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10 Best Hearing Aid Forums You Need to Keep Tabs On

Written by the Nano Hearing Aids Team
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Lindsay Roberts
10 Best Hearing Aid Forums You Need to Keep Tabs On

When a person starts suffering from hearing loss problems, they face hearing difficulties as well as various other personal and social life challenges. This is because we are very much dependent on our hearing to get on with our life, and we depend on our hearing ability to carry out our conversations and social life.

However, we can fall victim to hearing loss problems at any point in our lives, which is for many different reasons. But no matter how a person starts suffering from hearing loss problems, they need the proper help to carry on with their lives while dealing with the issues and hearing aid forums can play a vital role.

Hearing loss problems can profoundly affect a person, as they face difficulties in hearing and face difficulties living normally. As a result, their social life gets hampered. Since a person with hearing loss can’t communicate normally and might have to ask the other person to repeat what they said from time to time, both sides get confused.

As a result, many people with hearing loss tend to avoid communication with others frequently. Many even isolate themselves from their family members and other loved ones, which leads to an imminent feeling of loneliness. 

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However, this kind of situation can be improved by using hearing aids or taking some similar measures to hear better and participate in usual conversations with other people such as active hearing loss community in hearing aid forums.

Then, as a result, they won’t only get on with their everyday life but also have a social life. But things can still get complicated at times, especially in crowded places and social gatherings or programs. When there are many people around, and many people keep talking simultaneously, it becomes difficult for them to keep track of who’s talking and what they are saying, even with hearing aids.

Moreover, while watching tv or listening to music with someone, things can get complicated too regarding the volume or settings of the Tv or the device. 

So, a person with hearing loss problems goes through many different social and mental health problems that others can’t possibly understand, even if they try really hard. But do you know who can understand the struggles of a person with hearing loss? Yes, the answer is another person with hearing loss problems. That’s why there are many hearing aid forums and groups out there for people with hearing loss problems where they can find each other and meet. 


There are support groups and forums available for diverse topics, and deafness or hearing loss problems are among the most common and serious ones. These hearing loss support groups help people with hearing difficulties share their personal, social, and daily struggles with other people with hearing impairment to make themselves feel a little less burdened. They can also share their experiences to make others feel better, motivated and let others know how to get on with different situations. Forums are always a better place for people with the same problem or similar mindset, and hearing loss forums or hearing aid forums are no different. Here they can be there for each other, and together they can help each other’s lives make way better by sharing their happiness, sadness, struggles, and so many more. There are quite some renowned hearing loss forums around the world. The top 10 forums among them are-

1. Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

You can try and locate your closest HLAA chapter as it is a great program to meet fellow people with hearing loss problems and find support from each other. Every chapter holds meetings, events, and other projects for the members, but mostly they are here to provide a safe space for hearing-impaired people to connect and learn.

2. AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

There are 41 active chapters of this forum across the USA and Puerto Rico, and this one is specifically for children with hearing loss and their families. Sessions and other events are arranged to inform them about stuff, educate them, and support them.

3. DeafandHoH Forum

It’s a website that features a discussion forum for people with hearing loss, various news about hearing loss, search directories for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, hearing care facilities, and many more. It also provides resources for various services. There are multiple topics covered on this site, such as living with hearing loss, sign language, hearing loss products, caring for others with hearing loss, etc. You can also enjoy live interaction with others on selective days.

4. Hearing Tracker Forum

This forum focuses on hearing loss equipment specifically, and here you can easily find feedback and reviews on various hearing loss equipment such as hearing aids from different brands. Also, you can ask questions about various features and functions of hearing aids to understand more about them.

5. r/HardofHearing

This forum is a Reddit community for hearing loss problems;  you can get it from the “r/” sign. Here people can inquire about various aspects of hearing loss or talk about their struggles, frustrations, share stories, and much more. 

6. The Hearing Health Foundation

This foundation organizes annual summer camps for children and adults with hearing loss problems, where people can bond with each other. They also publish magazines and health blogs regarding hearing loss, and they research hearing loss problems and tinnitus.

7. Hearing Journey

This forum is specifically for people that use cochlear implants due to hearing loss problems. Here they can learn stuff about cochlear implants and share their experiences or concerns about them. They can also make any inquiry. This community is sponsored by Advanced Bionics and the Bionic Ear Association.

8. Hearing Like Me

This online community helps people with hearing loss problems to come together, connect regarding the difficulties they are facing and share each other’s experiences. Phonak Hearing Aids sponsors this, but this community functions autonomously.

9. Hearing Loss Worldwide

This is an active Facebook group that works to support people with hearing loss problems worldwide. Here you can make any inquiry, engage with others regarding your stories, experiences, struggles, and much more. In addition, Facebook forums can be beneficial in connecting people with the same problem worldwide.

10. Mayo Clinic Connect

You can easily join this community, find the section for people with hearing loss problems, and connect by engaging in discussions. You can ask questions, share your experiences, and many more.

Final Words

Forums can be beneficial in engaging with like-minded people or people with similar experiences. In addition, it can help a lot to get on with life by getting needed support and assurances. So, make sure to join forums or hearing loss support groups online/offline if you have hearing loss problems.


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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What percent of hearing loss qualifies for disability? 

Ans: If one scores 60% or less in the "hearing in noise test" (HINT), s/he can qualify for hearing disability benefits.



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