Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Hearing loss is a widespread problem that frequently goes undiagnosed. As many as 1 in 5 people in the United States have hearing loss, but many of them don’t know it. Part of the problem is that hearing loss usually happens gradually, so it can be easy to miss signs early on that hearing loss is present. It can also take a while before hearing loss is bad enough that it becomes obvious or really needs to be addressed. (read this conclusive article about online hearing tests

A simple hearing test can help you to know whether you have hearing loss, and with many options to take a free hearing test online now available, it’s easier than ever to take a test and get help in improving your hearing.

If you suspect you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, it’s a good idea to take the best online hearing test you can find to determine whether hearing loss is present and what solutions may be available to help restore hearing, such as hearing aids, medications or surgery.

Who Should Take a Hearing Test?

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Everyone can benefit from taking a free hearing test, even if it’s just for peace of mind that your hearing is working as it should be. However, if you are experiencing signs of hearing loss, it’s even more important for you to take a hearing loss test. Here are a few indicators you might be struggling with hearing loss:

  • You have a hard time understanding what is being said on TV or the telephone
  • Others seem to be speaking softly or mumbling, or not speaking clearly
  • You have trouble following conversations in places with a lot of background noise, such as a restaurant or other crowded room
  • You frequently have to ask others to repeat themselves
  • Someone close to you has said they suspect you have it and that they think you should get your hearing checked

What is a Hearing Test?

A hearing test, or hearing loss test, is a series of sound clips accompanied by questions to determine what you may be having difficulty hearing. Even the best online hearing test is not a substitution for a full hearing evaluation from an audiologist or other hearing professionals, but it can be useful to help you get a general idea of whether you have suspected hearing loss and whether you should see an audiologist.

A hearing test usually consists of everyday sounds that you would be expected to be able to hear — such as rustling leaves or chirping birds — as well as sounds played with ongoing background noise to see if you can pick out particular sounds.

Where to Take a Hearing Test

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You can take a free hearing test online to get a general idea of whether you have suspected hearing loss, or you can go in person to a hearing center to having your hearing tested. Many hearing aid providers and audiologists offer a free online hearing test, and a simple online search will turn up several options. However, even the best online hearing test won’t be as accurate as a hearing test administered by a professional audiologist or other hearing care provider.

What to do After Taking a Hearing Test

Once you have taken a hearing test, it’s up to you to decide what to do next. Ultimately, the choice is yours whether to ignore the problem or get treatment for it.

If you ignore your hearing loss, you will likely experience a lower quality of life, with possible harm to your social life and both professional and personal relationships. Hearing loss also increases your risk for dementia, falls, diminished mental and/or physical health, and hospitalizations for these or other reasons.

However, treating your hearing loss can do many good things for you and your health. It reduces the overall risk of developing problems with cognitive functioning, and it can improve your well-being socially, emotionally and physically. You’re more likely to maintain your meaningful relationships as well as your position at work, and you maintain a greater sense of control over your life.

With such obvious benefits to identifying and treating hearing loss, it’s definitely worth your while to complete a hearing loss test — especially when it’s so easy to find a free hearing test online to get you started. Simply perform a search for a free online hearing test, and you’ll be well on your way to completing the first step in identifying and addressing any hearing problems you may have.

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss by a hearing care professional or a hearing test online, you should know that hearing aids can treat most cases of hearing loss — up to 95% of people suffering from hearing loss find hearing improvement from hearing aids. If you decide to purchase hearing aids, Nano Advanced Hearing Technology offers incredible value on hearing aids in many different styles, including behind the ear (BTE), completely in the canal (CIC) and more.


Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Should I take an online hearing test?
Ans: Although today's technology is advanced, online tests are only to be used as a general indicator of hearing loss. If your findings suggest that you are experiencing hearing loss, you should seek an evaluation from a trained specialist in hearing care.

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