Phonak Vs. Signia Hearing Aids: Features & Price Comparison

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Phonak Vs. Signia Hearing Aids: Features & Price Comparison

Choosing hearing aid brands can pose some challenges. Different brands offer different features and technology to help its user, but if you are getting your first hearing aid, you may not know the unique features and how they can help you. 

In most cases, your audiologist helps you pick your hearing aid. You can make a bad decision while choosing your hearing aid due to a lack of knowledge. So, you need to know about different hearing aid brands to make an informed decision.

Phonak Vs. Signia

In this article, we will discuss two prominent hearing aid brands, Phonak and Signia. Here we will compare their products and will learn about these products’ strengths and weaknesses.

Brand Introduction: Phonak

Phonak is a Swiss hearing aid company owned by Sonova Holding Ag. The company was founded in 1947 and is one of the most popular hearing aid manufacturers around the world.

Other than hearing aids, Phonak is known for developing cochlear implants and other hearing aid accessories. The Audeo functionality of Phonak hearing aids allows you to stream sounds directly from your smartphone or TV to your device. Therefore, you will hear sounds more clearly and won’t need additional assistive devices. For Bluetooth connectivity, Phonak devices are very reliable.

Phonak hearing aids offer solutions for mild to profound hearing loss. 

Without a doubt, Phonak offers a diverse range of hearing aids for both adults and children. To discover more, we reviewed Phonak hearing aid models, specifications, and prices.

Brand Introduction: Signia

Signia was formerly known as Siemens Hearing Instruments and is owned by Sivantos. Although Signia is a fairly new brand, they claim to use Siemens Hearing Instrument technology. 

Signia offers you very stylish and trendy hearing aid designs. Also, their rechargeable battery options are excellent when compared to other companies. They have considerably large hearing aid options to choose from.

Signia also offers hearing aids to address mild to profound hearing loss. 

Signia simulates natural sound for users with a sophisticated design and a crystal clear quality sound system. Learn more about Signia hearing aids by reading our comprehensive Signia hearing aid review.

Phonak Vs. Signia Hearing Aids: Side By Side Comparison




Bluetooth Capability


Yes (may need additional device)

Tinnitus Support



Customer Support

Online FAQ, 1-800 number, Online form

Online form, FAQ, videos

Online App


Yes, several

Hearing Aid Design

Phonak and Signia both offer BTE, RIC ITE, ITC, and IIC hearing aids. However, Signia has a wider pool of hearing aids to choose from, and the designs are very trendy.

Phonak is the only hearing aid device to stream phone calls directly to hearing aids. On the other hand, Signia is enabled to connect with iPhones with its built-in Bluetooth. To connect with android phones, you will need to have additional accessories for a Signia device.

As an alternative brand, you can consider Nano Hearing aids. Nano Has got BTE, RIC, CIC style hearing aids that feature amazing futuristic designs.

Hearing Aids

Available Features

Phonak and Signia utilize different technologies to offer better sound and reduce background noise. Phonak utilizes AutoSense to adjust your device automatically with your surroundings. 

Signia uses the NX platform and Own Voice Processing for giving the best speech understanding and the most natural experience of detecting their own voice sound. This feature is only available for Signia devices.

Other than that, both Phonak and Signia offer various interesting features. Signia hearing aids include feedback stopper and water-resistant features. In contrast, Phonak offers you online hearing tests to measure your hearing capacity and a helpful blog to live with hearing loss.


Both Phonak and Signia offer Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and come in portable power cases. 

However, Signia offers 100% invisible batteries. Some consider Signia as the industry leader for rechargeable hearing aids.


Neither Phonak nor Signia advertise their hearing aid prices directly. You can purchase Phonak hearing aids for $1600 - $4200 USD. On the other hand, Signia hearing aids are available for $2300 - $4100 USD. 

If you want to have a cheaper option without compromising quality, Nano hearing aids are your best bet.

Nano hearing aids

Final Words

Signia and Phonak hearing aids are both great options to have. Phonak offers you very high-quality devices, and you will get a better battery life from them. On the other hand, Signia marvels at hearing aid style and features.
If you are looking for the most cost-effective option, Nano hearing aids are the ones to use. Get the device that suits your taste and start your journey towards better hearing.

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