BUNDLE: Nano CIC Recharge Hearing Aids + Elite Protection Plan

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FDA Registered Hearing Aids.
• Fits completely in the ear canal, nearly invisible.
• Rechargeable. No batteries needed, ever.
• Customizable ear-tips for maximum comfort.
• Simple push button control for easy adjustments.
• Small, portable charging case provides up to 60 hours battery life.

Customer Reviews

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Phillip T.
Great News

I received my CIC aids from Nano and now I not only can see the birds but I can hear them. I can also understand my wife and listen to the Grandchildren as they play. What a blessing. Took about two weeks to adjust to them. Very satisfied.

Thanks so much, Mr. Phillip T.

James G.
NANO hearing aid experence

I chose these aids based on price and with no experience with hearing aids. They do help while listening to TV or normal conversation, but they fail to filter out much of the ambient noise and in fact any abrupt noise is excessively amplified.
The method of controlling the volume or having any idea of the volume setting is disconcerting. My recommendation would be to have your hearing tested by an audiologist, review his recommendations and if these are in the top five give them a try!

Stephen R.
Excellent support 😎

Chai is excellent customer support. Her professional and thorough assistance is why I am a satisfied customer, Many thanks for her help getting my hearing aids.

Thanks, Mr. Stephen R.

Eleanor G.
Excellent hearing aid

I would like to let my brother in the Philippines use the Nano I bought
The nano hearing aid sent yo my brother and the right hearing is working
Well but the left hearing aid is defective . I called the service support
they give instructions to do Memory Battery Reset . My brother did it
Per instruction but it failed still not functioning . My sister who is visiting
Philippines is coming back home to Las Vegas on the end of March
She will bring the Nano Hearing aid to return back per service person I spoke .
Hopefully I will get the a new Nano hearing aid that is functioning well with
No defects. Thank you for your great support to your customer .

Thanks so much, Ms. Eleanor G.

Gary D.
Good Product

Taking time to get the hearing aid adjusted to my ears and to the level of hearing. Installing the aids in the ears takes a bit of practice also. Keeping them tight in the ear so they don't squeal a bit of a problem that I have had.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Gary D.

John R.
Nano digital hearing aids.

These nano in the air digital hearing aids are just what I needed at the even stop background noise. These are fantastic I can’t thank you enough I’m a veteran and I have tendinitis and it really clears things up so I can hear better once again from a veteran thank you very much!

Thanks so much, Mr. John R.

Don R.
Works as it says

The hearing aids work as they should. Took a little while to get used to!
Had a issue with whistling and customer support helped solve issue

Thanks so much, Don R.

Patrick D.

Very professional to work with.

Thank you, Mr. Patrick D.

Arthur W.
hearing good

Every thing is working . I have 1 question . how far in your ear is the white tip aupposed to go? I have the large white on.

Carolyn O.
Exceptional Quality

They have allowed my 94 year old mother to have her hearing back! Very pleased with the purchase.

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn.