Hearing Aids Should Be Affordable For Everyone

Nano’s goal is to put hearing aid in the hands of not only those who want them, but also those who need them. Since the government and insurance companies usually won’t acknowledge the needs of people who suffer from hearing loss, the only logical way to put hearing aids in the hands of those who need them. The only way to do that is to make them affordable. That’s why in addition to our affordable prices, we also have easy payment plans available.

Buying Traditional
Hearing Aids

Buying hearing aids the old-fashioned way is a complex and lengthy process.

  • 1. Make an appointment

  • 2. Go to the hearing center

  • 3. Buy a pricey hearing aid

  • 4. Make another appointment

  • 5. Return to the hearing center

  • 6. Adjustment sessions

Buying Nano Hearing Aids

Purchasing a Nano hearing aid couldn't be simpler. There are just three steps, from start to finish.

  • 1. Order Easy Online

  • 2. Free Delivery to your door

  • 3. Unlimited Support

Advanced Technology

Nano prides itself on producing state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, medical-grade hearing aid solutions. Sometimes, we focus on ease-of-use, and release products like our Sigma smartphone-enable hearing aids. Other times, we focus on making our hearing aids as discreet as possible, launching our CIC “Completely In Canal” hearing aids. Whatever the future holds, you can be certain Nano Hearing Aids will be at the forefront.

Outstanding Customer Care

We believe our customers deserve the very best hearing experience possible. That’s why our world class customer care team stands ready to help in any way. We’ve learned customers often need a life line to a specialist who can really help them with a problem. Someone with personal experience with products, as well as being awesome with people. That’s why when we look for new team members, we screen for people who are kind, caring and patient. Then we train them extensively in our product line. Using these guiding principles, in addition to our core values and beliefs, has propelled Nano to become one of the leaders in the hearing aid industry.

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