5 Best Hearing Aids Under $500 to Look at

Hearing impairment has become one of the most alarming issues around the world. And in such situations, these hearing devices are the ones that come in handy. 

The thing that mostly bothers people is the price of these devices, as they don’t come cheap. But in reality, you’ll also find thebest hearing aids under $500 and you can grab them based on your need.

Yes, you can!

It’s entirely a misconception that you need to buy the expensive one to get the best hearing device! This is not at all true. 

Best Hearing Aids Under

Therefore, in this guide, I’ll tell you about all the 5 best hearing aids under $500   that you’ll find available in the market right now. So, keep reading till the end.

Quick Look:

  1. Best CIC Hearing Aid: Nano CICDigital
  2. Best App Feature: LifeEar
  3. Best Power Efficient Hearing Aid: Britzgo BHA-220d
  4. Best Bte Hearing Aids: Siemens Hearing Aids
  5. Most Stylish: HD 500 (Itc Type)

5 Best Hearing Aids Under $500, Review With Prices

1. Best CIC Hearing Aid:  Nano CIC Digital

Nano hearing aids are one of the most popular hearing aids companies in America. They are well known for selling the best products and are claimed to be America’s #1 selling hearing aids online. 

But that’s not just a statement! Nano has indeed helped a lot of deaf people with their authentic hearing devices. And that too at a very low price. 

Nano’s completely-in-canal (CIC)is well known among many people as these devices are entirely fit into the ear canal and are invisible from the outside. Therefore, users find it comfortable while wearing it outside.

Moreover, the sound quality and amplification of this device are just remarkable. The technology used in this device is very advanced. Therefore, making it one of the most appreciated devices of all times. 

Now, you might be wondering about the price!

This device will just cost you $497. And that too for a pair, not a single device. 

Such facilities at this price are indeed a blessing. 



2. Best App Feature:  LifeEar

If you are entirely concerned that your hearing device won’t be noticeable to others, then this device can be your optimum choice. 

The LifeEar hearing device weighs less than half an ounce. In addition, the color of this device is natural, so it can easily get blended into your skin tone. 

In this model, you’ll get four different types of programs for various environments. Additionally, you’ll also get eight batteries and a year warranty.  

Moreover, this device also focuses on reducing the background noises making it easier for the user to understand human speech even when they are in a crowded place. 

The price of this device is only $258, and it’s indeed one of thebest quality hearing aids you can grab.

3. Best Power Efficient hearing Aid:  Britzgo BHA-220D

When you give this product at first glance, you might think it will cost you a lot of bucks, but it’s the other way around. 

This device has four different types of programs, and the battery life can last up to 500 hours without any issue. 

The designers of this product have thought very carefully while manufacturing this device. They have indeed put a lot of effort into making it look more classy and attractive.

One of the most significant advantages of this device is that you can wear it on both of your ears and work effectively in each of your ears. 

And the price of this device is just $112.99, making it one of the most convenient and best hearing aids available right now in the market!

4. Best BTE Hearing Aids: Siemens Hearing Aids

This device is recommended for those who have moderate to even severe hearing issues. 

Siemens hearing aids have a very iconic and robust design, making them very durable. And most importantly, the device is also loved by many users for its reliability and evident sound amplification. 

And older people love using this device because they can use it anytime and anywhere. 

Even if they are jogging or taking a walk in the park, they can surely wear them without worrying about sweat or moisture entering the device as this device is moisture resistant.

Moreover, this product is easy and convenient to handle, and there’s also a manual rocker switch that allows you to control the entire device. 

This product comes with 3 different ear tips, 2 tubes, and a battery with a case. And you’ll get all these facilities for just $188.98! So cheap.

5. Most Stylish: HD 500 (ITC Type)

HD 500 (ITC Type)

If you are way too shy to show others your hearing aids, then this model of hearing aids is just the right option for you. 

This hearing aid is so small that it can very easily be fitted into your ear canal. And as this device is very compact, it's just filled with essential features only. 

But yes, the device also has its downside!

Firstly, some of the users might face difficulties in controlling the device. And secondly, the device is not suitable for those who are suffering from severe hearing issues. 

The device is as weightless as a butterfly, so you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it on your ear. And as it’s completely invisible inside your ear, so you don’t need to feel shy or awkward while communicating with others. 

Moreover, the size won’t interfere with the quality of the sound. As the size of this device might be very small but it certainly gives one of the best sounds. 

And you’ll get this hearing aid at $500, and undoubtedly it can be one of the best hearing aids to buy!

Final Words

Choosing the right product within your budget is very important, as there won’t be any benefit in grabbing an expensive product if it’s not practical for your condition. 

So, I’ll recommend you seek the advice of an audiologist the moment you start seeing any signs of hearing loss, as he’ll know the best treatment in your case.

Further, your audiologist can even advise the best hearing aids in your case. So make sure to seek professional advice before purchasing any product.

I hope this article will help you know all the details regarding the best hearing aids under $500.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Are cheap hearing aids worth buying?

Ans: Random cheap hearing aids may not provide you the quality that an expensive one does. But some of the brands above we mentioned have excellent features you can rely upon.


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