Zounds Hearing Aids Reviews: Prices & Alternatives

Zounds Hearing Aids Reviews: Prices & Alternatives

Zounds hearing aids are affordable hearing aids that have a wide selection of choices for mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. They offer simple features such as a remote control for the hearing aids and comfortability.

Company profile

Zounds is headquartered in Arizona and was founded by the CEO of the company, Samuel Thomasson. The company was initially created after the CEO promised to deliver affordable hearing aids to his daughter, who is also suffering from hearing loss. His main goal was to create hearing aids that tackle the common problems that users face. Samuel has a long line of work experience in the technology field, since he has always been an engineer and an entrepreneur.

Zounds Hearing Aids Reviews

Products Zounds Sales


This type of hearing aid that they sell offers features such as noise cancellation, dynamic feedback cancellation, rechargeability, 16 channel resolution and shock sound suppression. 


This type of hearing aid includes features such as 4 channel resolution, dynamic feedback cancellation and noise cancellation. This hearing aid is ideal for users who have a moderate level of hearing loss.


Trezio is their newly designed hearing aid that offers crystal clear sound quality, and it has a built in noise reduction software. There are also features such as shock sound suppression, feedback management and Tinnitus therapy. It also has a USB port charging system or non rechargeable batteries if needed. Trezio is suitable for users who have moderate to profound hearing loss.


This hearing aid in particular offers 16, 24 and 32 channel resolutions in order to deliver a top hearing experience. These hearing aids are small in size but make up for the high sound quality and noise cancellation technology. Arenz also has Tinnitus wave technology, which is a built-in therapy software.


Prezia offers the same type of features as Arenz, with the same channel resolutions and noise cancellation technology. These hearing aids are also small in size, but offer high quality sounds. 


This type of hearing aid is suitable for moderate to profound type of hearing losses. It has advanced digital technology, with over 20 channel resolutions, rechargeability, feedback management and shock sound suppression. There’s also great comfortability and optimal performance on these hearing aids. Zounds imprezo prices are also quite reasonable in the market.


Clareza has a dual microphone system, dynamic feedback cancellation and noise cancellation. There’s also a global recharging system and it has 16 hours of battery life. It’s especially suitable for moderate to severe types of hearing loss.


This hearing aid offers a high power custom receiver, making sure that customers get the full on sound experience when using this product. There’s also noise cancellation, dual microphones and dynamic feedback cancellation. Users who have moderate to profound types of hearing loss can use Potenz.


Enza is non rechargeable and comes in 3 different styles. It’s suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss and you can get it as CIC, ITC or ITE style. The interior build is like a traditional hearing aid.

What do customers think of their products?

Even though these hearing aids are affordable and offer similar features, customers still have found great alternatives that are also similar or higher in quality. Customers have pointed out that there’s sometimes battery issues with Zounds and not all hearing aids are suitable for their types of hearing. Here are the brands that they recommend as alternatives after testing them out:

Nano Hearing Aids

This company was founded in 2017 and offers very advanced digital technology. They have a wide range of hearing aids that are suitable for all types of hearing and their designs are stylish. Nano hearing aids offer useful features such as a 2 directional microphone, noise cancellation, a wireless app control and sound environment settings.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is a brand that delivers a great range of hearing aids to both children and adults. They also offer crystal sound quality, comfortability and style. This brand is especially popular amongst children, since they offer hearing aids with adjustable fitting and vibrant colours.

Widex Hearing Aids

This brand Widex offers a wide range of modern and old hearing aids that includes different kinds of features such as moisture protection, comfortability, sound quality control and even noise cancellation. 

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oicton offers a wide range of hearing aids with different features such as a built in feedback manager, lithium ion rechargeable batteries and an app for your smartphone, so that you can monitor and record your health.

What’s the Most Popular Hearing Aids on the Market?

At this present moment, Nano hearing aids have been ranked the most popular brand for their products. This company is known to offer a promising 45 day money back guarantee to customers, their prices are set for a pair of hearing aids rather than one and they even deliver hearing aids in different earbud sizes for customers to test out. Hearing aids can cost anywhere between $347 - $1,045 at Nano.

Their best selling product is the Nano Sigma Wireless hearing aid, which also comes with an app. It also has features such as noise reduction technology and directional microphone technology. The design is discreet and an easy fit, making it look not noticeable to the naked eye. 

How much do Zounds hearing aids cost?

It all depends on which hearing aid you wish to go for. The advantage about buying from this company is that it’s affordable for anyone’s financial situation. The average zounds hearing aids cost is from $499 to $999, however its per hearing aid and not as a pair.

Is Zounds Hearting Aids Worth Buying?

Even though the company is known to be affordable compared to other companies, their products still need some work. Unfortunately, customers have had a lot of battery and faulty issues. Their customer service has also been highly criticized, since they have a long repairment procedure, which makes it hard for customers to use their products. As a result, zounds reviews are not up to the mark.

How can I buy Zounds hearing aids?

This company does offer online purchases and they also have physical locations that customers can buy from. However, it’s required for you to take a hearing aid test beforehand from an audiologist or certified ENT doctor, so that you’re able to make your purchase. 

How can I return or refund Zounds hearing aids?

They do have an online customer service team that can assist you with this, however it’s advised to visit one of their physical locations in order to get hands on help.

Do Zounds hearing aids have amplifiers?

Zounds hearing aids do include amplifiers since they have a feature called EnviroSenzePlus, which is a built in software that allows the hearing aids to scan the environment so that they can adjust the amplifiers and noise cancellation. This helps mimic a natural sounding environment to the user’s ears.

How long does the battery on the Zound hearing aids last for?

For the Imprezo, Potenz and Clareza models you’d get long lasting hours before they need to be recharged. For the Potenz it’s 18 hours with an 8 hour charge, for the Clareza it’s 16 hours and for the Imprezo it’s 20 hours with an 8 hour charge.

Does Zounds offer a money back guarantee?

This company offers a 30 day money back guarantee, allowing customers to return the hearing aids if they’re not happy with the product. They also offer a 3 year protection plan.

Do you get accessories with Zounds hearing aids?

Zounds hearing aids do come with a remote control so that the user has an easy experience. The majority of the products also come with a charging station, since they’re designed with digital technology. The remote control includes features such as being able to add a delay to commands so that you have time to answer the phone, adjusting the sound volumes, different types of sound notifications such as vibrate or silent mode and you have an assistant in the form of text that notifies you which button you have pressed.

How long is the lifespan for Zounds hearing aids?

If a customer treats them with great care, Zounds hearing aids can last up to 6 years. However, it’s important for the customer to always do a proper cleaning and maintenance for any hearing aids, in order to guarantee them a longer life span.

Are Zounds hearing aids easy to use?

Yes, even though they’re technologically advanced they’re actually very easy to use. The features offer many benefits to different users, however it’s best to get a free hearing test first in order to specify which type of hearing aid you need to buy.

How do Zounds hearing aids help with tinnitus therapy?

Most of their hearing aids have a built-in software called WaveForm. It’s designed to give you an all day relief by playing calm and soothing sounds that will distract you from the chronic ringing. Arenz is one example that does that and has 16, 24 and 32 channel programms that can help you with the therapy that’s built-in.

Are there specialists in the store that can help with purchases?

If you do visit one of their very few locations, you can speak to a specialist to help you choose the right hearing aid for you. However, there aren’t very many locations so it can be a bit of a journey to get to. Zounds hearing aid stores are now online, they do have a customer support team for additional assistance.

Our Opinion

Zounds is a great option for someone who is looking for a hearing aid that’s affordable. However, since it’s still a new company, there are still issues such as the length of repair and the products sometimes being faulty. 


How to avoid being scammed

Unfortunately, customers can fall victim to scammers who prey on those who struggle financially. The hearing aid industry is an expensive one, since it’s a healthcare necessity to all U.S citizens who suffer from mild, moderate and severe hearing.  However, there are ways to avoid being scammed and here’s how.

  • Don't let the salesperson push you to buy the product
  • If a salesperson is pushy or pressuring you to buy, it’s best to leave it. The reason being is because scammers want to make money fast by selling off cheap quality products. Customers should always be allowed to have either a money back guarantee or a trial period of minimum 30 days, so that they can see if the product is suitable for them.

  • Don’t take offers that are too good to be true
  • It is normal for exclusive companies to offer deals or discounts, but in order to tell the difference between a legitimate company and scamming company, you need to compare the deals and check out the terms and conditions. You might come across an offer that’s too good to be true and it probably is. Always read the terms and conditions and check the reviews of the company. Before you purchase their device check the zounds hearing aids reviews, read the term and conditions carefully. Scammers always want to get rid of their cheap goods and make a quick dollar.

  • Take your time to buy
  • If the company doesn’t offer you a hearing test or any form of fitting, avoid them completely. Before you can actually buy a pair or singular hearing aid, you need to first get a hearing test from an audiologist or an ENT doctor. If the company hasn’t advised this but wants you to just buy right away, then they’re not legitimate.

    It’s always important to take your time before you choose to purchase new hearing aids right away. They are an expensive item to buy and there can be consequences if you rush your purchase. If you need additional assistance for your purchase, it’s best to speak to an audiologist first so that they can recommend the right style to you. There are many different brands out there that can be suitable for some and then not so suitable for others. Take advantage of the trial periods, because you have every right to use it.

    Frequently Asked Question:

    Q. How are Zounds hearing aids so reasonably priced?

    Ans: Zounds' groundbreaking feedback cancellation and fitting tip alternatives minimize the need for expensive. They also design, manufacture, and distribute their hearing equipment through corporate and franchise hearing centers at manufacturer direct prices.

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