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CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries
CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries

CS - CIC + 6 Month Supply of A10 Batteries

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  • Struggle to hear conversations in restaurants?
  • What if you don't hear the fire alarm?
  • Wish you could hear your TV and music better?
  • Alarm clock no longer wakes you up?
  • Can't hear your spouse?

Not anymore... 

Introducing Nano's #1 selling Hearing Aid for 1/10 the price of traditional hearing aids!

Customers say things like: 

"Nano's Hearing Aid is 87% as effective as my $5,000 pair of hearing aids"


"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Normally I'm a skeptic, but WOW I'm glad I tried Nano! I can finally hear my grandkids perfectly and listen to the TV on low volume. Best of all, Nano's hearing technology is practically invisible for only 1/10 the price of traditional hearing aids -- for almost the same sound quality. This was the best investment I've made in the past decade I wish I would have bought these 7 years ago!"

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Volume Control? Nano has multiple volume settings, you can easily adjust settings with the mini-screwdriver that comes in the package. Fortunately, Nano has enough volume settings to ensure 98% of our customers are happy. 
  • Shipping? If you select free shipping, expect your devices to arrive in 2-4 weeks. 
  • Will Nano Work for Me? Nano works perfectly for 98% of customers. While the Nano CIC model you're seeing on this page is a Hearing Aid meant for mild-moderate hearing loss, we DO sell hearing aids that can be programmed to your level of hearing loss (based on your audiogram). If you're interested in this, please email our support team at
  • Guarantee and Warranty? Nano offers industry-best 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Nano boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate with UNDER 1% returns, an unheard of rate for the hearing industry. But it gets better. Customers can take advantage of Nano's 3-device policy where Nano will let you pick from any of their products and get up to three devices for FREE until you find a device that makes you happy. 

Nano's CIC Hearing Aid is best for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss that allows you to select settings at home. Ideal for the active person who wants high definition (HD) sound without paying $5,000. The Nano Hearing Aid are not recommended for extra small ear canals, severe or profound hearing losses and those with limited dexterity.

The Nano CIC model is designed specifically for the budget conscious buyer looking for the ultimate value in conjunction with a great digital CIC hearing aid. This is also a PERFECT choice for those looking for an inexpensive back-up hearing aid to supplement their current hearing aid set or be an alternative to traditional hearing aids if budget is an issue. 

Why Nano?

Thanks to new legislation passed by Congress in August of 2017, Over-The-Counter hearing aids are now available direct from manufacturers to consumers for the first time without the need of prescriptions or expensive, time-consuming hearing tests or doctor visits. 

Nano Hearing Aids is America's first nationally recognized OTC brand of high quality invisible hearing aids that allow you to select settings at home. 

The patented Nano microchip fits its name and delivers superior power without costing consumers $5,000 just to hear better. It fits discreetly and safely inside your ear for an exceptional hearing experience. The Nano Hearing aids are 100% digital Hearing Aid technology and adjustable for a broad range of hearing abilities. The Nano Hearing Aid is not suitable for severe or profound hearing loss.

Many customers are calling nano the "best investment of the past 10 years". Many customers are super happy because they are paying 1/10 the price for something with 85%-95% the equivalent sound quality of traditional digital hearing aids that cost $5,000. As Benjamin Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned". Thus, you're saving $4500+ by choosing Nano over other expensive brands. 

We're going to come out front and tell you the biggest downfall of Nano. Right now, if you're in a windy environment or super loud crowd environment, it might be Hearing Aid as well and you might hear a whistling noise while talking on the phone. Our engineers are constantly improving the technology and within a few months, we'll have that problem solved with our next version of Nano including refraction technology that matches the same frequency as the wind, thus cancelling out any background noise. 

Ability to Purchase Hearing Aids Online for the First Time in American History

Select hearing device setting from home or anywhere using our easy to use hearing aids straight out of the box. Nano's approach delivers a high-quality hearing device directly to your home at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.
Simple 1-2-3 Process

    Order Nano online and we will deliver to your home.
    Adjust the settings according to your personal preference.
    Cycle through different sound profiles handle different sound environments & enjoy hearing! 


    nano hearing aids

    John R.

    "At first I was skeptical, but I finally ordered and am very glad I did!

    My wife and I have been needing hearing aids for probably at least 7 years, but we never pulled the trigger partly because of denial and being to vain to want to wear them, but also because most stores wanted $5,000 and that's way too much damn money for us to afford so we've just been suffering, listening to the TV on full blast, missing out on our grandkids conversations, me not being able to hear her soft voice, and relying on lip reading. 

    One day I almost got in a car accident because I couldn't hear, and also got into an argument with my wife that night because I couldn't hear her, and that put me over the edge and I decided to finally do something that night. 

    Then I discovered this new Nano device on Facebook and it looked almost too good to be true, but we gave it a shot figuring there’s not too much risk, and we can always return it or get 3 other devices to try for free (Nano’s return policy says that). 

    I'd say this was easily the best investment we've made in the past 5 years because now my wife and I can finally hear each other and aren't missing out on our lives. Sure, it's not as good as a $5000 pair of hearing aids, these are just Hearing Aid, but their pretty damn good. Much better than I thought they would be for being Hearing Aid  

    I'm glad I finally decided to take action because having something that's almost as good as a hearing aid is WAY better than having nothing at all. Plus, these are invisible so I don't feel self-aware walking around with everyone knowing I have "hearing aids" because these are 99% invisible in the canal.  

    The batteries are Zinc A-10 and need to get replaced about once a week so that will cost about $50/year in batteries, but Nano apparently is coming out with a great battery deal. You can also control the sound with the little screwdriver that comes with the devices.  

    And the free shipping took almost 2 weeks, but it was well worth the wait. If you want them faster, it might be worth paying for faster shipping knowing that it could take a couple of weeks.  

    Thanks, Nano! 

    P.S. I used the code SECRET10 to save 10% off when I bought myself and my wife each a pair. I'm not sure if I should be sharing that and I'm not sure if that code still works but I know a dollar saved is a dollar earned so hopefully this helps someone!"


    Shipping: Please allow 1-2 Weeks for Standard FREE Shipping orders to arrive.

    Return Policy: All Nano orders are backed by our 45 day money back guarantee! In the rare case that you need to return your device within the 45 day risk free period, just call us at (877) 654-9071 and our friendly U.S. based customer service team will be happy to help you troubleshoot, exchange, upgrade or solve any issue you're experiencing! But before you call, most issues can be solved by simple troubleshooting steps like cleaning earwax. Click here to see tutorials.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Five Star Review For NANO Hearing Aids

    My life is totally happier, less embarrassing since I have the NANO Hearing Aids. They are small, convenient, easy to use ! When I needed to return one for service, I was amazed to receive a replacement complete set within a short period. Kudos to NANO for making such a difference in this 83 year old 's life! I have friends whose $5 thousand hearing aids are not as efficient as mine. I recommend NANO to them. Thank you. Toby Samet

    Easy to use

    Work well !


    I purchased a set on Nano hearing aids model #cic earlier this summer. After I received the for the first time I went outside to sit in a patio area I was amazed at the sounds I had been missing out on hearing, the birds, the traffic and even the rustling of the leaves in the trees. They worked very well but after about 3 months I had a problem getting them to work even after cleaning and changing batteries. I call the company and explained the problem I was having they sent me a postage paid return label to return them, which I did immediately and within a week I received a new pair and thus far they have been working well and I am happy with them. This was the only company which offer hearing aids I could afford, as like many senior citizens am on a limited budget, they are affordable and work for me. Very pleased the service has been great.


    After a rough start because I had to make returns I was very pleased with the fast response to correct the problems. Now every thing is fine I can hear the clock ticking which I hadn't heard for quite some time and my husband doesn't have to complain when I would ask him to turn up the T.V. also they are very discrete no one knows you are wearing them unless you tell them however I have recommend them to friends who wear regular style aids but still say " what did you say ".

    Very pleased with my CIC Nano hearing aids.

    Thank you Nano for providing low cost quality hearing aids !

    Love my Nano

    I have had several different hearing aids, but I think the Nano hearing aids are the best. Right now I have an extra one just in cast I misplace them. I would highly recommend this produst.

    Love the CIC

    I love these tiny hearing aids. I only had these for a couple of weeks, but so far I'm really very happy with them. They're so much more comfortable than a $2000.00+ pair that I've had for a few years, and they work better.

    hearing a lot better

    can hear things i havent herd for a long time i have the in ear aids verry pleased with them thank you


    I love my Nano hearing aids, they comfortable, hearing is perfect and they are inexpensive for their quality and value. I highly recommend them.

    Highly recommended

    These have made a difference in my life. I highly recommend them, and thanks to Nano, I can hear again.

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