot afford the full price once-off. 

How to purchase Audicus hearing aids?

Purchasing Audicus hearing aids is quite simple. Book a consultation with one of their experts, choose an Audicus hearing aid and place your order online and wait for it in the mail. Audicus provides expert customer support to assist in the process. Their Denver store has already re-opened with a few more stores getting ready to re-open in several other locations. 

What benefits are included in Audicus’ monthly subscription?

By signing up to become a member of Audicus hearing aids community, for a monthly subscription of $39, Audicus hearing aid users are granted a host of hearing healthcare benefits. This includes Audicus’ most advanced hearing aids, the latest technological upgrades, ongoing expert support and consultants when necessary, damage and loss insurance, and a brand new set of hearing aids every 18 months to replace their old hearing aid. Audicus’ monthly subscription requires no minimal commitment and can be cancelled at any time. 

What services does Audicus offer its consumers?

Audicus provides a host of hearing healthcare services aside from selling hearing aids. Audicus‌ ‌hearing‌ ‌test‌ ‌is‌ ‌an ‌online‌ ‌and‌ ‌self-administered‌ ‌service. ‌Individuals‌ ‌can‌ ‌also‌ ‌send‌ the ‌results‌ ‌of their hearing aid tests if their hearing test has already been conducted. From the result of the hearing test, a member of Audicus’s audiologist team will explain treatment options and advise which of their three hearing aids will best treat your hearing loss.

Does Audicus hearing aids have a free trial and how long is it?

Audicus gives new customers the option of testing their new hearing aids, for a 45-day trial period to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their hearing aids. The trial period starts from the date Audicus ships your hearing aids. 

How can I get a refund from Audicus hearing aids?

If consumers are dissatisfied with their hearing aids within Audicus’ 45-day trial period, customers refund their hearing aids for the price they purchased it for. Once Audicus receives and inspects your returned hearing aids, and provided the hearing aids are still in good working condition, an Audicus team member will contact you about the status of your refund request. Audicus do not charge restocking fees or have any other hidden costs associated with returned and refunded hearing aids. However once the 45-day trial period has ended, a full refund is unlikely. 

How can I return Audicus hearing aids?

Audicus requests that consumers follow specific protocol when returning their hearing aids for a refund. Consumers need to fill out the Audicus return form on their website and place their hearing aids in a clamshell case and shipped in a well-padded box. Consumers need to seal and insure the package with their shipping company and mail it to the address indicated on the Audicus return form. The mailing date needs to be within Audicus’ 45-trial period for Audicus to accept the return. 

How long do Audicus hearing aids last?

The average lifespan of Audicus hearing aids is roughly five years provided that the hearing aids are cared for, used and cleaned correctly and at regular intervals. 

What are the best hearing aids on the market? 

There are many reputable hearing aid brands in the U.S. that have risen in popularity over recent years. Lively hearing aids give users the best customer experience and ReSound hearing aids offer customers the best telehealth integration, which is the use of digital information and communication technologies in hearing aids. Signia hearing aids are known for their high-end and sleek hearing aid designs and EarGo hearing aids are one of the most affordable hearing aids on the market in relation to their quality and durability. 

How do I choose the right hearing aid?

Choose the right size hearing aid that will fit your ear, and choose the type of hearing aid, Behind-The-Ear, In-The-Ear, In-Canal, Receiver-In-Canal, etc., that will fit the shape of your ear most comfortably. Also ask about the risk of feedback noise that results from hearing aids not fitted correctly. Choosing the right fit and type of hearing aid will reduce feedback noise and improve individual user experience. 

How often should you take a hearing test if you wear hearing aids?

If you wear hearing aids on a daily basis, it is important to check that your hearing aids are working correctly and that your hearing has not gotten progressively worse over time. It is recommended that you check your hearing aids at least twice a year, and go for a hearing aid test a least once every three years to make sure everything is still in order. 

Should hearing aids be worn all day?

It is advisable to wear hearing aids as much as possible in order to get used to the feel and fit of a hearing aid but to improve an individual’s hearing in almost every situation or environment. The only time it is not recommended to wear hearing aids is during showering, sleeping, swimming, going to the hairdresser or doing your own hair or in dangerously loud environments like a concert or active construction sites. 

Will wearing a hearing aid restore my hearing to normal?

The use of a hearing will not restore your hearing to normal. Hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss but rather a treatment to improve impaired hearing and improve an individual’s awareness and recognition of sounds and the sources of those sounds. Hearing aids do however go a long way to improve the quality of life of an individual suffering from hearing loss or impairments. 

Hearing aid scams 

When purchasing hearing aids is it always important to be aware of hearing aid scams that produce fake, inefficient hearing aids from China and sold in the U.S. as the real deal. Make sure that you purchase your hearing aids from reputable brands, and when buying hearing aids online make sure you order your hearing aids from the official company website and do some research beforehand. Some of these hearing aid scams can be very convincing which is why it is better to be aware that hearing aid scams exist in order to watch out for them.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who makes Audicus hearing aids?

Ans: Audicus hearing aids are manufactured by a U.S based company which is owned by Sonova. Audicus has become popular because of its competitive prices.



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