5 Best Hearing Aids for Dementia Patients - Buying Guide

Written by the Nano Hearing Aids Team
Reviewed for Accuracy by Lindsay Roberts, AuD.

Lindsay Roberts
5 Best Hearing Aids for Dementia Patients - Buying Guide

Hearing loss and dementia are closely related, and both health problems can be managed with hearing aids. Here we will discuss the 5 best hearing aids for dementia patients.

Best Hearing Aids for Dementia Patients

In our opinion, the 5 best hearing aids for Dementia patients are:

  1. Best Smartphone Enabled: Nano Sigma
  2. Most Advanced BTE Hearing Aid: Nano X2
  3. Multi-Channel Featured: Oticon More Hearing Aid
  4. Best Noise Cancellation Hearing Aid: EARGO Neo HiFi
  5. Most Advanced Hearing Aid: Nano CIC Recharge

    Let’s discuss them in detail - 

    Hearing Aids for Dementia Patients

    We have tested over fifty hearing aids, and here are our top-five picks. These hearing aids can help hearing loss patients cope with their disability and help dementia patients from further harm.

    1. Best Smartphone Enabled: Nano Sigma

    Best Smartphone Enabled_ Nano Sigma


    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Automatic adjusting
    • Noise reduction technology
    • Clear sound

    Nano Sigma helps users to hear sounds more clearly in noisy environments. With its advanced noise reduction technology, users can get a great hearing experience with its advanced noise reduction technology.

    Users can connect their Nano hearing aids to other hearing assistive devices using Bluetooth technology to stream audio directly. These hearing aids utilize 4 sound processing channels to deliver clear sound to the users. 

    The automatic adjusting capability allows users to hear speech better in different situations. Also, these hearing aids allow users to connect their smartphones with these devices to control them discreetly. 

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    2. Most Advanced BTE Hearing Aid: Nano X2

    Most Advanced BTE Hearing Aid: Nano X2


    • Fully digital hearing aid
    • Noise-canceling and noise filtering capabilities
    • Larger adjusting buttons
    • Almost invisible behind the ear

    Nano X2 hearing aids incorporate noise filtering and noise-canceling technology to provide the best possible listening experience. This BTE hearing aid is practically invisible and helps with various levels of hearing loss.

    The large adjusting buttons on this device allow users to adjust sound levels easily. Like other Nano products, this device utilizes 4 sound channels to filter noise and give a clear, effective listening experience.

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    3. Multi-Channel Featured: Oticon More Hearing Aids

    Multi-Channel Featured: Oticon More Hearing Aids


    • DND-powered system
    • 15% increased speech understanding (compared to other models of this company)
    • 64 sound processing channels
    • High sound processing capacity

    The current flagship model from the Oticon family is called More. It has a DNN-powered system that allows users to "enjoy, follow, and engage in conversation."

    Oticon's new More model offers a 15% increase in speech understanding over previous models. This device reportedly has the ability to execute advanced algorithms with 16x more capacity and twice the computational power.

    The Oticon More hearing aid has 64 channels that work together to reduce background noise. Thus, these devices offer users excellent control over the sound they want to hear.

    Oticon is a well-known brand whose products are distributed all over the world. This Oticon hearing aids review will go through some of the company's products, pricing, and alternatives.

    4. Best Noise Cancellation Hearing Aid: EarGO Neo HiFi 

    Best Noise Cancellation Hearing Aid: EARGO Neo HiFi


    • Open-fit hearing aid design
    • Medical grade hearing aid
    • Noise reduction feature

    This hearing aid is nearly invisible and perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss patients. Neo HiFi open-fit hearing aid is perfect for people who want to feel free and comfortable while they wear it.

    Neo HiFi makes it easier and more comfortable to hear by amplifying speech and reducing background noise. These hearing aids feature sophisticated programming to reduce wind noise to hear better outside.

    EarGo delivers almost invisible and well-fitted rechargeable hearing aids with the promise of high function and exceptional comfort. Continue reading and learn more through our EarGo hearing aids review their key features, and best alternatives

    5. Most Advanced Hearing Aid: Nano CIC Recharge

    Most Advanced Hearing Aid: Nano CIC Recharge


    • Fast charging base
    • Easy volume control
    • Advanced DPS noise-canceling feature
    • 6 different plugs for perfect fitting

    The Nano CIC recharge device comes with a fast-charging dock and 6 different plugs that can be plugged in three different ways. This device lets users control the sound level according to their surroundings.

    The Nano CIC rechargeable hearing aid helps users hear clearly and has an advanced noise-canceling feature. This allows dementia patients to block further brain damage due to hearing loss and lead a healthy life. 

    Completely in the canal (CIC) implants are completely buried inside the ear and out of sight. More options to choose from our list of top CIC hearing aids to determine which one is ideal for you, suitable for a wide range of hearing loss.

    What to Consider Before Get a Hearing Aid for Dementia

    While buying hearing aids for dementia patients, it is crucial to ensure that the brain can process sound properly. So here are some must-have features to look for in hearing aids:

    • Noise cancellation: Most hearing aid users struggle with hearing sounds due to background noise. Most recent hearing aid devices now have noise-canceling features. This feature can effectively reduce whistling sounds and allow users to hear clear sounds.

    • Tinnitus masking features: Tinnitus can cause severe problems for hearing loss patients. Nowadays, most hearing aids feature a tinnitus masking feature. Here, the hearing aid devices make white noises to mask the ringing in the ear and allow hearing loss patients to hear clearly.

    • Assistive listening device compatibility: Hearing aid users may need to use assistive devices in certain cases. These devices come in very handy while listening to lectures in a hall or during live concerts. Hearing aids that can utilize assistive listening devices to amplify sounds can be very helpful to prevent or worsen dementia.

    • Directional microphone: Directional microphones in a hearing aid allows the users to listen to sounds from every direction. This allows them to get a better hearing experience and carry on a conversation in noisy situations.

    • Multiple sound processing channels: Multiple sound processing channels analyze sounds according to wavelength and help to reduce noise. These channels can be calibrated to fit the needs of the users and give a clear and high-quality hearing experience.



    The Bottom Lines

    Both hearing loss and dementia can impact the patient’s mental health severely. However, with hearing aids, these impacts can be reduced. Thus, a good pair of hearing aids allow the patients to lead a healthy and engaging life.

    Here are the 5 best hearing aids suitable for dementia patients. You can choose any of them for better hearing. However, we lean towards Nano hearing aids as they offer amazing hearing aids at an affordable price. 

    Make sure to consult your doctor before getting your hearing aids for a more informed decision. 

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