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The 5 Best Features of Nano Hearing Aids

Written by the Nano Hearing Aids Team
Reviewed for Accuracy by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

Lindsay Roberts
5 Essential Features of Nano Hearing Aids

Nano hearing aids are built to compete with the newest hearing aids technology available in the market. Years of extensive research and development with industry experts have enabled us to build hearing aid brands and units that stand apart from the pack. While many people love our products for the price, we also pack in many fantastic features to help with everyday usage.

Our hearing is more complicated than we perhaps give it credit for being! Therefore, you may be surprised by some of the more advanced Nano hearing aids features. Here is a quick rundown of five hearing aid features we bring to all of our customers with our leading devices.

Hearing Aid Features Explained

Invisible Design

invisible design

We feel it’s important that hearing aids remain as comfortable and as powerful as they are discreet. Therefore, we’ve built our budget and premium hearing aid models to be comfy to wear and difficult to spot. That’s when you’re wearing them, of course! There’s no shame in wearing hearing aids, but we feel privacy and discretion are essential features of all our products.


Directional Microphones

directional microphone

The Model X and X2 hearing aids are some of our most popular products. That’s not only because they intelligently respond to background noise. It’s also as a result of their fantastic directional microphone technology. This advanced, adaptive tech allows hearing aid users to hear clearer than ever before. Our most advanced technology doesn’t just amplify - it enhances the sound, too.


Simple Controls

easy control of nano hearing aid

While we specialize in advanced hearing aid technology, we don't think controlling hearing aids should ever be difficult. Therefore, we make sure to implement large buttons and simple directions for users to follow when it comes to adjusting clarity and volume. From our most basic affordable hearing aids, the Nano CIC range, to out X2 model, you'll never have any difficulty in controlling your hearing experience.


Adaptive Listening

adaptive features of nano hearing aids

One of the best Nano hearing aids features is that of adaptive listening. Our hearing aids can adapt to a wide variety of scenarios and environments. That means whether you’re out and about in a busy bar or restaurant, or are talking with people at home, your hearing aids will be ready to filter out unwanted noise and to enhance sound clarity based on your needs.


Great Pricing

Nano hearing aids pricing

It may sound a little odd, but we think great prices are essential features all hearing aids should arrive with. We have seen too many leading hearing aid companies expect extortionate prices for hearing technology! You only have to read Nano hearing aids reviews to see how much value our users get from their purchases. We set up business to offer incredible prices for leading technology.

Get the Features You Deserve

Everyone's hearing is slightly different. Therefore, we built our hearing aids to adapt to varying levels of hearing as well as comfort. Why not take a closer look at our range of products? Alternatively, you can always call our team on (877) 654-9071 to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a directional microphone?
Ans: An adaptive directional microphone can pick up sound from a single direction but will change direction automatically based on speech and sound signals, enabling the wearer to freely switch between areas with varying noise levels.

Q: How does noise reduction work in hearing aids?
Ans: An adaptive noise reduction hearing aid's purpose is to give noiseless amplification than speech. This is achieved by determining the frequencies (or times) when noise is extremely noisy in relation to voice and then reducing the amplification added to those frequencies (or times).

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