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4 Best Types of Hearing Aids Nano Offers Its Customer

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Nano Hearing Aids: 4 Types to Consider

Here at Nano Hearing Aids, we aim to offer our customers as much choice as possible when it comes to hearing loss support. Our hearing aids are all developed with the height of technology in mind. Not only have we worked hard to create market-leading hearing aids, but we're also proud to be able to offer them at very competitive prices. But which one of the four types is right for you?

Interested in learning more about Nano hearing aids features? Read to know what are the different types of hearing aids and prices Nano Offers right now!

Hearing aid types and costs 

Here are some of the hearing aids and their prices Nano offers. 

Nano CIC Hearing Aids

Nano CIC

Nano CIC is our most affordable range, and available to buy via our website. This device is best suited to those users who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. Therefore, they are likely to be a great fit for everyday use. Furthermore, these units are recommended for users with medium to wide ear canals.

This range is built for users who are concerned about spending too much money on their devices. While these aids are not as discreet or as advanced as those in our other different kinds of hearing aids ranges, the Nano CIC still offers incredible comfort and clarity.

Nano RX2000 Hearing Aids

Nano RX2000 Hearing Aids


Nano RX2000 is the next step up in hearing improvement devices. Boasting a rechargeable unit and incredible power for the price, rx2000 aids retail at $397. These devices are a step up from Nano CIC in that they have enhanced noise reduction features built-in, and in that they can be fine-tuned even more to adapt to different surroundings.

RX2000 hearing aids are also extremely discreet. They will fit the vast majority of ear canals and offer extensive battery life from just one charge. Simply charge up with an adaptable cable provided!

Nano Model X Hearing Aids

We’re incredibly proud of our Nano Model X hearing aids. Retailing at $497, they are the next step up from RX2000, with virtually invisible design and directional microphone technology built-in. That means that sound quality and amplification is far superior. You will likely find hearing aids offering this level of technology retailing for thousands of dollars!

Our Model X range is completely digital and offers incredible noise filtering and simple adjustment features. It’s one of our premium brands here at Nano – but that doesn’t mean you’ll be paying the earth for them.

Nano X2 Hearing Aids

Nano X2 Hearing Aids

Nano X2 hearing aids make up our premium collection. Available for $697, X2s offer double the directional microphones available in Model X – meaning you get even more clarity for your money. These are the simplest, and trustworthy hearing aid models than other styles of hearing aids with the most advanced technology on the market.

The super-powerful X2 hearing aid system is one which offers maximum comfort as well as access to incredible sound quality in all environments.

This article may help you to know the necessary information about Nano hearing aids and what are the different types of hearing aids and prices they offer!



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