Beltone Hearing Aids Review: Models, Prices & Alternatives

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Lindsay Roberts
Beltone Hearing Aids Review: Models, Prices & Alternatives

Beltone hearing aids offer different kinds of features such as connecting directly to smart phones, comfortable fit and even enhances speech clarity. They’re designed for adults of all ages and the brand has a wide range of hearing aids and accessories to choose from.This brand specialises in hearing aids that offer a 3D sound environment and over 30 hour battery charge. 

Company profile

This company has been operating for over 80 years and originally founded in 1940. They are headquartered in Glenview, Illinois and export their hearing aid products to over 40 countries, including the U.S and Canada. However, in North America, this brand owns over 1,500 locations which are known to be their own ‘hearing care centers’. At these centers they offer services such as hearing screenings, fittings for hearing aids and they follow up with customers and their health care.

Beltone Hearing Aids Reviews 

Beltone sells a variety of hearing aids with different features, however they are all digital and wireless and are suitable for mid to severe hearing loss.

Beltone Amaze 

This is a RIE hearing aid that has fast micro-processing technology, rechargeable batteries and it comes with an app for your smart device. It can be customised to fit all styles and types of hearing loss.

Beltone Trust

This RIE hearing aid has protective coating and Tinnitus Breaker technology. It can also be customised for all fittings and hearing. They offer sound control and streaming via bluetooth.

Beltone Boost Ultra

This behind the ear style offers the same features as the Beltone Trust: protective coating and Tinnitus Breaker technology. They offer crystal clear sound quality and a comfortable fit.

Beltone Legend

This behind the ear hearing aid offers features such as being able to control the sound levels, connect with smart devices and is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

Beltone Boost Max

This hearing aid includes a feature that has Personal Sound ID, which mimics how the ear would naturally collect and process sounds. This hearing aid also allows you to connect with smart devices and you can discreetly control your sound volume. These are their best hearing aids for sound processing.

Beltone hearing aid apps

Beltone HearMax

This app is designed to work with Beltone Amaze, Beltone Trust and Beltone Boost Max. It’s a remote control app that includes a locator that helps you find your hearing aids, in case you lose them. It’s also linked to health care professionals that you can send your data to, in order to receive updated settings for this app.

Beltone HearPlus

This app is designed to be compatible with the older Beltone hearing aid models and its main feature is to control the sound settings.

Belton SmartRemote

This app is designed to allow streaming from the hearing aids to both iPhone and Android devices, as well as other smart devices. It’s ideal for streaming music, the radio, television and other forms of media.

Belton Tinnitus Calmer

Between 8 to 25.3% of the population of the United States are diagnosed with Tinnitus. The main symptom is chronic ringing in the ears and can be diagnosed at any age. This app helps the user relax and stay calm by providing sound therapy and exercises.

What do customers think of Beltone?

Even though the company has been functioning for many years globally, customers have found alternative hearing aids that are more suitable for their needs and price range. It’s hard to navigate on the website. Also, Beltone hearing aid prices are not displayed in their website, which makes it harder for customers to shop freely. However, the cost of beltone hearing aids varies, starting from $2,000 and going up to $9,000. 

What are the alternatives?

Customers have reviewed different brands that they find more fitting to their budget and style. Here are the brands that they consider as good alternatives.

Nano Hearing Aids

nano hearing aids

The founder of this company made it a goal to help 48 million Americans, by selling affordable and high quality hearing aids. Their hearing aids include features such as invisible wear, digital hearing technology and long lasting battery. One of the most popular hearing aids that they sell is the Nano X2.0, which includes noise cancellation technology, a discreet style and 2 directional microphones per device. The current price for these hearing aids are $697. In general, the prices for Nano hearing aids vary between $347 to $1,497.


Phonak Hearing Aids

phonak hearing aids

This brand is known to have hearing aids available for both children and adults. However, it’s especially popular for children because of the customizable fits they offer and the wide range of fun colors. Their most popular product for children is the Phonak Sky Marvel. It offers features such as clear, rich sound, connects to smart devices and it has rechargeable batteries. Prices can vary between $1,433 to $4,397. Learn more through our complete Phonak hearing aids review.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids

This Danish brand is known globally to sell high quality hearing aids, but for a higher price. However, their features are what stand out such as direct streaming to their ear, a pure natural sound and a simple charging system. The Widex Unique 220 is a popular choice and prices for their hearing aids can range between $1,999 to $1,899.

Which are the best hearing aids on the market?

Nano hearing aids still remain popular out of all the brands out there and for different reasons. The company offers a personalised customer support, high quality hearing aids with crystal clear sounds, an easy navigation system and digital technology. On top of that, their prices are affordable for any financial situation that Americans have. 

The best hearing aids out there for an affordable price are the Nano RX2000, which are now on sale for $397. They offer incredible features such as noise cancellation, 2 types of sound environments, rechargeability with a micro USB cord and a discrete style. Nano also offers a 45 day back money guarantee, which allows customers to try their products freely.

The second most popular hearing aids out there is also from the same brand and they’re the Nano digital CIC hearing aids. This company sells hearing aids as pairs and this one is $347. It includes cool features such as a nearly invisible design, powerful digital technology and a comfortable fit. This company delivers hearing aids with ear buds in different sizes, so that customers can get the best fit.

Is Beltone A Good Hearing Aid?

This company has been operating for over 80 years and has the experience to produce hearing aids that can be suitable for all styles of hearing loss. They are a reputable brand and do produce hearing aids that function normally. 

However, they’re not easy to purchase online on the official website, meaning that it’s a longer process overall for the customer to purchase a pair or singular hearing aid. There’s also been criticism from customers about their customer service in regards to fitting hearing aids and giving general advice.

Are Beltone hearing aids amplifiers?

Yes, their hearing aids are designed to compile different sounds from the outer environment and to amplify those sounds to the ears. Their aim for creating their hearing aids are to make sure that users can receive natural sounds in the most comfortable way possible. 

Do Beltone hearing aids support both iPhone and Android devices?

Most of their features include bluetooth streaming to both iPhone and Android devices. The parental company GN Hearing partnered with Google and CochLear Ltd, in order to create Android streaming via Bluetooth.

How much do Beltone hearing aids cost?

Even though this company offers many beneficial features, the prices for their healing aids aren’t suitable for all people. In fact, they’re one of the priciest brands out there, with the prices starting from $2,000 and $9,000 being the highest. They do not offer any financial plans, which make it all together an expensive purchase for pensioners and underprivileged communities.

How can I get a refund for Beltone hearing aids?

Since the website doesn’t have a clear navigation, it’s quite hard to get useful information about the refund policy. However, it’s best to attend Beltone hearing centers and inquire with the employees there about the refund policy.

Do Nano hearing aids have a refund policy?

Nano hearing aids as a company offer a promising 45 day money back guarantee, so that customers are able to test the hearing aids in order to see if it’s the right fit and style. You can also purchase the hearing aids directly on their website.

How can I return the Beltone hearing aids?

You can return the hearing aids to any local hearing care center within 30 days from your delivery. The condition has to be good and a practitioner can assist you at the center.

How long do Beltone hearing aids last?

The average lifespan for the hearing aids that they sell is 6 years. However, it’s important for customers to properly care and maintain their hearing aids, so that they don’t need to constantly invest in a new one. It’s best to consult with a practitioner, to get a proper guide on how to take care of hearing aids.

Does Beltone offer hearing tests?

If a customer visits one of their ‘hearing care centers’ they will be able to receive a free hearing test service. The prices for the hearing aids are only for the product alone and for no add on services or accessories.

Where can I buy batteries for Beltone hearing aids?

Since they do not offer an online service or direct purchase from their website, batteries also have to be bought at the ‘hearing care centers’ as well as third party stores such as Walmart. This can again be a long purchase process for the customers, since they will have to track down available batteries in their area.

Beltone Hearing Aid Reviews: Our Opinion

This company is trustworthy, since they have specialized in this particular field for over 80 years. Their products are good, but their price tags are their biggest downfall. The prices are for one singular hearing aid and not a pair, plus they don’t really have an easy shopping system for customers. However, it is all down to the customers’ needs in regards to style and fitting, which is why it’s advised to visit one of their health centers to speak to a practitioner. On the other hand, we do recommend to also test out the alternative brands, because they also might be the perfect fit.

How to avoid scams

There is a high demand for hearing aids in America. Over 48 million people suffer from a mild to severe hearing. Both adults and children suffer, but men are most likely to suffer from hearing. This unfortunately allows scamming companies to take advantage of customers who are in need of affordable and good quality hearing aids. However, there are ways to avoid these scams and to help customers tell between legitimate companies and phoney companies.

The first thing to look out for is unrealistic deals and promotions. If the companies are constantly advertising and are practically giving away their products, this means that they’re looking for a fast track system to make money whilst getting rid of cheap products. 

Even though legitimate companies sometimes offer deals and discounts, it’s always important to read the terms and conditions, as well as the reviews for the products first.

The second thing to look out for is when a salesperson is rushing to make your purchase. Companies should offer trials or money back guarantee trials to customers, so that they can test the hearing aids and see if they’re compatible with them. Customers should also receive professional health care advice first before they make any purchases.

The last thing to look out for is the duration of the test trials that the company offers you. If it’s a week, it’s too short and most likely a scam. Trial periods should be offered for at least 30 days minimum.

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