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2 Best Hearing Aid Batteries in 2021

Written by the Nano Hearing Aids Team
Reviewed for Accuracy by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

Lindsay Roberts
2 Best Hearing Aid Batteries in 2021

One of the main reasons people love modern hearing aids is the fact that they are easy to swap out and affordable to come by! Nano hearing aid batteries are among the most durable and longest-lasting hearing aid batteries available in the market. We aim to save our customers as much money as possible by bundling batteries together in simple packages.

But how long can you rely on our hearing aid batteries? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from our best hearing aid batteries.

Premium Zinc Air

Our Premium Zinc Air battery range is developed with our CIC hearing aids in mind. These Nano Hearing Aid batteries are among our most affordable. Available in a six-month supply for $49, we’re proud to be able to slice the price on these batteries by up to half.

Premium Zinc Air Hearing aid batteries

Our six-month CIC battery packages offer you 36 batteries in size ten. These will be a perfect fit for our CIC devices, and you’ll be completely covered for all your hearing aid needs. Our hearing aids will always inform you when your batteries are due to be replaced.

Nano 312

Our best hearing aid batteries 312 are perfect for Model X and SX2000 hearing aids. As with our CIC batteries, you’ll be able to purchase up to 36 batteries at any one time. However, you can also choose to add on an extra six months to make it a year – and you’ll be able to save even more money in the bargain.

Nano 312 hearing aid batteries

Our batteries are designed for completely uninterrupted performance. Therefore, you won’t have to remove and replace them as often you might think. In any case, it is always worth making sure that you stock up on batteries for any Nano products you purchase. This way, you will always have access to battery power built specifically for these devices.

Here's Hearing Aid battery Sizes Chart

The visual may help you to understand the different hearing aid battery types and theirs sized:


hearing aid battery sizes chart

Why Buy Hearing Aid Batteries?

Hearing aids didn’t always run on the small, convenient batteries you get today. Technology really has come a long way in a short space of time!

It can be hard to find the right batteries for use in hearing aids elsewhere. That’s why we’ve made it easy on our customers to purchase all the power they’ll need to be able to run their hearing aids for months and years to come. Nano Hearing Aid batteries are specifically designed to power our technology. They were developed so that hearing aid users can take advantage of the maximum functionality and power available to them.

Purchasing Batteries Online

It’s now easier than ever before to buy hearing aid batteries along with the best technology on the market. As well as saving money on buying hearing aids outright, you’ll save on money to power them, too. Why not take a look at our range of batteries once you’ve chosen your perfect hearing aids?

Alternatively, you can always call our team for more advice whenever you need it. Call today on (877) 654-9071, and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

Now that you know about our batteries, go and check our hearing aid batteries reviews to know about our consumer's opinions. You may also read our Nano hearing aids ultimate buying guide.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does a hearing aid battery last?

Ans: Standard hearing aid batteries usually last around 22 days. However, if you use it for 16 hours a day, the lifespan decreases within 5 to 7 days.

Q. How to dispose of hearing aid batteries? 

Ans: If your batteries are free from mercury, you can easily throw them out with your household trash. But if your batteries contain mercury, it is better to recycle than dispose of them. Also, make sure the recycling center accepts mercury batteries.

Q. How long do rechargeable hearing aid batteries last?

Ans: Hearing aid with lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable can carry a charge for up to 30 hours and last for around five years.

Q. Can hearing aid batteries be recycled?

And: Yes, you can drop them off at your nearest battery collection point where they are processed and remove the toxic metals from the battery.

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