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Nano Hearing Aids

NANO Hearing Aids brings to you the new X2R, a cutting edge hearing aid equipped with rechargeable capabilities —in one discreet and stylish package.

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NANO Hearing Aids X2R

It can be a hassle buying a new battery every time for your hearing aids. NANO Hearing Aids brings to you the new X2R, a cutting edge hearing aid equipped with rechargeable capabilities —in one discreet and stylish package.

Whether you are enjoying listening to music at home or are at a rowdy restaurant, the Nano X2R adjustable multi-directional microphones allow you to pick up the sounds that you want to hear — not the background noise.

NANO Hearing Aids X2R
NANO Hearing Aids X2R NANO Hearing Aids X2R NANO Hearing Aids X2R

What is In the Box

A step above from NANO Hearing Aids X2, the X2R includes new bonuses in the package you order:

A NANO Hearing Aid X2R
Hearing Device

Offers equal noise quality as a hearing aid
which costs around $5,000

A Resistant
Carrying Case

A compact and attractive carrying case to
transport your hearing aids safely
wherever you go

Charging Dock

Now you don’t have to worry about buying
new batteries once the charge runs out.
Just place the hearing aids in your
charging dock overnight and you are
good to go!

The NANO Hearing Aid X2R Advantage

So what is so great about the X2R that sets it apart from the other models in the market? It offers a huge range of benefits to improve your quality of life. Here are some of the advantages of the X2R:



With NANO Hearing Aid X2R Recharge, you can say goodbye to any hearing downtime you may have experienced from other brands. With this rechargeable hearing aid, you can spend a full day listening to the sounds you want in high-definition without worrying about losing power. Just place your chargers back in the magnetic power dock overnight and pick them up in the morning and you will have reliable power that will last you for a whole day.

Advanced Noise

Advanced Noise

The X2R has two directional microphones, which can detect the kind of sounds you want to hear and differentiate them from the sounds that translate as noise (like the sound of the traffic from outside your apartment).

What good does it do you? You can have excellent uninterrupted quality conversations with the people who matter in the noisiest environment.

Feedback Cancelation 

Feedback Cancelation

One of the most annoying and uncomfortable sounds you may hear is the shrill whistling sound when you get in contact with another person with a hearing aid. Thanks to NANO Hearing Aid which comes with feedback cancelation technology, you now no longer need to endure the discomfort of such noise.

Call our toll-free number to speak with our U.S. based hearing specialist today.


Reasons Why Nano Hearing X2R Is Just As Good As A $5,000 Hearing Aid

Charles Crawford understood that most people find it very difficult to afford hearing aids since they can cost $5,000 and even more. To make these devices more accessible, NANO Hearing Aids have come up with a range of hearing aids that can be bought for a fraction of the price.

So how is it possible for a hearing aid like the X2R to be so low-priced but have comparable technology to high-end hearing aids?

Simple, the answer is we cut out the middleman.

NANO Hearing Aids sell directly to customers from their warehouse in Texas. Since they do not have any middleman, we can avoid unnecessary markups and pass you all the savings. As a result, NANO Hearing Aids products have a reduced price by 80%!

  • No middleman
  • No service cost
  • No hidden charges
  • No deceptive buying tactics
  • No attempts to upsell
The NANO Hearing Aid  X2R Advantage

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