One of the USA’s Most Exciting Hearing Aid Companies

We’re proud to say that Nano is one of the fastest-growing hearing aid companies based in the US. Every single one of our devices is registered with the FDA and has been 100% designed & engineered in-house by our experienced specialists.

[old]About Us - Nano Hearing Aids Founder Reveals His Compelling Story For Starting Nano

Nano's founding story will bring tears of joy to your eyes! 

Our young founder went to his grandmother’s house for Christmas in 2017, and while everyone was enjoying her famous gingerbread cookies at the dinner table, all she could say was “what?”.

She missed out on memories she’ll never get back.

The worst part?

She dished out $5,750 for expensive hearing aids the year before!

When our founder asked her why she still couldn’t hear, she responded, “I only wear one hearing aid because I lost my other one, and can’t afford to buy another one.”

At that moment, our founder realized that he needed to change the hearing aid market -- which is currently monopolized by big greedy companies that charge $3500-$6000 for a pair of hearing aids -- while the real cost to manufacture them is significantly less.

Thus, our founder teamed up with engineers from around the world and created Nano's powerful hearing technology.

Nano’s goal is to help the 48 million Americans who currently have hearing loss to get a great solution for 1/20 the price of traditional hearing aids while cutting out the middleman.

Nano's devices are almost invisible and come with the latest digital hearing technology. Every order includes many different earbud sizes to ensure it fits nice and snug! No one will even know you’re wearing your Nanos!

Since launching in 2017, Nano has been getting incredible amounts of publicity and selling more pairs than expected and is now one of the top selling hearing aid brands online. Nano's mission is to serve our customers -- who are hard working, smart, wonderful Americans all over the country.

Medical-Grade Devices that Won’t Break the Bank

Because of the huge gap between manufacture and retail, customers all over the United States were paying far more than they needed to. By producing all our own devices, we don’t need to rely on other manufacturers, so we can able to provide sufferers of hearing loss all over America with medical-grade hearing aids at a fraction of the price.

Affordable Hearing Aids

Americans have been paying high prices for hearing aids for far too long. From the inception, Nano set out to make hearing aids affordable. Easy payment plans are available.

Hearing Aids Powered By Advanced Technology

Nano is known for using advanced technology in all its products. As well as being fully registered by the FDA, Nano devices were created by our experienced team of engineers and designers. Nano even has audiologists on staff to help.

Lifetime Support From 24/7 Customer Care Team

If you ever have a challenge, you can reach out to our customer care team via online chat or by phone. Regardless of issue, you can count on them to be helpful, patient and knowledgeable.

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase is risk-free. You can test drive our hearing aids, and if at any time within 45 days from purchase you’re not satisfied with it, just contact our customer care team and send it back for a full refund. Check out our hearing aids now, and let us help you select a pair that fits your personal needs today.

Our Promise

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