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The Nano RX2000™ Rechargeable Hearing Aid

For Hearing Loss: Noticeable to Severe

The brand new Nano RX2000™ Rechargeable Hearing Aid is the most powerful, easy to use a device on the market at its price. This new technology is so impressive that many customers say it actually works better than their $5,000 hearing aids!

The RX2000 is extremely easy to use, and powerful enough to help even those with moderate to severe hearing loss. It is extremely discreet, and completely rechargeable, which can save hundreds on batteries every year!

The RX2000 is the result of years of research and improvements on our own devices after studying hearing technology for over a decade. The device is tiny, but has enough functionality that it is:

  • ✅ Nearly invisible when worn
  • ✅ Extremely easy to use and adjust, large buttons
  • ✅ Powerful enough to help almost any level of hearing loss

  • For any level of hearing loss, or any conditions in which you need help hearing (time with family, TV, restaurants, etc), the Nano RX2000 is the perfect solution. At only $397 for a complete pair, this is the most powerful and effective device you can get at this price.

    The RX2000 charges with a simple Micro-USB cord. Charging for just 2 hours gives you 16 hours of battery life, making it easy for you to always be prepared.

    Every order comes with two devices, wiring for the receiver to insert perfectly in your ear, multiple ear tips so that you can find the perfect size for your comfort, and a powerful charger to keep your device ready to go at all times.

    Nano RX2000™ Rechargeable Hearing Aid Key Features

    • Comfortable BTE model, easy to use
    • Tiny size, invisible behind the ear
    • Wire thin receiver tube invisible to the eye
    • Fits ear canal nicely without discomfort
    • 16 hours of battery life per charge
    • Easy to use On/Off Button
    • Easy to use Up and Down volume buttons
    • Standard Micro USB Charger
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Frequency controls for unique environments
    • Normal/everyday frequencies
    • Noise Reduction frequencies
    • Television frequencies
    • Feedback Control
    • Automatic Noise Reduction capabilities
    • Automatic Feedback Canceller

      Shipping: Please allow 1-2 Weeks for Standard FREE Shipping orders to arrive.

      Return Policy: All Nano orders are backed by our 45 day money back guarantee! In the rare case that you need to return your device within the 45 day risk free period, just call us at (877) 654-9071 and our friendly U.S. based customer service team will be happy to help you troubleshoot, exchange, upgrade or solve any issue you're experiencing! But before you call, most issues can be solved by simple troubleshooting steps like cleaning earwax. Click here to see tutorials.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 369 reviews
      Best phone support

      I talked to a rep on the phone, and they were absolutely amazing! He stayed on the line with me for 25 minutes and answered ALL of my questions, and he even took my order over the phone super easily! Thank you nano hearing aids!

      I can hear again from my right ear

      Wonderful, great, I can hear again from my right ear. My daughter has been telling me how loud people in the grocery store are. Did not believe it until this past weekend when we shopped. She was right, I had to turn down the volume. I never wore a hearing aid before. I no longer say please repeat that..
      Nano I am very pleased. Thank you.

      Amazing sound quality for such a low price - Im shocked!

      Im so happy to leave a review for Nano! Nano is different than anything Ive tried - and Ive tried $2,000-$5,000 hearing aids from Costco, Miracle Ear, and other big companies. And guess what? I prefer Nano to any of the traditional expensive hearing aids Ive tried! Nano is simple, easy to use out of the box. Anyone can work it -- even if youre not tech savvy. Just put the batteries in and turn it on, and adjust the volume if need be. The benefits far outway the cost by 100 to 1. In fact, Nano isnt a cost, its an investment into your hearing and your health. I read a news article about the 7 hearing loss dangers like getting early alzheimer's disease, memory loss, brain damage etc, and its shocking how fast your brain deteriorates without hearing sounds it should be. Its like not using your muscles - they get weaker over time. In reality, Nano is saving you lots of money on a potential future hospital bill! And for 1/20 the price of traditional hearing aids, if you havent purchased yet, youll miss ut on the biggest sale of the year and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take action now, just do it! Its worth it, and theres NO risk, since Nano has a 100% money back guarantee for 45+ days - so even in the rare case youre not completely satisfied Nano will help you!

      Too new!!

      I purchased these about 2 weeks ago, but I just tried them last on lowest setting, as received in box. Worked great. Looking forward to lots of use.

      Can hear

      Best thing I bought


      Bought these for a friend, I wore them for a day just to make sure they would do as advertised, as i have hearing aids, was impressed with them. Hope he will be as well.

      Excellent Quality - Easy to Use - Good Price ~ Win -Win - Win

      I am a first time aid user & I kept putting buying aids off & when I saw your affordable price I took a chance and I am so glad I did . I have used them for three weeks and I am completely satisfied . Sometimes I can`t believe that I am wearing them as they are so comfortable & what a difference in my hearing they have made especially in Church where now everything is clear !!! Thank You Nano for making such a Quality product at such an affordable price !!!!!

      Great ears

      These aids are just perfect. I never knew what I was missing. Thank you.

      Hearing thing I haven't heard in years

      My wife ordered these for me and I'm glad she did I worked in a factory for years and didn't realize the amount of hearing lose I had because it was gradual I would recommend these to anybody the affordable prices are what made us order them in the first place Thank you so much


      I received the set a week ago and have worn them every day. I'm still playing around with various settings to find the best one for me. So far I've been very pleased.

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