Yearly Elite Protection Plan $99

Nano Hearing Aids |  Elite Protection Plan

The Elite Plan can only be purchased when Customers buy new hearing aids and at the moment they pay for the new product. The Elite Plan will not be available for used devices.

What's covered?

    • Includes one Yearly Tune-Up ( Nano Hearing Aid Service Plan
    • Yearly Upgrade buying a newer model with discount
    • Loss* (pay only a deductible and we will send you a replacement of the same model)
    • Accidental Damage** ( 100% parts and laborfor damaged parts and not for cleaning  service)
    • Manufacturer defects (this is under 1% of claims)
    • Theft (this is under 1% of claims)
    • Free troubleshooting help over the phone as many times as you like during our business hours

    Provides one (1) replacement per device from the purchase date of your hearing aid
    This Protection Plan covers all manufacturer defects. This plan provides 100% protection from any and all types of accidental damage (except malfunction caused by earwax buildup)

    How long does the coverage last?
    This contract period lasts for 1 years from the date of purchase of the hearing aid.***  THIS PROTECTION PLAN IS NON-REFUNDABLE

    What will Nano do?
    Nano will repair or replace any defect or malfunctioning part or send you a replacement pair, same model (1 pair per contract purchased). If we can’t fix it, we will exchange your hearing aids for a similar priced pair (up to once a year)

    What else is included?
    Free troubleshooting help over the phone as many times as you like during our business hours.

    How do you get service?
    If your hearing aid stops working during the course of normal usage, contact Nano at  (480) 336-9292 or for troubleshooting and specific return instructions. If it is necessary to send the unit to us, you will be required to pay postage. Nano will pay for the return postage to you.

    I. If  Customers choose to upgrade to a higher price model, this Elite Protection Plan will terminate and if customers still want to be protected with this plan it will be necessary to subscribe to a new service plan.
    II. If Customers acquire a new product due to loss, this Elite Protection Plan will terminate and if customers still want to be protected with this plan it will be necessary to subscribe to a new service plan.
    III. f the customer receives a replacement due to previous device couldn't be fixed, this Elite Protection Plan will terminate and if customers still want to be protected with this plan it will be necessary to subscribe to a new service plan.

    * 30% deductible if you lose it (30% of the total price of the replacement, same model)

  • **Earwax buildup is not covered here and will incur a $49/single or $79/pair fee if cleaning is needed

  • If your hearing aid needs a Tune-Up or stops working and you have the Elite Protection Plan, contact us for an Admittance Number ( AN ) and instructions. If it is necessary to send the hearing aid to us, you are required to pay for postage and processing to Nano Hearing Aid. For fastest service call: (480) 336-9292
    2.- Nano Hearing Aid Elite Protection Plan,  it will only include one (1) yearly tune-up ( Nano Hearing Aid Service Plan ), One (1) year (from the date of the original invoice for your hearing aid) coverage repair for all types of accidental damage including any defects or malfunctions and covering a 100% parts and Labor cost, accessories supplied with hearing aids are not included (e.g. Tubings, Domes, Wax guards, Tips, Batteries, etc), malfunctions due to wax or dirt buildup blockage are not included. If we cannot fix it, we will exchange your hearing aids for a similar priced pair up to once a year. If you lose your hearing aid, you will get a new pair paying 30% as deductible (30% of the total price of the replacement, same model). Free troubleshooting help over the phone as many times as you like during our business hours
    By purchasing this Elite Protection Plan service, you will have the option to upgrade your Hearing Aid to a higher priced model with 20% OFF of the sales price; you will have to return your old hearing aid clean and in full working order. If Customers choose to upgrade to a higher price model and after they receive the product, this Elite Protection Plan will be considered as terminated. If customers want to protect the new acquired hearing aid with this plan it will be necessary to subscribe to a new Elite Service Plan.
    This Elite Protection Plan plan can only be purchased at the time of purchasing a new hearing aid and will cover and acknowledges only genuine Nano Hearing Aids devices. Nano Hearing Aids reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to replace defective parts of the product with either new or refurbished spare parts, or the product with another similar product.
    This Elite Protection Plan Service does not cover earwax or dirt buildup blockages, incur service/cleaning fee. Shipping is not included
    If the product proves to be damaged or defective due to improper materials or workmanship, Nano Hearing Aids (at its sole discretion) will repair or replace the product or its defective parts, without charge for labor or parts, based on the local, normal service lead time, commencing from the day the product was received by Nano Hearing Aids. Parts will be replaced with those of like kind and quality (We cannot guarantee to match the exact color, material, size, or model), and may be new or remanufactured. In the event that a covered Hearing Instrument(s) is replaced, the coverage for that Hearing Instrument(s) will automatically terminate. Coverage is provided on the replacement up to one (1) year from the original date of purchase of the hearing aid on a 1-Year Elite Protection Plan. All premium under that portion of the Policy is considered earned on the replacement and no refund of the unearned premium is due.

    This Agreement is deemed to be received by You as the Customer and is effective on the date on which You pay the Fee (“Effective Date”) and continues until the one (1) year period has ended or is terminated by either party. This Agreement cannot be cancelled after 30 days of its initiation nor refund will be given.


    $99.00 / pair $129.00
    You Save: $30.00(23%)
    A3247723-4CCE-46B0-AB6E-F4601578B3B1 Order now and get it in 7-10 business days



    Your Nano Hearing Aids will arrive with everything you need to recover your hearing the second you open the box


    All The Features You Need,
    At A Fraction Of The Price


    Here's How We Sell Premium Quality Hearing Aids At Such Competitive Price Points

    We Cut Out the Middleman So You Can Save Money

    Our business model is pretty simple. By cutting middlemen out of our process, we can guarantee our customers world-class quality at wallet-friendly prices. We don't think fixing your hearing should break the bank. That's why we work every day to keep our costs as low as possible — because if our costs are low, yours are, too.

    90% less expensive than our competitors
    • Manufacturer Markup
    • Office Costs
    • Retail Markups
    • Retail Store

    Hear Better, Wherever You Go

    The Nano will help you hear better in multiple situations and settings in your life.

    One-On-One Conversations

    You can expect to hear one-on-one conversations clearly and crisply, without needing to strain or ask the other person to repeat themselves.

    Watching TV

    Instead of needing to turn on subtitles or crank up the volume, you’ll be able to pick up on all the nuances of the program you’re watching on TV as soon as you sit down.

    Group Conversations

    Having a conversation with your a group of friends and family is easy with Nano hearing aids — you’ll always be able to focus on who’s talking without getting distracted by background noise.

    Talking On The Phone

    You'll have no trouble hearing clearly during phone conversations, with the telecoil loop amplifying all the incoming sounds it receives.


    45 Day Guarantee

    If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your Nano hearing aids within the first 45 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

    Designed by the best Audiologists

    All of our devices were designed by the best audiologists and sound engineers.

    Works for over 96% of customers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What if it doesn’t work for me?

      If you decide the Nano isn’t for you after all, no problem! Just get in touch with us and we’ll give you a full refund within the first 45 days after your initial purchase. You don’t even have to give us a reason — we’ll give you your money back no matter why it’s not working out.

    • Do You Accept Insurance?

      No. Most insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids. This is the exact reason Nano was founded — to provide affordable hearing aids to hard-working Americans that deserve better pricing. Fortunately, Nano's prices are so affordable that anyone can afford to buy Nano. And if cash is tight, continue reading...

    • Do You Have Payment Plans?

      Yes (if you qualify) we offer small, affordable monthly payments.

    • Will Nano's Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids Work for Me Without Me Being Tested?

      Nano's technology allows you to pick different mode settings and volume settings so you can find the best combination of sound for your ears. You don't need an audiogram (hearing test) to purchase Nano.

    • What's Your Guarantee and Warranty?

      Nano offers a risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month standard warranty. You can also purchase our Elite Protection Plan to get a full year of protection in case you lose your device or accidentally damage it. This gives you total peace of mind!

    • How is Nano's Price So Affordable Compared to Traditional $5,000 Hearing Aids?

      67% of a traditional $5,000 hearing aid goes directly to middlemen like audiologists. We cut out the middleman entirely, which means no doctors, rent, and other overhead expenses to pay. But we keep the chip technology required to deliver powerful, high-quality sound to your ears. It’s kind of like computers. You know how the price of computers has come down 10x in the past 10 years as technology gets 10x better? We pass those savings through to you!

    • How Do I Know These Will Fit Me Properly Without Being Fitted In-Person?

      We include multiple earbud sizes to help you find a great fit, and if for some reason none of them fit perfectly, just call us and we'll ship you more earbuds or help you get you to upgrade to another Nano device that fits you best. The vast majority of our customers are happy with the fit straight out of the box.

    • Why Should I Buy Today?

      Hearing loss can cause early dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and depression. Many people are stubborn and wait longer than they should have before buying hearing aids, and it costs them big time! Don't be that person! Imagine the smile on your family's face when you can hear every word of the conversation!


    Free Lifetime Support

    Our friendly, professional and highly trained team of hearing aid specialists are always ready to lend a hand.

    Have a question? Contact us

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    So Helpful

    Very pleased with the hearing aids. The customer service I received from Steve was excellent.

    some trouble understanding them - on the whole though very honest!

    I think they are an honest company to work with.

    Thanks, Mr. Gallagher.

    Nano cicr

    Just got my hearing aids a couple of days ago. So far so good. The only problem was the shipping.
    Great to have the 1 year warranty.

    Marina F.
    CS | X2R Pair | SILVER | R | RT

    The above hearing aids were purchased for my mother-in-law.
    She loves them and we can finally communicate again!!
    Customer service was excellent and the Elite protection plan was a life saver!!

    Thank you, Marina!

    Dave H.J.
    Piece of mind

    Always have a piece of mind if something happens

    I agree, Dave. Thank you!

    Great Plan

    Used this plan to exchange for a different set od hearing aids. Zero cost to me for the upgraded units. Does not transfer, so bought it for the replacements.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Robert G.
    Great hearing aid

    They are just GREAT GREAT GREAT

    Thanks, Robert.

    Gloria P.
    Great hearing aids

    These hearing aids are great. I recommend them to everyone. He can finally hear the TV without out it blasting now.

    Thanks, Gloria!

    donald h.
    Great service

    Had a small problem and it was immediately solved. Wish all customer service was this easy and courteous.

    Glad to know that, Donald. Take care.

    Gilbert C.

    I think this is a good deal I haven't used it and I don't know if this can be used for a yearly maintenance or just for repair issues. This I will have to find out

    Thanks again, Gilbert!

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