Introducing Nano Hearing Aids: How Can They Help with Hearing Loss?

Hearing aids provide incredible comfort to millions of people. The technology being used to help with hearing loss, too, is always advancing. However, it can be costly! Affordable Nano Hearing Aids, therefore, are here to help bring an alternative choice to the market. Why pay premium prices for hearing technology that you need from day to day?

The sad fact is the cost of modern hearing aids is on the rise. On average, people are expected to pay thousands for just one hearing aid alone. If you need to buy an aid for each ear you may be expected to spend at least $2000! And even as much as $5000 per device. For many households, that is a significant expense, and it’s one that may not necessarily be covered by medical insurance.


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That is the reason why Nano Hearing Aids was first established. We believe that the best in modern hearing aid technology shouldn't be impossible to afford. We saw a market which was demanding more and more money from the consumer in a way that just wasn't fair or measured. And we thought “Why should you have to settle for less?”

Let us introduce ourselves. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best Nano Hearing Aids features available for minimal investment. Nano hearing technology is the most advanced of its kind, and what's more, it's available at a fraction of the wider market cost. Never settle for less than the best.  

Our Story

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Robert's inspiration came when his grandmother faced a bill of $5,750 for a pair of hearing aids. That's almost $3000 per ear! After Robert's grandmother lost one of her devices, she just couldn't afford to replace it. That's simply not fair!

Robert set out to work with talented engineers to build a business which offers the height of technology at cut down rates. It's estimated that around 48 million Americans currently suffer from some form of hearing loss. How many of them are going to be able to fit the bill for a new pair of hearing aids at full market price?

Nano provides market-leading hearing aids at a generous percentage of the cost wearers could be expected to pay elsewhere. We’re proud to be able to retail incredible hearing technology at 5% of the cost of the most expensive models bought elsewhere!

But why buy Nano Hearing Aids beyond the cost factor? Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons our customers rely on our technology every day.

Hearing Aid Technology: The Difference with Nano

You don’t have to take our word alone for our incredible technology. We love to hear from satisfied customers who regularly share reviews and experiences with us about their Nano products. But what is it about Nano Hearing Aid technology that is proving so popular?

Nano works with industry-leading hearing engineers to design and produce incredible technology. Our hearing aids are almost entirely invisible, which means they are discreet to wear as well as being extremely comfortable. We currently stock a wide range of hearing aid choices for varying levels of hearing loss. Some of our most popular hearing aid models make use of the following technology:  

  • Directional microphones for enhanced sound quality
  • Background noise filtering for crisper, clearer hearing
  • Simple adjusting with obvious volume and clarity controls
  • Battery warning indicators
  • Frequency tuning for various environments and scenarios
  • Feedback cancellation features

Customer reviews and testimonials continue to demonstrate how much Nano hearing technology can help to remedy, hearing loss. But which products are the best fit for you and your needs?

Our Products

While we’ve taken a quick look at the technology built into our hearing aids, it is also a good idea to take a look at some of the products we offer in a little more detail. We regularly support buy once get one free deals, as well as, provide a, full money back, guarantee on all products. Here are the hearing aids we’re proud to offer to our customers:  

Nano Model X


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Nano Model X hearing aids, starting at $497.00, have already helped thousands of people regain clear, comfortable hearing. The Model X is a powerful device which sits behind the ear and is fitted with directional microphones. That means you’re guaranteed an incredible amount of power and clarity for the price.

The model is a hearing aid which has been extensively researched and developed by our team over several years. It boasts large buttons for ease of use and is perfect for wearing in noisy environments such as restaurants and groups. Enhanced noise and feedback reduction technology will help you to maintain hearing clarity wherever you may be.

Nano X2


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Nano X2 is our latest model in hearing aid technology. These invisible hearing aids possess four directional microphones per pair, which allows for optimum hearing clarity. The X2 is the best-performing digital hearing aid on the market right now. It is the product of over a decade of intensive research and development!  

These fully digital hearing aids are comfortable and impressively powerful. Available from $697, X2 aids are easy to control and are flexible to filter out background noise and to flexibly adjust to a wide variety of scenarios. Therefore, you can always adjust them at home and away with just a few button presses. Noise reduction technology has never been more adept.

Nano RX2000


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RX2000 hearing aids are completely rechargeable and are highly recommended for people suffering from medium to severe hearing loss. The benefit of rechargeable hearing aids lies in the fact that you won't have to keep paying out for batteries to keep them running from day to day.

These hearing aids are almost invisible and are remarkably powerful, adjustable to various environments and can be charged with a basic Micro USB cable. You can get up to 16 hours of battery charge after plugging in for just two hours. These super comfortable hearing aids are always ready to charge into action when you need them to.  

Nano CIC

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Nano CIC hearing aids are incredibly affordable at just $249.00 per pair. These are our biggest-selling models and are perfect for anyone suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. Their biggest asset is their customizable settings, which will allow you to alter your hearing experience from environment to environment.

For the price, Nano CIC hearing aids are incredibly powerful. These hearing aids make for fantastic back-up or spare models, offering a fantastic level of comfort and everyday Hearing support at a competitive price.  

Why Buy Nano Hearing Aids?

Having discussed the technology behind our products and the products themselves, you may still have a few questions to ask us. Why buy Nano Hearing Aids? What sets our technology and range apart from the pack

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  • All of our products are supported by a full money back guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, you can return your hearing aids to us for a full refund within 100 days. If your hearing aids break, for example, or if you simply decide against them, we will always process a refund for you in full.
  • We’re focused on being competitive. That means, if you find hearing aids more affordable elsewhere, we will confidently beat their quote.
  • Buying online is entirely safe and secure. Our online store is fully secure, and you will be able to make payments with complete confidence.
  • Take a look at our Nano Hearing Aids reviews! Customer feedback speaks for itself. We are continuing to experience a popular demand for our products. Why not take a closer look at the types of Nano Hearing Aids available and see which may be the best fit for you?

Changing the Industry

At Nano Hearing Aids, we aim to help change the face of the hearing loss industry. For too long, big brands and suppliers have continued to overcharge for modern digital aids and technology. We believe everyone should be able to afford the best in hearing aids.

Want to know more about Nano Hearing Aids features? Take a closer look at our online store, or call us directly on (480) 336-9292 to speak to a friendly expert.

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