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  • NANO Hearing
  • Audiologists
  • Traditional Hearing Aids
  • Big $5000 Hearing Aid Brands
  • Affordable (Under $500/Pair!)
  • 2 For 1 Sale! (Save $249)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why Is This The Best Hearing Aid?

✔ Comfortable BTE model, easy to use ✔ Tiny size, invisible behind the ear ✔ Wire thin receiver tube ✔ Fits ear canal nicely without discomfort ✔ Approximately 16 hours of battery life per charge ✔ Easy to use On/Off Button ✔ Easy to use Up and Down volume buttons
✔ Low Battery Warning ✔ Frequency controls for unique environments ✔ Normal/everyday frequencies ✔ Feedback Control ✔ Television frequencies ✔ Standard Micro USB Charger

Customer Reviews

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"This item is well worth the money and I am buying a second one. I bought the nano hearing aid upon the advice my 97 year old mothers nurse that resides in a nursing home. Several other residents of the home had the same amplifier and they were working very well. There is very nice carrying hard case professionally laid out with excellent operating instructions. I tried out the amplifier myself and I found that it has 4 different modes or filters for background noise. I could tell the difference between conversation and the television background noise that I was able to filter out. My mother is now able to carry on a conversation without me raising my voice and she is able to watch Television with the volume on a normal setting. Overall, this product has a lot of quality for the price. I am purchasing a second amplifier for her other ear. When I first put the amplifier on my mother she could hear instantly, it did not take any time forthe amplifier to work as the instructions said it may. My mother said to me "Do I get to keep it? Do you have to take it back? It was gratifying to see her so happy to hear normally again and it is nice to see someone rediscover their hearing. Thumbs up for this product." Dale Webster

"A breakthrough in customized adjustment.
I received the Nano hearing devices less than a week ago and am delighted with them. My hearing loss is mild and mostly in the high frequency range, but I frequently miss things that people say and certainly don't hear many of the high notes in music without hearing assistance. The Nano devices were easy to program and have helped me in every way. I don't say "what did you say?" nearly as often and it is a real treat to hear music as it should sound. Our audio loop at church sounds very good. I was always skeptical thinking that hearing aids could not provide low noise, natural sounding audio in such a small size. I was wrong. The noise is amazingly low and sound clarity is excellent. Thank you for providing such an outstanding product and for your dramatic progress in providing a device that can be appropriately adjusted in an economical way. This will be a blessing to many who cannot otherwise afford hearing assistance." Jon H Bechtel

"It's comfy, it works, I can hear again. I CAN HEAR AGAIN! Amazing what this little critter can do. I'm using the lowest volume and it's about right for me. The different settings are also great as you can pretty much tailor it to your hearing loss- high frequency...low frequency....midtone...all. It wears comfy on the ear. I'm using the ear plug it came with in the box- there are 3 sizes to fit all ears. Considering I just got it, if it lasts a few years, it's light years ahead of the EXPENSIVE hearing aids that don't do anything different. I don't wear it around the house so I only have about 10 hours on the battery. It's still works just fine. In my opinion, you'll be hard pressed to find a better aid to better hearing. The noise canceling works great, the unit works great and for 1/10th the cost of a supposed "hearing aid". I would HIGHLY recommend trying one of these before spending the big bucks on the hearing aids. I'm happy and I think you will be too." Larry S.

"Like I said, this is the first time that I have ever purchased a hearing aid. After reading the comments from others who had purchased very expensive units, I decided to give this nano a try, based on the reviews that others had posted. I became convinced of my obvious need when I could hear the beep of a Temple Thermometer with my left ear, but, I couldn't hear it thru my right ear, when I took my temperature on my right Temple !! (My wife who is a Nurse Manager didn't nag me about my hearing loss, but, apparently she kept telling the company reps who sell them to send me literature thru the mail. I kept throwing it away.) Then, like I said, I convinced myself that I do have significant conversational hearing loss. Well, I purchased the Nano hearing aids, and, it gets 5 Stars from me. It came with good instructions. It was easy to install the battery, and, it was easy to set it for my level of hearing loss. The quality of the sound is excellent. I actually set it to level 2 (out of 4) and that was too loud, so, I set it back to level 1. This is a very good product. I've been using it for 5 days and neither my wife nor my daughter have noticed that I am wearing it." Jose


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Unhappy With Your Product? We'll Take It Back!

We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected.