Accessories kit for CIC Recharge RT (domes + brush)

Pack of 6 domes:  small, medium and large for Nano CIC Recharge   + hearing aid wax loop and brush

 Made of latex free, medical grade silicon.

$19.97 / pair $45.00
You Save: $25.03(56%)
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James H.
test period

After purchasing 2 sets of Nano hearing aids and experiencing problems with units operating properly, Nano responded by replacing both sets at no cost. I am very pleased with their quick and efficient response to my problem

Douglas P.
Nano has changed my life

A friend nudged me to deal with my hearing problem. I saw the offer of Nano CIC, I jumped on it. I am learning to have these tiny units in my ears. My television dropped Volume of 35, to 13! If you are in a loud place, you can turn it down. The little case lives in my pants pocket. I can hear people in a loud place. Now I don't have to read lips to understand people. I am a believer!

Thanks so much, Mr. Peterson!

James S.
Nano compaired to old behind the ears hearing aids

I've owned the old style behind the ears hearing aids for years but didn't realize the total difference between them and my new Nano Hearing Aids, untill I bought them and actually had the hands on experience of wearing them. The difference in weight is quite noticeable, plus if you ware glasses like myself, the Nano aids make it much more comfortable to wear because the unit itself is no longer behind your ear but in your ear. I have had a problem trying to figure out how to control the volume on my Nano, and have had a problem with the ringing they produce. I think part the ringing is caused when wax gets into the ear plugs and part of it is caused because the ear plugs are too small (my old style had molds made for proper fit), however when I try calling the toll free number for tecnical advice I get tired of waiting for assistance. If I can figure out adjustment of volume and ringing problem, I will be a NANO user for life. James Stephens

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Stephens!

Reinaldo T.
Excellent product and customer support service

Very satisfied with everything. I am already recomended to some of my friends.

Thanks, Mr. Trujillo!

Harikrishna U.
XR 2000 hearing aid

XR 2000 has batter control on off and on switch It also has better ear plugs tha fits in the ear properly.
Somehow the control on volume plus or minus is adjustable .
However, it cannot adjust to environmental condition where sound can vary. In that case It is difficult to control to manage appropriopriate level for individual ears.
Let me know how csn we control that.
Otherwise, overall it works for better hearing.
Hari Upadhysya

Great Customer Service

We originally ordered the CIC RECHARGE HEARING AIDS for my Father for Christmas. These would have been his first pair of hearing aids.
Needless to say he did not like the way they felt (honestly I think he didn't give them a fair shot) so upon our request to return them we were offered an over the ear pair to try as a replacement. We received the Nano RX2000 Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aid and so far so good. These work much better for my Father and the customer service we received was amazing.

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Desiree.

Dennis H.

Good service

Thank you, Mr. Hunter!

marty m.

I bought these for my wife she loves them but is trying to adjust the sound level she has called the help line but can't get through to talk to anyone she keeps trying.

Thanks so much :)

Don E.
Good quality

I bought these for my wife. She says they work good. The only issue she has, is locating and turning on the small buttons, but other then that, they work good for her....

Thank you!

Betty D.
Just Perfect

Aids are small, love that they are rechargeable, no batteries to buy, very convenient......didn't like the expensive "behind the ear" aids that I purchased.

Thanks, Ms. Dickson!

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