5 Hearing Aid Apps That You Can Get From the App Store Now!

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Hearing aid apps: What is available on the app store?

Hearing aids have never been so advanced considering what users are able to find on the market today. With the boom in the newest hearing aids technology, making our lives so much more convenient, hearing aid companies are well ahead of the latest technology. In recent advancements, these companies have made hearing aid applications or Apps for short, to help and assist their consumers in a more convenient way. Mobile apps are generally compatible with both Android and Apple supported software, with numerous regular updates keeping these apps up to date with the latest software and security requirements. What more would you expect from a strong digital hearing aid industry that invests a lot in R&D?

What is a Hearing Aid App?

It’s very simple to understand and super easy to use: These hearing aid apps are downloaded on to any mobile device via the app store, with a simple click. Depending on the app requirements, the user would then set up a profile or enter their desired needs. A large amount of these apps now also work with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that the user can use their mobile device as a remote microphone. Apps are more functional as they become more developed, and hearing aid apps have regular software updates to keep user experience to the maximum. The best thing about these apps is that they can be tried and tested and are free to download from the app store on your phone.

The basic functionality ensures that certain settings can be adjusted to the users desired needs. They can adjust volume, background noise and equalize certain sounds in their environment. The apps assist with additional functions than those offered by hearing aids. The hearing aids with Bluetooth makes it possible for your hearing aids to be directly connected with your app. Luckily, Apple users can also now use these apps with more ease, as iOS updates its software regularly.

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What hearing aids can I get on Google Play?

Depending on your mobile device, Google Play offers a variety of different hearing aid apps. Keep in mind that depending on the brand of hearing aid you’re using, they will already have an app that works in comparison with their hearing aid models. Note that on the iPhone iTunes store, for iOS versions, many of these hearing aids have apps too.

Petralex Hearing Aid App

This app is very functional and offers users to adjust certain features as they use it. It can amplify up to 30dB with wired headsets but also has a hands free option. The app does have Free and Paid Trials which you can use, each boasting different features. Reviews on the app store showed a good amount of easy to use functionality, can work on different mobiles, but unfortunately have problems with a Bluetooth delay in wireless earphones.

Super Ear Tool

This app allows for a more versatile experience. Users can use their phone as a microphone in a lecture hall or to simply listen to the TV or car radio. It offers a visualizer for optimum control and is free to use offline. Customers did complain about a large number of advertisements, and can sometimes shut down when you’re not interacting with the app. On the good side, it is easy to use, has regular software updates and also features an expanded audio spectrum.

Oticon ON

Seemingly less popular, the Oticon ON app works very well with the Oticon wireless hearing aids and can work on Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Sony and Google Devices. Although some negative reviews showed that it has too many regular updates, not easy to use and disconnects very easily; it doesn’t take away on how many different devices it can work.


This app has many advanced features and settings that include a 5-band graphical equalizer, controlling loudness sensitivity and also has a start/stop amplified hearing with a toggle switch. User easiness and easy Bluetooth connectivity is plus, but unfortunately, a lot of users complain that it stops working for no reason and that there is delayed sound response.

Ear Scout

It might not be ranked the highest on Google Play, but this app does pack a lot of different features. For starters, it’s free to download and use, with Bluetooth compatibility, an audio equalizer and automatic volume adjustments. The app allows you to record and has regular but not too many updates. It’s great for people who enjoy taking walks outside and listening to nature. Unfortunately, you have a lot of advertisements appearing, and the Bluetooth connectivity is only good for up to 10 feet.

Do hearing aid apps cost money?

It’s not set in stone that these apps might always be free, as they do offer free and paid trial accounts. Depending on what you might need, these apps are free to download but can charge additional costs for removing advertisements or to access different features on the app.

What are the benefits of hearing aid apps?

Every hearing aid app can have different benefits, as already mentioned, some hearing aid companies already boast their hearing aid apps, which can easily be installed on your mobile device. Apps downloaded from the app store will benefit users in ensuring they get the most out of their hearing aids. You can adjust volume, record certain conversations, make use of its Bluetooth connectivity and also personalize your app to work for you.

Many positive reviews on the app store have shown that users enjoy the functionality and easy user interface. Users can easily connect via Bluetooth and make use of volume equalizers or change the sound on your hearing aids to adapt to the environment. Depending on your smart device, your hearing aid and the type of app you download, you’ll get a different feature or benefit from each of them. Many hearing aids do require that you use an assigned app, but these come with personalization features specified to the user.

Are there hearing aid apps for Apple?

Need iPhone hearing aid apps? Different devices might require you to download different apps. Some Android apps have a lot of compatible hearing aid apps, with added Bluetooth connectivity. Apple users can check out the following apps on the App Store, Hear Boost, hearingOS, Petraplex or Decibel X.

Is There Any Hearing Aid App for Nano?

Yes, Nano has their hearing aid app for both Android and iOS. Your can download for FREE!

nano hearing aids app for androidnano hearing aids app for ios

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Can I use a hearing aid with Bluetooth?

Ans: Bluetooth hearing aids connect to Bluetooth wireless technology, just as the name suggests. You can stream calls and audio from your mobile to your Bluetooth hearing aids using Bluetooth. Both Apple and Android devices will stream audio to Bluetooth hearing aids.

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