Affordable Hearing Aids for Tinnitus (Bluetooth Enabled)

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Affordable Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus (Bluetooth Enabled)

It might occur to you that you often keep hearing a ringing or a buzzing sound in your ears despite having no source of these sounds nearby. You can feel that buzzing or ringing sound inside your ears and the sensation can remain there constantly, or it can come and go from time to time. This sensation of hearing a ringing, beeping, buzzing, clicking, or hissing sound in the ears is known as tinnitus. 

Tinnitus can occur to anyone at any point in their life. As per the estimations of the US Centers for Disease Control, in the United States, around 15% of people are suffering from tinnitus of some sort, which means 50 million people in the USA alone have this condition.

Tinnitus is something that can’t be completely cured. Instead, the symptoms can be kept in check by using hearing aids that provide features like tinnitus masking, sound therapy, etc. But most hearing aids for tinnitus are really costly, and if you go for special features like Bluetooth connectivity, they can really cost a fortune. So, in this article, we will talk about hearing aids that can be affordable for you and will provide high-quality service too as well.

Top Affordable Hearing Aids in the Market

1. Nano Sigma

Nano Sigma

Why We Picked It: Best Affordable Option

Nano Sigma is one of the best hearing aids manufactured by Nano Hearing Aids. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity options, and it works excellent for tinnitus patients. Nano Sigma uses an advanced hearing aid chip technology called “Audion 4”. This hearing aid is great for fashion-conscious people, as they are highly discreet and can barely be seen.

Nano Sigma hearing aids can be controlled easily from smartphones via the Nano app. You will be able to adjust the sound amplification and tinnitus masking frequency from that app. These hearing aids can be adjusted based on different sound environments. Apart from Bluetooth and tinnitus masking technology, this hearing aid also provides directional microphones and background noise reduction technology. These hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free money-back guarantee. 

Top Attributes:

  • Easy to Use

  • Control Options via a Smartphone

  • Auto Adjustment via Nano App

  • Directional Microphone Technology

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Noise Reduction Technology

  • Highly Discreet Design

2. Embrace X-950

Embrace X-950

Why We Picked It: Special Tinnitus Managing Options

The Embrace X-950 hearing aids are programmed with a tinnitus manager that plays “white noise” directly in the background of the hearing aids. With the help of this sound therapy, people with tinnitus get relief from their condition. It can be adjusted easily, and it can also get adjusted automatically. Most importantly, these hearing aids come with the “Live Speech Focus” feature. This feature helps the users to understand speeches more clearly during conversations, especially group conversations. 

These hearing aids can be connected with smartphones directly, as it provides Bluetooth compatibility. You can have both disposable and rechargeable battery options. These hearing aids make it a lot easier to use smartphones and watch TV.

Top Attributes:

  • Special Tinnitus Manager

  • Sound Therapy Options with White Sounds

  • Live Speech Focus 

  • Bluetooth Compatibility

  • Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries  

3. Oticon Tinnitus SoundSupport

Oticon Tinnitus SoundSupport

Why We Picked It: Best for tinnitus masking

Oticon’s Tinnitus SoundSupport is one of the best hearing aids available for tinnitus, and it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity options. Different hearing aid options fall under the Tinnitus Sound Support feature, such as Alta 2, Nera 2, and Ria 2. 

All these hearing aids feature built-in tinnitus technology management systems of Oticon. This is highly beneficial for people suffering from this condition. A wide range of sounds can be used for the tinnitus masking of these hearing aids, such as ocean-themed sounds and others. These hearing aids can also connect with various tinnitus-related apps for further help. 

Top Attributes:

  • App Compatibility

  • Wide Range of Soothing Sound Effects

  • Perfect Masking Technology

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Background Sound Enhancement

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Availability in Eight Colors

4. Starkey Livio Edge AI

Starkey Livio Edge AI

Why We Picked It: Best for Bluetooth Compatibility

Starkey is one of the best brands when it comes to hearing aids for tinnitus. All of the hearing aids of this brand feature tinnitus technology. Among them, the Starkey Livio AI is one of the best, and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity features. This hearing aid delivers a customizable soundscape that can be fine-tuned for relieving tinnitus. Apart from the built-in technology, this hearing aid can also help by using the Relax app for tinnitus relief.  

Top Attributes:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility

  • AI Feature

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Body and Brain Tracking

  • Fall Detection and Alerts

  • Customizable Programs

  • Transcription and translation Feature

  • Available in Various Hearing Aid Types

5. Phonak Tinnitus Balance Hearing Aids

Phonak Tinnitus Balance Hearing Aids

Why We Picked It: Best for Sound Quality

Phonak Tinnitus Balance Hearing Aids train the brain in such a manner that your brain will reclassify tinnitus noises as unnecessary background noises. They will blend in and fade into the background. The tinnitus masking feature of this hearing aid is of top quality. This hearing aid provides relief and comfort from the problem to its users and helps them focus less on the tinnitus noises. These hearing aids feature broadband noise generators for sound therapy, and they can be controlled via the smartphone app. 

Top Attributes:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility

  • Full Compatibility with Bluetooth Cell Phones

  • Portable Charger

  • App Control

  • Great All-Around Sound Quality

  • Broadband Boise Generators

  • Hearing Aids for All Ages

  • High Technology

6. Nano RX2000

Nano RX2000

Why We Picked It: Best for Rechargeable Battery Options

NANO RX2000 Rechargeable Hearing Aids provides a crystal clear sound quality, along with advanced noise reduction and feedback cancellation. These fully rechargeable hearing aids include a robust set of benefits and features, making them the best value you can get for your money in the entire industry.

Top Attributes:

  • 4+ Earbud Sizes To Fit Your Ear Canal Size Properly

  • Extra Ear Tubes

  • Directions Manual

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • FREE Portable Charging Case

  • USB Charging Plug + Cord

7. MDHearing Aid Air

MDHearing Aid Air

Why We Picked It: Best for Different Environments

The MDHearing Aid Air is one of the best-selling models of MDHearing Aid. This hearing aid features high-quality sound, advanced digital settings, and three special environmental settings- social, noisy, and quiet. This hearing aid has an average battery life of around 21 to 26 days. This will make you hear sounds comfortably and clearly. 

Top Attributes

  • High-Quality Sounds

  • Easy to Use

  • Three Different Environmental Settings

  • Nearly Invisible

  • Designed to Fit Perfectly in the Ear

  • Advanced Digital Settings

  • Smartphone Compatibility

  • Advanced Noise Reduction

8. Eargo Max

Eargo Max

Why We Picked It: Best for Providing Comfort

The Eargo Max Hearing Aids are really comfortable to wear. These hearing aids have a sleek, functional, and almost invisible design.  This device features 4 different sound profiles, advanced sound quality, and noise reduction. It has a rechargeable feature too.

Top Attributes:

  • Sleek and Invisible Design

  • Rechargeable

  • Highly Comfortable to Wear

  • 4 Sound Profiles

  • Advanced Sound Quality

  • Advanced Noise Reduction

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What to Consider Before Select a Hearing Aid for Tinnitus 

There are a few important factors you should look out for while getting a hearing aid to cope with tinnitus. Let’s take a look at them in detail.


This is a crucial factor while getting a pair of hearing aids. Most people tend to back up from getting a hearing aid due to the high price. 

The problem is, cheaper hearing aids may not be able to address the tinnitus problem properly. On the other hand, good-quality hearing aids can cost from 4000 USD to 10,000 USD. 

The good thing is, OTC hearing aids will soon be available for purchasing. That way, you can get a good-quality hearing aid without burning a hole in your pocket.


Battery life is another important factor for hearing aids. Some hearing aids can come with rechargeable batteries, while some may require changing after a while. Long battery life will make your hearing aid device easier to use.

If you are getting a hearing aid with rechargeable batteries, make sure to ask how long the battery will provide backup.

Smartphone Connectivity

Almost everyone is now carrying a smartphone. Many hearing aids now can be calibrated and controlled through smartphones. So, if you are getting a new hearing aid, make sure it is connectable with smartphones.

By connecting with smartphones, the hearing aids can be calibrated and adjusted easily. Also, you can introduce more functions to adopt your hearing aids in various situations.


There are various styles of hearing aids. Some hearing aids sit on the ear and are visible from the outside. Also, there are some hearing aids that sit in the ear canal and are barely visible.

If you are not comfortable sharing your disability, you may be partial to in-the-canal hearing aids. In-the-canal hearing aids can be considered invisible hearing aids

On the other hand, you can turn your visible hearing aid into a fashion statement piece.


While purchasing a hearing aid, make sure to get a durable one. You’ll need to use your hearing aid almost all the time. So, get one that is durable and easily cleanable.


A hearing aid should be multifunctional. Otherwise, it cannot provide you with the best services. In addition to being connected with smartphones, it should be able to receive calls, control volume, and be able to be connected by Bluetooth. 

Noise Cancelling Feature

A good hearing aid should be able to cancel outside noise. Without a good noise-canceling feature, the user won’t be able to hear sounds effectively.

FDA Registration

As hearing aids are medical devices, it needs to maintain some safety procedures. A device not registered with the FDA may not provide you with the best possible hearing.

Customer Review

Last but not least, you’ll need to know what other customers are saying about the device. It will ensure you if the device is as good as it claims or not. Also, it will give you a clear idea if the device can fulfill your hearing requirements. 

Factors That Affect Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aid device prices are high due to advanced technology and features. 

The less advanced the technology is, the cheaper the hearing aid devices are. Though devices with less advanced technology are more affordable, they can't entirely aid your tinnitus. 

And this can indeed be an issue for older adults. Moreover, hearing device manufacturers try to serve the needs and budget of their patients, and for this, they categorize different hearing devices with varying ranges of price.  

The most advanced hearing devices will consist of advanced features that can support various hearing difficulties, even tinnitus. For such devices, the prices will surely be at their peak. 

On the other hand, the hearing aids that have lower performance and fewer features will indeed decrease the pricing. 

Why are Hearing Aids So Costly?

Whether you have partial deafness, tinnitus, or any other hearing condition, hearing devices will always include the cost of the device, along with the services of expert care. 

There are a few other factors that can contribute to the increase in the price of hearing devices. 

The additional factors are as follows:

  • The absence of health insurance.

  • Enhanced innovations of these devices, but not the reduction of the consumer cost.  

  • Sales, manufacturing practices, and technological research

Further effects of the hearing aids costs can include a few other service add-ons. This particular practice is known as bundled pricing. 

So, bundled hearing aids costs can include the following services: 

  • Consultation with an audiologist expert

  • Hearing test

  • Hearing device cleanings. 

  • Adjustments and fittings of the hearing devices.     

On the other hand, when the costs are unbounded, you have the liberty to choose the items and services that you want to purchase. And this may reduce the overall costing. 

Online Hearing Aids Can Cut Some of Your Costs

There are so many cheap products online that many people can afford. However, not all those online items are authentic or durable. But there are a few online stores that do sell cheap and long-lasting devices. 

In most cases, these cheap devices are mainly designed to aid a general hearing impairment, but they'll never focus on specific problem hearing issues like tinnitus or any other conditions.  

These cheaper devices will boost all kinds of sounds, not specifically the ones you can't hear. 

At a clinic, your hearing will first be tested then you'll be provided with the hearing device that will serve your specific hearing needs. 

Moreover, clinics will even ensure to provide you with the proper adjustment of the environmental sounds according to your receiving ability. 

On the contrary, when you buy cheap hearing aids online, you'll be missing out on these facilities. Not only that, the hearing devices that you'll be getting might not work as perfectly as those from the clinics. However, if you choose reputed online hearing aid providers like Nano Hearing Aids, you will get the best of both worlds. Here are some of the best hearing aids for tinnitus you can buy online.




Final Words

Nothing can help more than hearing aids when you are suffering from tinnitus. With tinnitus masking, sound therapy, etc. technology, hearing aids can help you relieve tinnitus very well. However, special hearing aids for tinnitus can be really costly, and they can make you break the bank while you are trying to get them. So, here we have made a list for you that contains highly affordable hearing aids for tinnitus that can provide you with great quality and great support for tinnitus. You can easily choose one from the list if you are looking for affordable options.

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