MDHearingAid Customer Reviews: What Their Customers Have Said?

Want to know what people have to say about MD Hearing Aids and check out the reviews? This is the place - we evaluated consumer sentiment fairly and will share it with you below.

For some time, MD Hearing Aids have been manufacturing and distributing hearing aids to many people across America. Their short history with Americans has been overshadowed by well-established digital hearing aid brands. MD is not a leading brand if you consider their tiny market share in the public. Situated in the Midwest, MD Hearing Aids help people take back their hearing and accommodate the needs of a variety of clients. Their products include a line of 4 behind the earpieces. The product they promote heavily to consumers is their basic analog model called the MD PRO Hearing Aids. Other models include the classic AIR, the Smart CORE, and also the rechargeable VOLT.

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MD Hearing Aids are easily accessible, as the company provides an easy to use online experience. No consultation needed, as you can order your pieces online. Customers who aren’t sure what model to choose can contact an MD online specialist or can forward their hearing test results to ensure a more suitable model choice. These models have been an alternative choice for many of customer who can’t afford expensive hearing aids, or in some cases where personal health insurance companies don’t cover the costs of additional hearing aid expenses. 


What are customers saying about the MD Hearing Aids? 

Their online presence has made it very easy for new customers to find MD Hearing Aid reviews and read what frequent users of their products are saying.. Here are some of the positive and negative reviews of MD Hearing Aid according to various sources on the web, not limited to, but including Amazon and eBay.

 Positive Reviews:

  Affordability: Amazon boasted positive reviews on affordability, as many customers found the MD Hearing aids more affordable than regular competitors. Prices range anything from $199.99 (per piece) to $1599.99 (per pair). Price is all depended on what model you’re choosing to purchase.

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  Comfortable to use in different environments: many customers have found that their models are easily adaptable for many different environments. A large amount of eBay reviews stated that the MD models are perfect for quiet home gatherings to taking walks on a windy beach. Additional reviews included that the ear pieces cancel out whistling and wind noises.

  Wearing comfortability: many customer reviews from Amazon showed that these ear pieces are reasonably comfortable to wear and very easy to put on. Some customers also wrote that the comfortability is essential, depending if you’re wearing two or one earpiece.

Volume Control & Adaptability: this goes in hand with the various environments customers would find themselves in, but the MD models have an easy volume control, and it’s necessary to only make minor or small adjustments in the beginning or as your surroundings are changing. 


Negative Reviews:

The size: looking at customer reviews on eBay showed that many customers found, although it’s easy to use, the equipment pieces are very small or too small to handle. As a consensus, some clients felt that it’s easy to lose or misplace the parts. Further reviews included complaints about ear pieces not fitting properly.  

Short wire: because MD Hearing aids are predominantly behind the earpieces, some customers have dealt with wires that aren’t long enough to reach their inner ear. Although this can be fixed, it results in the customer having to return their pieces and wait additional time before they can resume using it. 

Two pieces required: Although not many MD hearing aids complaints were founds on both Amazon and eBay, one thing that stood out is customers complaining that two aids are sometimes required. In some cases, customers only require one ear piece, and would opt to adjust the earpiece from ear-to-ear. In the long run, this requires customers to purchase a whole pair, rather than a singular aid. 

  Squealing: most models are fitted with analog noise reduction, but some clients have found that working with such small earpieces and struggling to sometimes adjust the volume and frequency can result in a subtle squealing sound. This becomes problematic for some, as they struggle to find a solution right away. 

The reviews are definitely subject to personal satisfaction. The Amazon reviews page is flooded with fact that MD Hearing Aids sell FDA registered aids, with a 100% risk-free trial. But FDA approval DOES NOT mean it is the best brand by any means. To further ensure clients are always satisfied, they offer a 45-day return policy on all their models. Although the company is situated in the Midwest with offices in Chicago and Detroit, shipping can be done to anywhere in the country but is limited to in-person consultations and customer services. Determining which model is best for you could become difficult, but their models come with a variety of different features that can benefit each person. Customers from outside the United States, reviewed devices on Amazon and eBay, noting that model registration with MD can be difficult and time consuming. You can also read another useful article on MD hearing Aids for further research.



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