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A Major Health Revelation Discovered
on a Remote Tropical Paradise

There’s a medical marvel hiding in plain sight right off the coast of New Zealand.
Scientists are buzzing about its tremendous power to help people stay slim,
energized, and mentally sharp.
Along with my colleagues, I'm honored to have played a role in helping save this young infant's life.
During the past four decades of being a doctor and researcher, I’ve seen some unbelievable things...
I’ve witnessed a morbidly obese biker clear his own arteries...
I’ve witnessed a diabetic patient eliminate her need to take life-saving insulin...
I’ve even witnessed a “terminally ill” baby heal his own heart!
So, as you can imagine, at this point, it’s pretty hard to shock me. However, I have to admit...
The health discovery I’m about to share with you today took me completely by surprise.
And I’m quite sure it’ll shock you, too...
The reason is simple: This groundbreaking discovery violates all the basic rules of nutrition you’ve ever been taught.
However, I suspect once you see its immense powers, you’ll be just as excited as I was.
You see, this finding has already been scientifically verified by many of the top scientists in the world. And it’s shown to help you easily burn body fat, enjoy more energy, and feel the sharpest you have in years.
This “medical marvel” was uncovered on a remote group of islands in the South Pacific.
It was first discovered in a little-known collection of studies out of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Collectively, these groundbreaking studies have been dubbed:

The PukaPuka and Tokelau Island Studies

PukaPuka and Tokelau are a remote chain of islands located a few hundred miles off the coast of New Zealand.
At first glance, they might seem like your typical tropical vacation spot — the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear water, the palm trees...
However, what many people don’t know, is there’s a major health secret hiding in plain sight.
This secret was discovered by a brilliant New Zealand scientist named Dr. Ian Prior.
Dr. Prior visited the islands back in the 1960s to conduct a study on the population there.
He wanted to analyze the health of people who’d never been exposed to any western influences.
Once he began profiling the natives... what he discovered left him speechless...
He found that thousands of people on both islands were decades older than he thought they were at first glance! They didn’t seem to age the same way the rest of the world did.
Regardless of age, the natives on both islands are in peak shape
— physically and mentally.
  • Men in their sixties appeared to have energy for days...
  • Many women over 70 still had smooth, radiant skin — despite years spent in the intense heat near the equator...
  • Everyone was lean, strong, and healthy. Digestive problems were extremely rare. And there were virtually zero cases of any age-related health problems.1,2
The surprises just kept coming... Dr. Prior had never seen anything like this in his career — especially back home in New Zealand.
How come? Was it simply genetics? Or was something else going on?
He set out to find the answer by going and examining island natives that had moved to the mainland.
Turned out, when the islanders moved to New Zealand their health quickly went down hill. They began to age and suffer from health problems, just like the rest of us.3
So, it wasn’t genetics.

Dr. Prior then looked at their diets. And that’s where things made even LESS sense...

He discovered they were eating copious amounts of wild coconuts — pretty much at every meal...
And these coconuts were providing them with an unbelievable amount of saturated fat.
And I do mean unbelievable.
You see, in the United States, the FDA recommends we get no more than 10% of our daily calories — about 200 calories in total — from saturated fat.4 And this is regardless of the source.
The people living on PukaPuka, however... were eating roughly 700 calories worth of saturated fat on a daily basis.5
And the Tokelauans were consuming even more — an astonishing 1,200 calories of saturated fat.6
That’s six times the FDA limit... every single day! Any cardiologist would have turned white looking at those numbers.
Yet, somehow... both the Tokelauans and the PukaPukans were in peak shape — with healthy hearts, near perfect digestion, and sharp minds — no matter their age.
Dr. Prior couldn’t seem to wrap his head around it.
How were these people so healthy while eating a diet of mostly saturated fats?
After taking a closer look... he discovered the saturated fat in those coconuts contained a unique superfuel — for your brain, heart, digestive system, energy levels, and the trillions of cells in your body

Later studies would also tie this superfuel to benefits like:

  • Boosting your metabolism to burn fat7,8,9
  • Keeping your “hunger hormones” quiet10
  • Strengthening your immune system11
And these are just a few highlights. As you’re about to discover...
it’s truly astounding just how many benefits your body gets from this
incredible superfuel.

It’s called Medium-chain triglycerides, or . . .

Could "fatty" coconuts be the answer to slimming down, boosting energy levels, and increasing mental sharpness?


MCTs are special saturated fats that come from coconuts, palm fruit, and other tropical “fat fruits,” as I like to call them.
Now, it’s no secret that your body needs some healthy fats to function and thrive on a daily basis.
The only problem is, almost ALL of the fats in the Standard American Diet are extremely difficult for your body to breakdown and digest.12
And even when digested, they can leave you with all sorts of unpleasant health problems.
They can tax your heart, compromise your digestion, tank your energy levels, wreak havoc on your brain, and lead to weight gain.
MCTs are a different story, though.

MCTs are ONLY burned for energy . . .
NEVER stored as fat

Yup, you read that right. You don’t have to worry about the calories in MCTs adding inches to your waistline. They’re burned directly as fuel!
And that’s not all...
You see, MCTs have also been shown to help you burn off the fat you ALREADY HAVE. (And that’s no matter what diet you follow.)
That’s what I call a win-win.
Now, you’re probably thinking:
MCTs are your body's best friend when it comes to achieving the slim, healthy body you want. They are a tried-and-true nutritional powerhouse.

“Wait a minute Dr. G... how can a saturated fat possibly make me skinnier?”

Well, the answer is simple... MCTs are not your typical saturated fat. They’re unusually easy for your body to break down.
In fact, your body doesn’t even have to digest them at all! They’re absorbed directly into your system and turned into instant fuel.13
Eventually, they turn to your own body fat for even more fuel. And this is where you start to see — and feel — a MAJOR difference.
You see, when you eat MCTs, your body quickly turns them into ketones — which are like a high-grade, CLEAN gasoline for your body.

Ketones can be used to power your heart, digestive system, metabolism — and anything else in your body.14

This “fat fuel” can also help you stay mentally sharp by boosting the main “thinking” compound in your brain — known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor.15
The “cleaner, leaner burn” of ketones is how the islanders living on PukaPuka and Tokelau were able to stay so lean, healthy, and energetic — no matter how old they were.
And here’s where I made a mind-blowing discovery...
It turns out, the tropical fruits the island tribes were eating contained a blend of several MCTs...
But as I dove into the research... I found out that just one of those MCTs was causing nearly all the health benefits the islanders were enjoying.

The #1 MCT on Earth: Caprylic Acid

It’s a scientific fact that caprylic acid converts to ketones faster than any other medium-chain triglyceride.16
That means caprylic acid can easily replace the “dirty fuel” of carbs as the main energy source for your body.
And the best part is — as your body gets used to the “cleaner burn” of the ketones, it starts looking for more fat to turn into more ketones.
Caprylic acid is known as a fat-burning, energy booster. It gets its superb reputation because it converts to ketones faster than any other medium-chain triglyceride.

In other words, you become a fat-burning machine!

Imagine watching your waistline shrink right before your very eyes... that's the "slimming power" of ketones.
So, you’re able to slim down, look your best, and improve all areas of your health... with almost no effort at all on your part.
And since caprylic acid produces ketones in droves...
Your brain can use them as a source of ENERGY to help you think clearer day in and day out. This way you can remain mentally sharp for years to come.

There’s only one thing that can throw a wrench into the mix:

And that’s poor circulation.
Think about it…
In order for these ketones to feed and fuel your body, you need to have a healthy flow of blood.
Otherwise, instead of nourishing all of your vital organs and tissues... this “superfuel” just sits in traffic.
The good news is, there’s a simple answer to this problem.
It’s a super-nutrient called...


Bioflavonoids are microscopic nutrients found largely in certain types of fruit. Most notably, the grape and berry family.
What makes them so special is their ability to supercharge your blood flow.
In essence, bioflavonoids turn your entire circulatory system into a massive traffic-free superhighway.
These tiny berries pack a POWERFUL punch. They have a unique ability to boost your blood flow from head to toe.
This allows your body to be fed a CONSTANT supply of this incredible ketone “superfuel.”
As a result, you’re able to look younger, feel younger, and even think younger.
And that’s when it hit me...

“What if I combine bioflavonoids with caprylic acid?”

Especially, since I’ve never see these two dynamic compounds together. So, that’s exactly what I did.
And I was blown away with how incredible it made me feel.

From the moment I infused both of these compounds into my
daily life... I quickly began to notice:

My ability to focus shot
through the roof
My energy levels elevated
by leaps and bounds
My metabolism kicked
into high gear
My gut health felt
fully supported

And when I stopped to think about it, it ALL made sense...

By combining bioflavonoids with pure caprylic acid, my whole body became a well-oiled “ketone machine.”
At that moment, I knew exactly how the islanders living on PukaPuka and Tokelau felt every single day of their lives..
So, I quickly started recommending it to patients and their health took off.
Now, I want to offer YOU the chance to try it.
I’ve done all of the homework and tracked down the best ingredients in each category: The powerful medium-chain triglyceride — caprylic acid along with two ultra-potent bioflavonoids.
Then, I combined them into one deliciously drinkable formula:


This potent formula naturally boosts your body’s production of ketones.
That means, this special “superfuel” can provide you with plenty of all-day energy, a faster metabolism, and keep you mentally sharp for YEARS to come.
And after perfecting the ingredient ratios in this formula, I immediately began testing it with a group of enthusiastic volunteers.
The results were simply outstanding.
Here’s a breakdown of what the test group members immediately started to report:
  • 92% of users experienced less “brain fog”
  • 96% of users enjoyed more energy overall
  • 90% of users found they were less hungry between meals
And the vast majority of people began to notice:
  • A slimmer looking waistline
  • Healthier looking skin
  • More physical strength and stamina
But that’s not all...
9 out of 10 people said they love this formula.
Now I want you to be able to add it to YOUR routine. This way you can experience the same incredible benefits the test group members did.
And I’m about to show you how to do that. But first, I want you to know exactly what you’re getting:

The Formula

This powerful blend is designed to help you turn any stubborn, “lingering” pounds into clean,
usable fuel for your body and brain.
One thing’s for certain: You deserve the absolute BEST when it comes to your health. And as with every Gundry MD formula — MCT Wellness contains only the highest quality ingredients:
When it comes to caprylic acid...
goMCT is by far the best source of MCTs available. The reason is because it’s loaded with caprylic acid.
This powerful superfuel takes your health to another level. When you put this in your system, you can think clearer, feel slimmer in anything you wear, and enjoy energy for days.
Not to mention, goMCT is filled with a special class of fiber to fuel your “good” gut bacteria — so they start working overtime to enhance the nutrient absorption in your digestive tract.
And when it comes to bioflavonoids...
CogniGrape is the cream of the crop. As the name suggests, this potent bioflavonoid keeps you mentally sharp and focused all-day long. It sends a steady supply of ketone-rich blood straight to your head where it nourishes and protects your brain.
And let’s not forget...
MitoHeal is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s a patented red- and blackcurrant extract with extremely high levels of bioflavonoids. Studies have shown this unique mix to support healthy blood flow and cell health throughout your body.
The result leaves you feeling reinvigorated from head-to-toe. This way, you can do all the things you love at a moments notice.
When you have these three potent ingredients pumping this incredible superfuel full of nutrients throughout your body... you get stories like these:
"I wake up before my alarm ready to go — lots of clarity — my "follow through" has improved majorly!"
- Michael H., age 53
"Feel more energy. More mental clarity and focus. Better digestion and better looking skin! I want to use this product from here on... It’s great!"
- Christopher C., age 74
There are a lot more stories where these came from... but I want the next story you see to be your own.
So, it’s time to answer the question that’s probably on your mind right now:

How do you get your hands on this
groundbreaking formula?

Our second batch of MCT Wellness has just arrived at our warehouse. That means over the next few days, it'll officially be added to the Gundry MD website.
But if you’re reading this page, you’re not going to have to wait.
You get to try Gundry MD MCT Wellness right now.
And that’s not all...
You deserve to feel amazing each and every day. That means MORE energy, mental sharpness, and a lean, healthy body.
Since you're a loyal subscriber, I want to give you a special offer just to show my appreciation.
You see, these compounds cost A LOT to manufacture and produce. That's why a one-month supply will retail at $79.95.
However, I don’t want you to have to pay that today. Especially, since you’re a valued member of the Gundry MD health community.
So I’m going to give you a link to a special MCT Wellness order page in a second — where you’ll be able to get your supply for as low as $41.95...
AND, as a bonus, I’m adding a free jar of Vital Reds to most order options.
Remember, Vital Reds is the polyphenol-rich formula that restores your youthful energy, reignites your metabolism, and troubleshoots your digestion. It’s the perfect complement to MCT Wellness.
But keep in mind, this second batch of MCT Wellness is limited in amount.
And many people will be ordering multiple jars today... (I recommend you do the same, by the way, since your order is protected with a guarantee.) This formula is expected to sell out rapidly, and when this batch is gone, it’s gone!
As a result, this limited supply of MCT Wellness — along with the incredible Vital Reds bonus — is expected to sell out fast.
And that’s why I urge you to act now. Click the order button below and get started on your journey to living a healthier and happier life — well into old age.

MCT Wellness
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Now, I’m thrilled about the tremendous health-boosting power inside this formula...
The benefits you begin to experience once you take your first sip are nothing short of amazing. And those benefits quickly become a part of your life, the longer you take MCT Wellness.
Just look at how it’s already making a huge difference in this Gundry MD subscriber’s life:
Now, I’m thrilled about the tremendous health-boosting power inside this formula...
The benefits you begin to experience once you take your first sip are nothing short of amazing. And those benefits quickly become a part of your life, the longer you take MCT Wellness.
Just look at how it’s already making a huge difference in this Gundry MD subscriber’s life:
"It’s now the first thing I consume when I wake up and it’s been very beneficial to my gain in energy and digestion... I love the taste, the clarity and mental focus I’ve been noticing."
- Brooke J., age 43
In fact, I’m so confident you’ll have an amazing experience with this formula, I’m making your order today completely risk-free:
When you get your supply of MCT Wellness today, you’re also getting my 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all, return your jars within 90 days — empty or full — for a quick, hassle-free refund.
I want you to take your time. Use the whole 90 days to let these wonderful compounds and nutrients do their job inside your body.
And if you don’t wake up feeling refreshed, with enhanced brainpower, better heart health, smoother digestion, and a stronger metabolism...
Or if you’re unsatisfied for any other reason at all…
My team will refund you every cent of your purchase price. No questions asked.
So you’re fully covered to try Gundry MD MCT Wellness today. But this amazing formula is expected to run out soon. So, go ahead and order your supply now.
It's time to reclaim your health. Your BEST years are still in front of you. And these potent compounds of MCTs and Bioflavonoids can help get you there in no time.
Now, I have one more thing to say before I go...
If you’re unsatisfied with your health now, I don’t want it to stay that way. Do you?
As a doctor with 40 years of experience, I can tell you long-term health issues like cloudy thinking, lack of energy, unwanted weight gain, and accelerated aging don’t fix themselves. Left alone, they only get worse over time...
Your "brain fog" will take longer to clear up. Your energy will continue to dwindle. The pounds seem easier to put on. And the worst part is, your health will still be holding you back from enjoying your life...

But if you take action now . . .

You’re not just taking a HUGE step toward reclaiming your health... you’re taking back control of your life and happiness at the same time.
You’re going to wake up every morning feeling happy and rested. You’re going to feel motivated to conquer the day. And you’re going to love the more youthful and vibrant-looking version of yourself you see in the mirror.
This is your life, and I want to see you out there enjoying it.
So, start your journey today. Take a big step toward better health by ordering your supply of MCT Wellness now.

MCT Wellness
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I designed this formula to do amazing things
for your body, and I can’t wait for you to
experience them all.


Looking out for you,
Steven Gundry, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in Gundry MD MCT Wellness?

How safe is Gundry MD MCT Wellness?

Gundry MD MCT Wellness contains only safe, all-natural ingredients. The formula is tested for quality and purity at an independent, 3rd-party facility. However, as a physician, I recommend consulting with your own health care provider before beginning any new program.

How do I use MCT Wellness?

Simply mix one scoop of this powder into a beverage of your choice — water, nut milks, coffee, tea, etc. — and it's ready to go. Drink just one glass a day on a consistent basis. Some people use it as an afternoon pick-me-up as well. The formula digests easily, so you can take it with or without a meal, whenever you'd like.

How does Gundry MD MCT Wellness work?

MCT Wellness works by utilizing the powerful medium-chain triglyceride — caprylic acid — to boost the ketone levels in your body. That’s when the bioflavonoids from the grape seed and currant extracts come into play. They help to enhance nitric oxide production in your system — which allows these beneficial ketones to travel through your body at light speed. The result leaves you with powerful health benefits you can feel throughout your entire body.

What if it doesn't work for me? Is there a guarantee?

As a physician, I know that individual bodies can react differently to the very same compounds. Even though everyone can benefit from the powerful medium-chain triglycerides — caprylic acid — and the potent polyphenols in this formula, I'm aware that results can vary. So, if you're unsatisfied with this product for any reason whatsoever after a full 90 days of use, I'll return your money, hassle-free… guaranteed.

When can I expect results?

Most users report feeling a noticeable increase in mental sharpness, smoother digestion, energy and vitality on their first day of use... usually within the first hour. However, the most dramatic results were reported after consistent use over the course of 4 weeks and beyond. Please use as directed.


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