Signia Hearing Aids Review: Available Models & Alternative

Written by the Nano Hearing Aids Team
Reviewed for Accuracy by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

Lindsay Roberts
Signia Hearing Aids Review: Available Models & Alternative

Signia hearing aids are known to have a sophisticated design and a crystal clear quality sound system, that mimics natural sounds for the users. These hearing aids are also known to have very good streaming via Bluetooth for both iPhone and Android users. They also mainly include features such as own voice processing, Tinnitus treatment and Dolby Digital sound streaming.

Company Profile

Signia is a brand that’s signed under the parental company Sivantos Inc. The American company was founded in 1878 and is headquartered in New Jersey. Signia was founded in 2019 under Sivantos. The main office for Signia is headquartered in Singapore.

However, Sivantos falls under the corporate umbrella company WSAudiology, which also has other brands such as Rexton. This company sells their products globally across different continents. Their hearing aids can be purchased directly from health care professionals across the country.

Signia Hearing Aid Reviews 

Signia Styletto X 

Signia Styletto X
Style RIC
 Aid Placement Behind The Ear
Connectivity Bluetooth


This hearing aid in particular is known to have an award winning design and good battery rechargeability. Signia have specifically designed this hearing aid in a modern fashion, so that it can look stylish when a user is wearing it. On top of that, it has a built in chip that delivers crystal clear sounds to users, in any environment. There’s also wireless charging available with these hearing aids.

Signia Silk NX 

Signia Silk NX

This certain hearing aid has been tailored so that it looks nearly invisible. It’s ideal for artists and performers such as Djs, who want to be able to perform and hear in a crystal clear sounding environment. It also includes the feature of being able to listen to music or entertainment like you’re wearing a pair of headphones.

Pure 312 X

Pure 312 X

This hearing aid is designed for everyday users who want to adapt to all sound environments, conversations and to be able to hear all noises. It provides a comfortable fit and it has a modern design.

Pure Charge & Go X

Pure Charge & Go X

These hearing aids feature acoustic motion sensor technology, crystal clear sound quality and a fast charging option. They’re created in order to allow the user to adapt to any environment, without having to wait for a long time to charge.

What Customer Says About Signia?

Even though the products they sell are good quality, the price tag does break the bank. They also don’t offer financial loans, which means that if customers happen to experience any issues with their hearing aids, it’ll cost them a lot to repair or replace them. The shopping experience is not easy either, since they’re not available on their website and customers have to sometimes travel long distances in order to speak to a practitioner and make a purchase.

Are there any alternative brands?

Since this brand isn’t suitable for everyone’s price range, customers have sought alternative brands and have found some that tick the right boxes. Here are the brands that they highly recommend:

Nano Hearing Aids

Nano hearing aids have been operating since 2017 and grew rapidly due to the great customer service, high quality products and customer satisfaction. This company is known to offer a 45 day money back guarantee to customers, which gives them the flexibility to try on hearing aids and see if they’re the perfect fit. The range of hearing aids that they sell are designed with the latest digital technology, including noise cancellation, nearly invisible designs and rechargeability. 


Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak may have an expensive price tag, but they’re known to have good quality products. They also specialise in creating hearing aids for children and have a wide range in different colours and customizable fitting.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex was originally founded as a company in Denmark, but became popular in the U.S. They’re also a merging company with Sivantos and provide great hearing aids with digital technology, wireless technology and fast sound processing speeds. They’re also listed under the conglomerate umbrella company WSAudiology.

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon have specifically designed hearing aids that help transfer sound signals that helps the brain’s natural process of making sense of sound. They also offer features such as stream phone calls, TV and music directly to your ears. They also offer additional support on how to maintain and clean your hearing aids, so that they last longer.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey has stylish designs and also helps with Tinnitus therapy. They have a discreet design and are suitable for wearing even with masks. This brand aims to help customers with their physical health as well as mental health wellbeing. They’re also guaranteed to provide good quality hearing aids, since they have won many awards for their inventions. However, their price range is not suitable for all customers in America, since their products are expensive.

What’s the most popular hearing aids on the market?

Right now, the most popular and affordable hearing aids are the Nano X2 which are FDA registered and America’s favourite. They include useful features such as background noise cancelling technology, 2 directional microphones per device, a super powerful chip that supports digital technology and comfortability. Another reason why they’re popular is because they come with different earbud sizes which customers can test out, plus they come with cleaning supplies for proper maintenance and care.

Another popular choice is again from the same brand and they’re called CIC recharge which have a discreet design that’s nearly invisible, as well as rechargeable technology. These hearing aids also include noise background cancellation, which is convenient for customers who are in busy environments and want to focus on a certain sound or conversation. These hearing aids can be worn at any time and any place, with proven satisfaction from customers which is why they’re very popular. They also provide a low battery warning, which can be useful for the customer and they include feedback control as a feature.

How much do Nano hearing aids cost?

Price can vary for the products that Nano hearing aids sell. They can start from $347 and go up to $1,497. However, they do not sell per ear, but per pair instead.

How much do Signia hearing aids cost?

Signia hearing aids are known to be quite pricey and can start from $2,300 per ear and go up to $6,000. Repair costs can vary, but customers have criticized the company for repairments to be expensive.

Are Signia hearing aids any good?

Generally speaking, customers have had a decent experience with this brand. However, there have  been a few cases where the hearing aids are faulty or stop working after a month. However, overall they do sell good quality hearing aids with a variety of features that can be suitable to anyone’s type of hearing loss. They also help offer different kinds of therapies for Tinnitus and follow up check-ins with customers for general support.

Are Signia hearing aids amplifiers?

Siginia does not have amplifiers in their hearing aids and actually recommend customers to have hearing tests with practitioners before they choose to make any purchases. Instead, they sell hearing aids that offer other features that can still mimic sounds and transfer crystal clear sound quality.

How can I refund or return Signia hearing aids?

In regards to asking for a refund for any hearing aids purchased from Signia, it’s best to contact your local practitioner that sold you the hearing aid, since there’s not any clear information on the website. This is also the same for the return procedure. It’s also important to read the terms and conditions that online vendors have, in case you do end up purchasing from an online third party store.

Where can I buy Signia hearing aids?

There are online third party retailers that sell these hearing aids and for different price rates. However, local practitioners can also advise you on which hearing aid is suitable for your type of hearing loss. Sometimes online vendors may sell them for a cheaper price than local practitioners. In order to find the best bargain, it’s best to do research and compare different prices.

Do I have to replace the batteries for Signia hearing aids?

Many customers have faced the common issue of technical and battery issues with Signia hearing aids. Yes, you can replace the batteries by contacting their customer care support, however the repairment prices can be just as expensive as buying a new pair.

How do Signia hearing aids help with Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a chronic ringing in the ears and can be diagnosed to anyone of any age. They offer Tinnitus therapy by offering ocean wave signals and a peace of mind for users to try to relax, as they try to divert their attention away from the ringing sounds. These therapy signals are known to be customized to the users needs and have preset signals for customers to choose from.

How long do Signia hearing aids last for?

This brand is known to have the capacity of lasting up to two years before customers need to make a new purchase. Even though the battery performance varies depending on the type of hearing aids the customer chooses, they do take up to 80% of the battery life within the 2 year lifespan.

How long does it take for the Signia hearing aids to charge?

They can take up to 24 hours to charge, however, the Pure Charge&GoX can charge when on the move, thanks to their advanced technology and fast charging system. However, once you do charge them, they’re ready to use right away and for a long period of time.

Our Opinion

Signia hearing aids do offer great features such as Tinnitus treatment, quality sound streaming, comfortability and even airplane mode on some of their hearing aids. Even though the brand is created under the huge parental company Sivantos, they still need to work towards the quality control of their products, especially if they’re charging them for a high price.


How to avoid being scammed

It's very easy nowadays to be scammed for any product. Unfortunately, many customers become vulnerable victims to scammers and fall for the traps. There are three ways to avoid being conned into purchasing low quality products and here’s how:

  • Don’t give into pressure
  • Many salespeople rush customers into buying their products, so that they can take advantage of the situation and handle things quickly. It’s important to say no to these salespeople, even if they try to pressure you by using phrases such as “we are offering this deal for a limited time only” or “this price can only be given to you now if you buy.” Professional companies usually give you plenty of time to purchase, because it’s an important health care product that needs in depth information and advice when browsing.

  • There should always be a trial period or money back guarantee
  • Since hearing aids aren’t a pair of jeans that you can easily replace or return, it’s of course logical for legitimate companies to offer trial or money back periods for a minimum of 30 days. If the company that you’re looking at offers you less than that, then it’s a red flag. It’s also important to read the terms and conditions as well as reviews, just so you can get a proper insight of what the company is really like.

  • Don’t accept deals that are too good to be true
  • Even though professional companies do offer deals and sales from time to time, they’re usually for a limited period and are at realistic prices. If a company offers you a package or deal that sounds like it’s too good to be true, it most probably is. These scammers are looking to get rid of cheap products as fast as they can, but also want to make a quick buck from customers.

    Please bear in mind that most legitimate companies and online vendors do sell hearing aids online and prices can vary. However, other hearing aid companies only sell their products through local physical stores and practitioners, because they offer different services such as physical hearing tests.

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