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Here's Just a Fraction of What The Nano X2 Can Do For You

Check out just a few of the numerous features and benefits you'll experience from out best-selling hearing aid, the Nano X2.

Brand-New Noise Cancelling Technology

The Nano X2 model boasts our highest-performing noise reduction technology to help you hear more of the sounds you want to hear --even when you find yourself in a loud and noisy environment like a restaurant.

Has 4 Settings To Suit Your Environment

The different frequencies in our headring aids incude normal/everyday frequencies, noise reduction frequencies, television frequencies, and more! All you to do is select the mode you want to be in.

Start Living Your Fullest Life Again With The Nano X2 Model!

2 Directional Microphones Per Device

Most Hearing aids on the market, even the $5,000+ products, only have 1 directional microphone on the device, which can still make it difficult to catch subtle noises or softer voises. The Nano X2 carries 2 powerfull directional microphones to help you pick up on any level of noise and hear confidently in any situation.

The Nano X2 Model Is Excellent For...

Here are just some of the things you'll be able to do with this industry-disrupting hearing aid to equip your hearing...and your life back!

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