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SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (800) 376-9234
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (803) 525-1389
SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $697! CALL NOW (800) 376-9234

SALES - CIC Recharge Hearing Aids - $597!

CALL NOW (800) 376-9234
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Nano's CIC Recharge Hearing Aids are the smallest rechargeable hearing aids on the market and now come with a high tech digital chip, four frequency modes, and a polished recharging case!

"I capitalize on my daytime now that the device charges overnight.

No complicated battery replacing anymore!"  

- Agustinus Dempsey

Unique hearing device features:
  • Mini rechargeable CIC hearing aid 
  • So small no one will notice you´re wearing it!
  • Advanced DSP noise cancelling clear sound system 
  • 6 different plugs to tailor fit your ear canal anatomy
  • Wax ward prevention that ensures durability
  • Seamless embedded charging contact
  • Robust charge that lasts all day long
  • Customizable volume control
  • Easy removal knob 
  • FREE cleaning mini brush
  • Energy saving On/Off switch


The NEW rechargeable case works with a smaller charging current than the average lithium batteries making it safer and longer lasting!

NEW rechargeable case features:

  • Can be used for charging and for storage
  • Elegant oval shape that fits in your hand
  • Protective silicone cover makes it great for travelling
  • LED green/red light charging level indicator
  • Transparent bottom shell allows you to check charging level without even opening the lid!
  • Includes charging cable
  • Silicone cover


Happy customers by the thousands enjoy our long-lasting satisfaction promise and you will too! GUARANTEED! 

Safe purchase and free shipping:

  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee or 100% your money back
  • Friendly 24/7 customer service
  • Only 1/10 the price of competitors  
  • FREE shipping!


Hear again at full detail, actively engage in conversation and save money on your purchase! 

Shop The New Nano CIC Recharge Hearing Aids NOW!  



Shipping: Please allow 1-2 Weeks for Standard FREE Shipping orders to arrive.

Return Policy: All Nano orders are backed by our 45 day money back guarantee! In the rare case that you need to return your device within the 45 day risk free period, just call us at (877) 654-9071 and our friendly U.S. based customer service team will be happy to help you troubleshoot, exchange, upgrade or solve any issue you're experiencing! But before you call, most issues can be solved by simple troubleshooting steps like cleaning earwax. Click here to see tutorials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 621 reviews
Buy Nano They are great with a great warranty

I ordered these for my husband An they are great hearing aids An they stand by their word An warranty Something happen to David in about 5 days he had a new pair. I used the code SECRET20 and got $20 off my order!

Customer service

After first trying over the ear set, found did not help my hearing at all, plus being in Florida, the sweat cuts them out. One phone call and I was sent a set of ITC which are perfect!! Sounds are much improved and think these are going to do fine. Just waiting for RMA to send rechargeable back.

Hearing aid

I received this about a month ago and I am very impressed with the results. Battery lasted a month also. Clarity of my hearing is amazingly improved. I continue to enjoy my life watching TV and listening to music ❤️

5 stars

So far the hearing aid are working fine, í've no complains

A good way to start

I have been putting off getting hearing aids because of the expected hassle of keeping up with batteries keeping up with the hearing aids etc.

But it was time grow up and do it. The Nanos are making the transition easier.

The only thing amiss is the missing 6 month supply of batteries

Good deal

I am surprised at the quality of sound for the price. I ordered these for my father in law. I have 50% loss of hearing and wear a very expensive brand in the thousands of dollars. I tested these to compare and I am surprised at the clarity and realistic sound. I have tested multiple brands before I committed to a pair and some were horrible sounding like a squeaky voice but these have amazing sound for the price. I'll have to come back later for the review on longevity.
Thumbs up

Best thing I've tried yet !

I've been a little hard of hearing most of my life. 20 odd years ago I had to get hearing aids to pass my class A driving license physicall, $3,000.00. 4 years later, $5,000.00 and I still couldn't hear clearly. I have tried various amplifiers, Bose hearing pods etc. They did help immensely. My Bose died after 4 years, new one $500.00, decided to try Nano. I've been using them over 3 weeks now, best solution yet! Make sure you get the right tip for your ear or you will get a lot of squealing, takes a little while to get it done. I can hear better than ever. Of course, nothing will replace good ears but these really help. Battery life is impressive also.

They made me do it!

I had sworn off hearing aids after years of witnessing my father's frustration with his. Biggest difference, well he paid $4000 for his hearing aids and he could never get them to work right. He went back to his ENT doctor every month just to get his hearing aids adjusted. He would take them out and throw them against the wall in frustration, soI had sworn them off. Unfortunately hearing problems run in the family and I have 30% hearing in my left ear, and 60% in my right ear. Multiple operations and infections wore a hole in my eardrum. Well one day out of the blue my family practitioner tells me I need to get hearing aids before it's too late. She told me she paid thousands for her hearing aids but she had patients that swore to her that Costco sold affordable hearing aids. I went online and saw the brands Costco was selling, and one of them was NANO. I decided to go directly to the NANO web-site and couldn't believe how affordable they were. I was somewhat reluctant as you usually get what you pay for, however this time I was blown away. I have already recommended NANO to several of my friend after thoroughly enjoying my new hearing aids. It takes a little practice and patience to get them right but well worth the effort.


I like how they fit in the ear and are barely visible. There's no interference with my glasses.

My Nano Experience

I recently purchased a pair of NANO CIC hearing aids. Ordering and delivery went very smoothly, and I had the devices in hand within a week. After selecting my "goldilocks" domes from the assortment provided, I have been using them with no problems. I had some questions and tried to contact NANO using the form online. After waiting a week with no response, I gave them a call and, after a lengthy wait, was connected to a representative. I first mentioned the lack of a screwdriver in the package. She insisted that it's not part of the package even after I told her I was looking at its illustration in the handbook. She then put me on hold for five minutes before returning to tell me the little "wire thingy" on the end of a brush was the screwdriver, which of course it is definitely not. Having failed on that matter, I told her I would like to purchase a package of spare domes - specifically the style and size I had found to be ideal for me. She told me I would have to purchase them as part of a package that included more batteries AND all fourteen various sized domes as in the assortment initially sent. I questioned such an option because that would mean to get the TWO domes I wanted, I would then have to discard the TWELVE that were useless. Sadly, other manufacturers are able to accommodate customers wanting replacement domes but it appears NANO is still on the learning curve. So, there it is: Five stars for the devices, ONE star for customer support, with an average of THREE stars.

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